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December 9, 2016
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December 4, 1998
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October 11, 1952
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Approved For ReIe&se 2 9!W;i C,!A-RDP79-01044000100020104-8 Official Diary Security Information Saturday, 11 October 1952 1. Reviewed with Messrs. Reber and Sheldon the area familiarization program. After some discussion, Mr. Sheldon undertook to review this program with the objective of relating it, so far as possible, to specific tasks and also to scheduled trips with some concern for the number of people going to particular places during a particular period. It was also agreed that some of- the engaged in this program would not require 25X1 C4a 25X1 C4a in which event they would not have to be reported to the various a e an CIA field offices. I called attention to the need for conducting such a program with restraint and with due concern to actual needs. 2. Reviewed General Magruder's redraft of the Brownell directive and later phoned him and expressed my pleasure at the extremely constructive work that had been done. My only suggestion was to repeat a prior suggestion affecting the position of a reference to NSCID No. 5, and General Magruder indicated that this change would be made since his failure to include it had been due to inadvertence. With respect to the provision relating to the DCI's position vis-a-vis the special committee of the NSC, General Magruder informed me in confidence that this provision would be acceptable to Secretary Lovett, if the words "advise and" were deleted. I assured him that this would be entirely satisfactory to us and later confirmed this with the DCI and so informed Magruder. I also informed General Magruder of the agreed language on the definition of AFSA's mission, which, by this time, had been agreed to by AFSA, State and CIA. 3. Reported briefly to DCI on the status of the Brownell directive and indicated my general acceptance of the provisions presently approved by Secretary Lovett. State is preparing a form for submission to its Secretary and the remaining step is for Lovett and Acheson to reconcile any incon- sistencies in the State and Defense views. This will probably be done next week. 25X1A7b 4.- Requested 0/0 to alert to any Soviet or other broadcasts or publications relating to the treatment of Moslems within the Soviet Bloc. I requested that this watch be kept for one month, with special weekly reports, including negative reports. At the end of next week would be timely for the first such report. 5. Advised the DCI that if he were not required to be in Philadelphia on that date, I would place before him on Monday morning an agreed form of the summary evaluation paper, (CONTINUED) NI-S document It part of an tnfegra}ai Approved For Release 2000/09/12 : CIA-RD eIteq o 9'ia00MI010024 F04-8 T III Approved For Release 2 / Jd&RDP79-01041,000100020104-8 Security Information Official Diary 11 October 1952 25X1A9a 6. Spoke by phone with who indicated that, although 25X1A9a both -and he approved of the objectives of the microfilm unit in 25X1A6 - was going to recommend against it on the ground that the T/O 25X1A6a of should not be increased at this time. I indicated that I understood why he felt impelled to take this position and further indicated that I was prepared to support the unit on its merits. 25X1A9a !! as i .urity information Approved For Release 2000/09/12 : CIA-RDP79-01041A000100020104-8