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December 9, 2016
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December 4, 1998
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October 31, 1952
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Approved For Release 2000/09/'f2`-GIA-041A0001.Q~p0 20085-0 VW Security Informetiori Official Diary Friday, 31 October 1952 2. Raised in the morning meeting the fact that covert Offices had requested an indication of the purpose of my trip. The DCI indicated that all that need be said was that I was coming as a Deputy representing DCI. I later talked to Wisner as to matters of particular interest and handed him a brief hand-written memorandum indicating the following interests: a. As Deputy representing DCI, to be informed on any matters which should be brought to the attention of DCI or any others at Headquarters. b. Improvement of intelligence collection and production activities of CIA and IAC. c. Handling of special intelligence in the field, both as CIA Deputy and as USCIB member. d. Improvement in intelligence support for covert activities. In my handwritten memorandum I impressed upon Mr. Wisner the necessity of dis- tinguishing between (a) the special arrangements that would have to be made to enable covert personnel to meet and talk with a non-CIA official, and (b) the withholding of pertinent information upon the ground that it related to "covert activities." I especially urged-that the field be instructed that this should not Wisner undertook to have appropriate instructions issued. Also and Mr done b . , e 25X1A9a reviewed with he nature of the advice he is giving to his field stations and this seeme to me to be entirely appropriate. 3. Upon my inquiry, DCI indicated that Yr. Amory might join the morning meeting on Wednesday next. He did not see any need for joining the meeting any earlier in the week. Recommended as highly qualified for Chief of the 25X1A6a DCI thought that he would be most suitable, if his health permitted. (CONT'D) abrs doce f flit ~t > ~e 2000/09/1 ~11*h file, if separated from the a !a it must be Security Information subjected to individual systematic 1aYI5W. Approved For Release 2000/09/12 W 1 C7 U 1A0001 OQ 20085-0 Security Information Official Diary 31 October 1952 7. Chatted, by phone with General Magruder and explained to him that I was somewhat embarrassed by the present form of the Brownell directive, specifically paragraph 1 e (2), since I had advised DCI the change which I had suggested, and which General Magruder had assured me had been agreed upon, would be made. I explained that Fisher Howe informed Lay of Staters refusal to treat this change in the directive when the change was discussed, but Lay was hampered by lack of knowledge as to the suggestion. General Magruder indicated that he was certain that Park Armstrong (with whom I had not been able to speak) would be familiar with the suggestion. He noted that there were several other errors in the directive as issued and we agreed to sit down with Armstrong Monday (following any luncheon with Armstrong) to see if we could agree with a set of corrections which would not have to be cleared with the Secretaries or with the President. 25X1A9a 8. indicated to me that AEC had received further information 25X1X7 respecting and was now prepared to approve use of this man. I suggested that an appropriate letter to General Morgan be drafted for the General'! s signature. 25X1X7 25X1A9a 10. Chatted with respecting the 25X1A6a operation. I confirmed prior statement that this operation was, as25XlA9a far as we are concerned, an FI responsibility. We would cooperate in any way possible, but felt that the nature of the operation lent itself to FI rather than 00 techniques. As respects the American "citizen" involved, I made the point that we regarded his citizenship as a technicality. 25X1A9a 12. - conferred with me as to the policy to be adopted respecting employment of close relatives of CIA officials. I indicated the view that no rigid policy should be adopted on this point, but that each case should be con- (CONT'D) Approved For Release 2000/09/12 : Z-C'6fi1A000100020085-0 Security Information Approved For ReleasJ000/09/12 *L=rW1-RQD9U41A0001QV0085-0 Security Information Official Diary 31 October 1952 sidered on its merits, Security-wise, I could see some advantage of having some husbands and wives working for the Agency. - agreed and is going to approve 25X1/ the employment of the individual which had led him to raise this question. 25X1A9a 13. Discussed with his draft commentary, f"War and the Soviet Doctrine.' I indicated that I was not satisfied with this comment since it did t direct itself to the type of question which the policy maker would be asking. the paucity of our knowledge the Senior Staff and National Security , Council requires some guidance from the intelligence community as to the type of decisions they should be making on the scope and phase of our on and our Allies' armament programs. It was not sufficient to tell them that the Soviets would initiate or expect an all-out war when they were convinced that the US was about to attack them. Some indication must be given as to the various views or qualifica- tions on their capabilities, such as development of mass-destruction capabilities, including means of delivery, economic development, and the like. under- took to discuss this with Dr. Kent with a view to the IAC paper that is being 25X1A9a prepared. 14. Mr. Dulles spoke to me about the Director's desire to rewrite the reports on NSC papers on which CIA has coordinating responsibility. He also mentioned again the desirability that a paper be prepared under the direction of Mr. Wisner of the nature of a progress report on the NSC-10 series. Whether or not the President-elect would be briefed orally by the Director, Mr. Dulles thought it essential that we have a paper on this subject and I undertook to speak to Mr. "J isner on this point. -re! T SECRET Approved For Release 2000/09/152 : CIA- fDP7.9-01041A000100020085-0 ecurity n orma ion