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December 9, 2016
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December 4, 1998
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October 29, 1952
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Approved For Relejse 20091pj z i;, CIA-IZDP79-010., -A000100020087-8 Official Diary Wednesday, 29 October 1952 25X1A9a 1. Attended Staff meeting. Separate minutes are being prepared. 2. Called Admiral Wenger and pointed out to him that and 25X1A9a were taking military duty at AFSA. He might find it convenient and helpful to familarize them with his problems in the field of reporting, since they were in close contact with me and could keep me advised, Admiral Wenger indicated that he would do so. 3. During the course of the foregoing discussion, Admiral Wenger indicated that USIB Directive 43 last paragraph, seemed to him pertinent to our recent discussions on cooperation between AFSA and the respective intelligence agencies. I undertook to study this. 25X1A2g 25X1 A9a L. Passed on to- m;T comments on draft of 25X1A9a 5. Discussed with and Mr. Dulles the p roblem of project approval with respect to those projects which were not encompassed by the revised procedure which, as the Director indicated many times, will be applicable only to "cold ware or ttOPC-type" projects. Unless there were to be an hiatus, drafting should start immediately on revised regulations. 25X1A9a - undertook to have his people do this. I also raised with- 25X1A9a the desirability of havinrr me review the revised procedure to insure that it would not encompass any of our projects and he undertook to send me a copy, 6, Discussed with Messrs. of OSI various 25X1A9a matters relating to OSI activities, These include: 25X1A9a a. I approved - proposed reply to be sent by TMir. Pforzheimer to a staff representative of the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy,, respecting the proposed date of the next report to the Committee, 25X1A9a b. I approved - suggestion that 0SI retain its small committee relationship with the covert Offices so as to be able to deal with highly sensitive matters, This was upon condition that he insure that this group would not deal with matters coming under the jurisdiction of other DD/I Offices and that appropriate liaison be set up for such matters. This is to be discussed at the next meeting with the covert Offices. It should also be raised at the next IADs meeting. 25X1A9a 7? Chatted with Mr. substance and conveyed to him the .sof my discussion with Messrs. Wisner ands respecting Flrs no-dissemination 25X1A9a d nImeut is part of an ,nt'i1 rmust be Approved For Release 20 9f RDP79-010 ,t A008 0'( review. ,.-,L,? +, ; in4orrnation subjected to indev Approved For Release 20001Q9JJZ :,,,QJ DP79-0104,,A0001 00020087-8 Official Diary 29 October 1952 25X1A9a policy. I suggested that work out some sort of a paper to insure the type of dissemination he desired and assured him that Mr. 25X1A9a of O/CI, who is currently reviewing intelligence support for the covert offices, would be glad to assist him in working out any desired 25X1A9a directive. When Y desires to go ahead on this he will phone me and I shall alert 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 8. Attended meeting in Mr. Sheldonts Office, at which were present from F1 (representing all DD/P Offices) and Messrs. Sheldon, Amory, representing DD/I 25X1A9a Offices. The subject of discussion was ions over-seas, by cable and otherwise. After considerable discussion, it was agreed that direct communication, with copy to FI, would be agreeable for non-operational matters relating to substantive intelligence. It was agreed by all that all administrative matters would c]e ar through DD/P Divisions. It was recognized that there would be times when it was difficult to determine whether or not a particular matter which, on its face, appeared to relate solely to substantive intelligence had a direct connection with operations. We, on our part; undertook to be alert to consult FI in order to insure, so far as possible, that we were not dealing with operational matters. It was made plain to the nD/P representatives, however, that we regarded direct communication on substantive intelligence as a matter of importance to the DD/I Offices, and that this was particularly applicable to matters coming within the cognizance of the Watch Committee, where time was of the essence. We could not tolerate the interposition of any additional Link in that particular chain. As a separate matter, I explained to 25X1A9a merely -a covert Station Chief. We felt that, in theory, he represented the DCI and all CIA and did not agree with the covert Officest concept that no overt activities reporting directly thru Senior Representative to DD/I could be established under a Senior Representative over-seas. As to that particular subject, however, we made it plain that we would deal with DD/P and DCI. that we did not regard a Senior Representative over-seas as Approved For Release 2000/u9n CIA-R0P79-01041 A000100020087-8