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December 9, 2016
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December 4, 1998
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October 28, 1952
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Approved ForR Iease`26629"9,A-RDP79-01041A000100020088-7 Security Information `WF Official Diary Tuesday, 28 October 1952 25X1A9a 1. Passed to DCI Contact Division information received from and I respecting their future plans. and secured his annroval to having this information restricted to CIA only. 25X1A9a 25X1A5a1 2. After my talk with I felt that he was not fully informed as to the activities of and called this to the attentic PX1A9a 25X1A9a of I It subsequently developed that O had been fully informed. 25X1A9a L. Discussed the case of t was agreed that she should be put on sick leave and this was done. undertook to assist in any way possible. 25X1A9a 25X1A5a1 25X1X7 5, consulted me respecting the NATO paper which was produced 25X1A5a1 as a result of the recent meetings, was interest ftM A9a in this rrxetin and had requested it from General Porter who had not 25X1A5a1 delivered. inquired whether he might look at the paper in CIA. I stated that we would be unable to permit this, since not only would Pentagon approval have to be obtained, but also CIA was not officially represented in the meeting which produced the paper, 6. Q informed me as to his plan to have Admiral Kirk briefed on electronic warfare matters which would involve a 0 who is a membe25X1A9a of the President's Committee on Telecommunications. I approved, with the understanding that II in doing this, would not be representing CIA, 25X1A9a but would be acting in his capacity as a member of the Presidential Committee. "R. Talked with Mr. Amory about the possibility that was 25X1A5a1 feeling hurt because he had not been invited to speak to DCI, I explained that I had checked with the Office of the DCI and learned that an appointment 25X1A5a1 had been cancelled byl who would call DCI as soon as he could come to Washington to have a talk. 8. Told Mr. Amory that I would request General Porter to give us a copy ,of the NATO paper resulting from thel Conference. I later did thisl 25X1X7 and was informed by General Porter that a copy of the paper was sent to CIA. 25X1A9a Asked 0 to follow up. 25X1A9a 9, consulted me on the following: Approved For Releas This document is part of an integrated file. If separated from the tile it must be IA-RDP79-01 000AOOtb OMMay7tematic review. Approved For Ruse 2002/0 'CIA= 01041A000100020088-7 Official Diary 28 October 1952 25X1A9a b. 25X1A9a 25X1A9a co inquired as to the best manner to brief DCI in his capacity as Chairman of PSB, on the Telecommunications Committee paper on electronic warfare. I suggested that this should be done through who was the DCIts briefing officer on PSB matters, obtained on flying saucers, particularly reports of sightings on the ground by relatively reliable observers, He noted that one of the primary theoretical difficulties with sightings thus far reported was the lack of noise and flare. Several scientists have recently delivered papers indicating a possible means of propulsion which would not involve noise and flare, He proposed to have a briefing on this general subject and to call the information to the attention of Air Force and RUB. I concurred. 10. Discussed with I and later with Matt Baird, the Director of Training's program of lectures for incoming trainees. I indicated my general approval of the course he suggested, and that it be kept flexible. It should be arranged with ADs that incoming personnel need not take the course as soon as they come on board, where there was an emergency and immediate need for their services in the Office; further, all personnel would not require all portions of the course. I felt that this was a matter for Training to work out on an individual basis with our offices. 25X1A9a and Col. Baird indicated that they agreed with this position and would talk with the ADs, and would have a talk with me after this had been done. During the course of my discussion with Col. Baird, he discussed toe over-all activities and mission of training. I indicated that, as far as I was concerned, I felt that all matters could be resolved between Training and all our Offices. I felt that they could afford us very helpful services, but that this would have to be s the activities of the various Offices. When Col. Baird Od At rais "AA some question about O/RRts internal Office training, I pointed out the W necessity that his Office, with its.broad charter, be relatively liberal in 25X1A2g giving a license to the various ADts to accomplish results within their own Office, where that was the logical place to do the job. I did not feel that there was any magic in having a course under the'auspices of training personnel reporting to the Director of Training. I was primarily interested in results. I really feel, however, that Col. Baird understood this and will proceed along these lines. 25X1A9a informed me that additional information had been a as to a number of matters pertaining to q5 Approved For Release/0&k~.R6fA-RDP79-01041 A000100020088-7