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December 9, 2016
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July 12, 2000
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Approved For Release 2000/08/25: CIA-RDP79-01009AO02000010004-5 BEST COPY Available THROUGHOUT FOLDER State Dept. declassification & release instructions on file Approved For Release 2000/08/25: CIA-RDP79-01009AO02000010004-5 -~e For Release. 2000/08/2 *5: 02000010004-5 OVARTM'ENT CIF' 5TAT r k ay 27, A IM 2i-trie* 1Wm, gra~red * o hr- as i. e s : u..t l e r .> STATINTL t n am nistration iM rr'tt`. ,reps rapr. ,, rrsult is of high value to a.n bureau*, t bic , thrQughwwt the. 4t v.rr snt . editorial staff carried out the Pro jsct . ti inn of /Rh-+'?- :. a'r+rct .a'.0, f reader much Care facile ow' ' r ccrda and contr. : if the 4c ~: r a; s description of ihals !a'x"sl4 Service Post areas and his staff are rsppotaible for this meet sxce lls:at %r' r ~= P project. ? 2. Ths ~~laa l n of an inventory of first e for all the count r iw s c' t `r' ,.,, STATINTU d 4 l o n P")scts .rich M- I ?Ns nradsctioa of a oer:is,s of Consular District -r,d wr. orgar~ the fine coop ration, roesived "to call s}~sctel atte it ,n STATINTL ..mum i v he lbfui in our wu r* . bonslittsd from the oSS of the ,,eograPtLical Arsa .r. y t~ At `his tiAW M wish to 04"44 our a,r.rpre ' . ?t i c, i :war ,,r. Lulloss too p%otkyW the Cfficeof the U+4rIpher has groatly f Ooaieh and rasO s ;delf.init'iated tac The "POrIt ioa of sr, Atlas of Soviet t re sent . i uJYle a way STATINTL fine relationship y Oont to rn . iv.' ; " r ie r ! . r cipr as,te ? in any MO." way it. 301F you" State Dept. declassification &release instructions on file G., $t al VsarcJ -cial Adv Sw on ecy~TaPhy Or Ixc9l3ew