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December 9, 2016
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December 4, 1998
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October 24, 1952
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Approved For Release 20001U'9r/'1 DP79-0041A000100020093-1 official Diary 25X1A9al, spoke to Mr. Wisner as to whether it would be agreeable to have Colonel appointed as a point-of-contact between the DD/P complex and 25X1 A9a of PSB. Mr. Wisner preferred that contact - and I so informed 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 2. Discussed with Mr. Sheldon my response to the request related bye that General Gruenther receive CIA Weekly's and that such delivery be accomplished 25X1 A9a,hrough- rather than through DCI approved granting these 25X1 A6,' requests, upon the understanding that a single CIA SSO representative would be 25X1A9d3'fficient in organization. During my conversation with Mr. Sheldon,, it appeared unclear w ether or not CIA Weekly's are now being dispatched for the use of Gruenther and Ridgway. He will investigate and thereafter draft a reply for NOR= 25X1 A9a 3. Pointed out to DCI the significance of the Chinese Communist reaction to the capture of a British ship recently by Chinese Nationalists. Suggested that covert activity in this respect might have a substantial impact upon Communist Far East trade. DCI noted that he was well "ahead of me and had the particular item in the papers he was taking to the Mite House." , , - ..,,T _ +.,,,. ,.r1+1 P-Onaral Rhnr?,+- Mr. Reber 25X1A5a1 25X1A5a1 checked with me by phone his proposed answer to t and I approved same. rejecting this offer. 5. Attended PRO. Friday., 2L1. October 1952 Informed DCI that we were 25X1A7b 6, Visited During the course of our discussion, I found that they were in agreement on my thought that "Restricted" is an 25X1 A7b inappropriate designation "RestrictedIt is a security classification, while all that is nee a is a caution that the material in question is not to be reproduced. I shall ask in conjunction with 25X1A9a General Counsel, to prepare a recommendation as to a new legend to appear on such reports. 25X1A9a 7. Discussed in a preliminary way with the project problem and the nature of the questions that are to be determined by him in connection with projects. 25X6A 25X1A9a 8. Lunched with and discussed with him the practicability of my concept of a possible felt that this was 25X1A9a practicable, although it might not be successful, from a legal point of view. I later mentioned this idea to DOI and to 25X1A9a 9. Informed DCI that the President had signed the Brownell directive in a form eminently satisfactory to CIA. DCI is to be Chairman of the new (CONT'D.) Approved For Release 200I1 RiforA Iio : RDP7 f *iQ AQDAAQQ ?4093-1 +fa.. If separated from the file i tmfet be $ubJecfed to individual systematic rF Approved For RelWe 200 14 'e1A1RDP79-0104411;A000100020093-1 Security Informatiog Friday 2. October 1952 USCIB, without vote, and there is to be a separate CIA representative who will have two votes, as will the State representative. 10. Informed DCI that Secretary Lovett had sent a letter to Secretary Acheson urging that the United States take an independent position with respect to Iran. 25X1A9a 11. Discussed with some details concerning the Iranian estimate. 25X1A6a 12. In a discussion relating to the establishment of I emphasized the point that the CIA SSO organization should be under command of (assigned to) AD/CI by virtue of the Director's delegation of special security responsibility to AD/CI. Such personnel might be attached to the subject to Senior Representatives for purposes of administration, but it was essential ? that they report directly to Washington. This was important because on many occasions relatively junior personnel would have to take security measures having serious implications against their nominal chiefs. j-- 7 Approved For Release 261~~?ffrtlA-RDP79-01041 A000100020093-1