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December 9, 2016
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August 29, 2000
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December 20, 1952
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Approved For 0-lease 2000/09/12 : CIA-RDP79-Q,1041AO00100020022-9 Official Diary (Acting DD/I) Saturday, December 20, 1952 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 1. Conferred briefly with- on the telephone and then with on 0/CI assistance to DD/P in the summary of intelligence on magnitude of Russian external propaganda effort. Stated flatly that Wisner's people had hogged the show and after wasting several weeks, had now come up with a goose egg; nevertheless, we would do the best we could to get the necessary data together. 25X1A9a 2. Conferred with on ceilings. Stated that I wanted to get this matter settled quickly and particularly to obtain DD/A's concurrence while the effect. of my special plea to DCI still lasted. 25X1A9a 3. Gordon Dean, Chairman AEC - orally through - requested DCI's advice on his proposed reply to a request from Mr. Borden, Counsel to the Joint Congressional Committee on Atomic Energy for Dean's "personal opinion" as to the USSR's relative progress in the race to develop a Hydrogen bomb. DCI indicated that he had no interest 25X1 A9a in personal opinions. Therefore, I told to advise Dean that his reply should therwise have access through t id o no include no intelligence to which the Committee d its receipt of periodic estimates of the JIEC. I.was concerned because Mr. Borden's request was classified only Restricted (in the ordinary sense), not Restricted Data, so there appeared to be some danger that a serious leak might develop as to the studies of our intelligence in this field. Dean's draft reply was upgraded to Secret, so it should be all right, but it appeared that some action should be taken with respect to the substantial number of other persons to whom Borden addressed similar requests. 25X9A5 DCI called me back, regretted his curtness and heard the full story. Agreed Borden had done a thing and directed me to write over his signa- ture a strong letter to Dean. Oonferred with wand worked out a draft for trans-25X1AE mission Monday. 25X1A9a ). Conferred with and authorized him to undertake a real investiga- tion into the NIS program. 25X1 A9a This document is part of an integrated file. if separated from the file it must be subjected to individual systematic review. Approved For Release 2000/09/12 : CIA-RDP79-01041AO00100020022-9