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December 9, 2016
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December 4, 1998
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September 6, 1952
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Approved For Re,, ase 2 Wd- - -RDP79-O'1,U1A000100020135-4 Security Information Official Diary Saturday, 6 September 1952 25X1A9a 25X1 A9a 1. Discussed with the question of what was to be done respecting reports on the situation involving oil rights in Egypt. We agreed that the first essential was to obtain a well-organized memorandum of facts. I also desired to explore the information in the possession of Butch Fisher of State. We agreed to meet further with Mr. 25X1A9a on this question. 25X1A9a 2. Discussed with the question of a special unit to deal with some of the high-level economic information obtained from secret sources. We reached no final conclusions, but he agreed as to the desirability of a more intensive exploitation of~ financial and 25X6A insurance circles. 25X1A9a 3, Discussed with DAD/CI, the development of several situations and requested that they be appropriately covered in CIB. This was done. 25X1A9a L. Called to the attention of of the 25X1A8a Office (in the absence of certain cable reports on conver- sations with 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 5. ? Discussed with the following: 25X1A9a a. informed me that the information that I had previously received as to the source of the information con- 25X1 A9a tained in the cable, which the Joint Staff had not sent to 0/CI, was not entirely accurate. Nevertheless, it was felt that the Military did receive information from SO through Military channels and also delayed transmission of CIA's own messages until their authorities had received such material through Military channels. b. An attempt will be made to document the facts respecting 25X1 A9a the - cable. 25X1A9a c. Explored with any concern which he may have had regarding the survey we are making of the intelligence re- quirements quirements of the covert offices. It developed that Mr. - was not concerned as to the use of or 25X1A9a the fact of the survey, but had some views as to how it would be best to make available to the Operational Offices the fund of information available in 0/CI. I indicated that this was the only one aspect of the problem that concerned me, since I felt the needs of the Operational Offices were much broader than any that could be fulfilled by 0/CI. (CONTINUED) art of an integrated ?D1444 04010119-10 subjected to individual systematic review, Approved For Release 200Q1 , (1~E, ~;RDP79-01 lA000100020135-4 security Information Official Diary 6 September 1952 25X1A9a d. Discussed briefly with the personnel requirements we have for people trained in operational 25X1A9a use of Special Intelligence and he suggested that I speak to . I later made arrangements to do this. Security Informatiod Approved For Release 2000/09/12 : CIA-RDP79-01041A000100020135-4