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December 9, 2016
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December 4, 1998
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October 27, 1952
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Approved For RelWs 2`P ormetion Official Diary -RDP79-01 Q, ,1 A000100020091-3 Monday, 27 October 1952 25X1A9a Discussed with Messrs. Wisner and the questions raised by with respect to Ills non-dissemination policies. Both Wisner 25X1 Aga icated that they were prepared to authorize a solution of this prob em y segregating the material into two categories, processed and to insure that all reports were transmitted to the Intelligence processed , 25X1A9a Offices. - particularly took the position that this policy was based upon a lack of resources for processing. 2. At the morning meeting, referred to the Secretary of State's desire 25X1X6 that we obtain material being sold b Following the meeting, I agreed with Messrs. Wisner ands that 00 would 25X1A9a be responsible for the operation but would appreciate guidance and advice 25X1 A9aerom FI, particularly acting under instructions from DCI, undertook to do so. It was also agreed that FI, through the established channel., would inform the FEE of this pending operation, although it was also agreed that the matter related exclusively to foreign intelligence and did not lie within the jurisdiction of the FBI. 3. Acting under instruction of the DCI., requested that Mr. Houston proceed in having prepared all papers so that DCI could secure pardon for 25X1A6a representatives prior to January. Mr. Houston indicated that Lega Counsel was prepared to state that such a pardon could be procured in advance and could be held, so as not to make the appeal moot. I gathered, from DCI, that he desired to have the pardon, even though it would make the appeal moot. 25X1A9a 4. spoke to me about his draft about "War and the Soviet Doctrine.," and indicated, in view of the requirement laid on the IAC at its last meeting by DCI, he would not proceed with this project as it was embraced in the over-all requirement. I concurred. 5. Lunched at the Pentagon with Messrs.Noyes and Hoopes of the Office of the Secretary of Defense and from CIA. The 25X1A9a topic of discussion was the situation in Iran. Defense seemed to be well up- to-date on this situation save that it had, perhaps, too extreme a view as to the immediate financial emergency in Iran. 6. Held first Staff meeting. Separate minutes are being prepared. 7. Chatted with Mr. Lay as to the form in which the Brownell Directive would be issued. After checking with General Magruder and with State, Mr. Lay suggested that the initial Directive, replacing NSCID No. 9, contained nothing more than the Directives as approved by the President and I concurred on behalf of DCI. 1is dooimenf is part of an infegrated Approved For Release 20000 ja" P7 E t0*4"AOOlq?ai Ot)~ t gx~?l? Security Information Approved For Reljse 2000/09/12 : CIA-RDP79-01 Q4,1 A000100020091-3 Official Diary 27 October 1952 8. Upon checking the Brownell Directive, paragraph 1 e (2) had not been ammended, in accordance with my agreement with General Magruder so as to have the clause introduced by the words "Subject to the provisions of NSCID Noo, 5.11 I pointed out both to Mr. Lay and General Magruder that this change had been agreed upon and I regarded it as the equivalent of a typographical error in the final draft. General Magruder agreed and Mr. Lay undertook to make the change in issuing the paper. However, when later I saw the paper when issued, I noted that this change had not been made. I rechecked with Mr. Lay and he explained that when this proposed correction had been submitted to States ad indicated that he 25X1A9a had not been previously advised of this suggestions and I fully understood Mr. Lay's position in not being able to make a change unless all concurred, and stated that I would pursue this with General Magruder and with State. 9. Received from Admiral Stout messages relating to certain bond transactions in Europe. Showed said messages to Mr. 1 isner and DCI, phoned Admiral Stout and requested that identification of sources if subsequently obtained, be passed on to us, and he undertook to do so. -10. Attended special P.C. Approved For Release 2000/09/12 : CIA-RDP79-01041A000100020091-3