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December 9, 2016
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December 4, 1998
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September 3, 1952
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Approved For Rel ,.se 2000/09/12 ? CIA-RDP79-010JA000100020138-1 P- ~ Security Information Official Diary Wednesday, 3 September 1952 25X1A5a1 1. At the Deputies' meeting, which the DCI did not attend re orted on the arrangements which we had made for debriefing in 25X1A6a 2. Suggested as a PW-measure that PP get out a brochure defining the terms used by the Russians in their various propaganda handouts along the 25X1A9a lines suggested by Kennan for a reply to the recent Russian note. undertook to look into this question,and Mr. Hedden suggested that after it had been worked out a final brochure should be prepared by professionals. 3. Also reported at the Deputies' meeting that we were settin up a 'Who's Who's on the Asian Peace Conference in FI. 25X1A9a 4. Reported to Mr. Dulles on the NSC Senior Staff eeting on NSC 135, specifically respecting the JCS comments and the NSR comments. We inferred that the latter may have been affected by the E?W paper.25X1A9a 25X1A9a 5. Chatted with , who had been offered to the 25X1A9a Intelligence Offices on a rotation basis (two years) by 25X1 A9- is highly qualified with respect to Czechoslovak a an_ well quali- fied with respect to Eastern Europe, in-general. He would be particularly interested in working in 0/NE, but would also be interested in other Offices. I suggested that he talk both with Sherman Kent and with Mr. Sheldon. 25X1A9a 6. Chatted with on certain matters coming before 7. Attended IADs' meeting. 8. Reviewed with Dr. Andrews his plans respecting the work of the Supergrade Board. His point was that the recent ceiling ruling and the activities of the Board to date are based upon an inadequate study of the actual supergrade position in the various agencies and departments of the Government, and he indicated the need for substantial work being done on the facts. I fully concurred, and also said that he should not lose sight of the allocation of such supergrades as between the Intelligence and Operational Offices. Specifically, it seemed to me that there was an undue allocation of such grades to OPC type operations, which, over the long term, are not basic CIA functions. Dr. Andrews proposed that the facts, when ascertained, be made freely available to the respective ADs, Nw~ and I concurred. (CONTINUED) This document is part of n integrated Approved For Relea0Os0 : CIA-RD9!10r4j44'-0040Q0~2~'9tN-1 ~:ecurity In ormation u Jecte to individual systematic review. Approved For Relgsse 200 1 ~Ee RDP79-0104 OSA0001 00020138 Security Information Official Diary 3 September 1952 25X1A9a I reports and received a lar a volume of reports for dissemi nation to the Intelligence 25X1 A9a Offices. informed me that he had cleared this in advance with Mr. 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 10. re uested some tailor-made intelligence reports, 25X1 A2chich I shall refer to as I later confirmed with the Director that this series had his approval and thereafter requestedNEW 25X1 A9a to prepare such a series. i the . - _- _ 25X1 A9a l on y ---- -- "--~~-?~`'~ RO uV w1C Haute or tnis series, 25X1A6c 25X1A9 a 11. Spoke with Dr. Kent on from - respecting a proposed Anglo-French-US conference on the Soviet threat to NATO. Dr. Kent and I agreed as to the line to be taken and I undertook to draft a reply. 12. Commented to Dr. Kent with respect to the North :African estimate, stating that I was surprised that no mention was made to the U.S. labor support to the various Nationalist movements. Also queried whether the estimate fully took into account the possibility of small-scale riots in Morocco during the fall. Dr. Kent. took this point under consideration. 13. Col. Porter phoned me respecting the Joint Staff reaction to the first two conclusions of NIE 61.i.. In those paragraphs the Russians had been given the capability of taking most of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, but not simultaneously. The Joint Staff thought that this was most "plus" and also felt that the operations could be conducted simultaneously. I expressed some surprise at this, in view of the fact that last year, during the preparation of NSC 114, after an NIE had given the Soviets the capability of taking all of Europe, the JCS had insisted on revising NSC 111 to indicate that certain strategically-important positions could be held. Their present attitude indicated either that they were changing their position or that we were'slipping vis-a-vis the Soviets. Col. Porter was not, apparently, familiar with this background and undertook to look into it. I later informed - of 0/NE of these facts and 25X1A9a requested him to look into the history of NSC 111. Subsequently, I confirmed with Mr. Lay my recollection of the facts. Secur no matron Approved For Release o0bi09/12 : CIA-RDP79-01041A000100020138-1