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December 9, 2016
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August 29, 2000
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December 9, 1952
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Approved For Release 20 DIARY Executive Officer, 0/DD/I Tuesday, 9 December 1952 25X1A9a 1. has received an inquiry which his informants believe could be answered from the intelligence papers obtained by the Agency from Major General Charles A. Willoughby, General MacArthur's G-2, November, 1951, After searching half the Agency, I found that a list of these papers 25X1A91s being closely held by and is filed in Executive Registry. 1. ,,11emo nT\/4 An.. s t With Jack's permission, I showed U11J.0 that a Japanese General Ishi was picked up by Willoughbyts people shortly after the Russians moved into Manchuria and that Ishi was one of the best-informed people on biological vrarfare developments in that area. 25X1 A9~ was seeking the notes of Willoughby' s debriefing of Ishi. We were unable to find anything specific in the list although item 15 on TSURU Shigeto may prove helpful. The basic document was delivered to 0/SO in November 1951. 2. ADD/I telephoned General Porter and requested information on friendly forces for use in the Thursday dry-run before the DCI by 0/CI, of the Eisenhower weekly briefings. General Porter called back and said that John Easton and Col. Wallace were to be our points of contacts and that he, General Porters, was highly in favor of this "blue force" informa- *AW being made available for this purpose. with Easton and Codd,~Jr. Sheldon and ~~to deal 25X1 Aga he sent a DD/I representative, to attend a briefing to be given at 1000 ours, Garrison's Office. This briefing will be Mr i b n er, Monday: l5 Decem . 25X1 A9 nducted by who made an extensive study of conditions in the Far East on behalf of the Agency and whose report is said to contain a large amount of intelligence material. I later spoke to Red White 25X1 Aga who will also attend and I have arranged with both ls. White and the /125X1 Aga to make the substantive parts of Offices if I determined that this is desirable after hearing the presenta- tion. 25X1A9a 14. Liaison Division, 0/CD, called to say that State Department periodic report of outstanding magazine articles relating to intellience interest is being cut down by State and further dissemination to the Agency will be discontinued unless we specifically request its 25X1 A9a continuance. I informed that we fouhd . this:. report very helpful and requested that a coy continue to come to DD/I. He promises to assure this. 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 59MEMMM followed up on a WSEG request for an estimate of USSR Civilian Petroleum Requirements. I checked this with ADD/I and subsequently informed-that the estimate has been completed and as an added touch f EIC tt . ee o was coordinated with the Petroleum Subcommi Approved For Release 2 of the Office of Logistics called to invite me, as RDP79-010 000100090 ecurity In Noted by 0011 )D109JUn6G1 A-RDP79-01 94(irfly 25X11 A9a ddd s ovum :n Plt5 nTintegrated file. If separated from the file it must sir subjected to individual systematic revisws.