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December 9, 2016
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December 4, 1998
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November 5, 1952
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Approved For Reluse 200 9T1`2f : ~C"fA"lZDP79-010 A0001 00020081-4 te.urity In ormation Official Diary Wednesday, 5 November 1952 1. Indicated to DCI my comments on the FBI letter on NSC W No. 9 and he concurred in my recommendations. Later discussed these with General Magruder and Park Armstrong,Able) both of whom also agreed. Mr. Lay later indicated that he would call a meeting on this in the near future and would invite Mr. Sheldon. 2. Raised with DCI the request by Spingarn, Acting FTC Chairman, for foreign reaction to the FTC report. DCI recommended "no," unless the request was received from NSC. Later informed Spingarn of this decision and phoned Jimmy Lay to the same effect. Lay raised some question as to how FTC, an independent Agency not sitting on NSC, would be able to do this, but we felt this was Spingarnts problem. Also informed Mr. Lay on my views on the FBI comment on NSCID No. 9. 25X1A5a1 3. Chatted with and discovered that he was available to come to CIA, if we desired him. I indicated that I would get in touch with him later, and indicated his availability to DCI. No decision was reached. 14. Briefed DCI on the State/Defense dispute on Iranian policy and its impact on our forthcoming Iranian estimate. Expressed my own view as being somewhat closer to that of the Embassy's and than the coordinated estimaters' 25X1A9a view. 5. On discussing my trip, DCI indicated that I should take someone with me, and I indicated of O/CI, who could continue his intelligence survey of the intelligence needs of the covert offices. 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 6. With Mr. Sheldon and , called on Vannever Bush as to NSA Research Director. Dr. Bush commented on a list which we presented him, but made the observation that most of these men were most difficult to obtain, since they had forged well ahead during the war. It would be more desirable if we could obtain a relatively unknown man, of about 40, who had maximum potential, who would be interested in the problem, and who tended to be an introvert. All of us thought this advice was excellent and planned to consult members of the SLAG group and any others available on this point. -r 7. Discussed with General Magruder and Park Armstrong the following: ~>>fet a, I proposed revision of paragraph 1 e (2) of the Directive so as to have "subject to NSCID No. 5" at the beginning of the clause. I was assured by both Magruder and Armstrong. that they did not interpret the clause as covering other than formal intergoveznnental arrangements, as distinguished from espionage activities. I recognized that this was a legitimate interpretation and agreed not to press the request for ammencbnent, b. General Magruder had a minor clerical error to be corrected, but we agreed that it was best that it should be noted by Lay so that it could be corrected in a later Directive. This document Is jplan of an fnfegrafd Ilia if n ud BE hFf~pY~ thyse 2 ft-P .: