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December 9, 2016
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December 4, 1998
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August 26, 1952
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Approved For Release 2000/09/12: CIA-RDP79-Qj41A000100020143-5 Seru ~-` Official Diary Tuesday, 26 August 1952 1. At the Deputies' meeting, informed the DCI that I had spoken to Adm. O'Neill, Conandant of the Coast Guard, who is satisfied with intelligence support arrangements made through Navy. 25X1A5a1 2. Mr. Dulles raised certain questions respecting and the DCI approved a joint review of appropriate papers by CIA, FBI an , possibly, State. 3. Reported to the DCI on the accuracy of the Salisbury figures on Russian production, as reported in The New York Times. O/RR had reported that such figures, although they coincided in some instances with our estimates, were almost certainly derived from open sources. it. The DCI reaffirmed his instructions to Mr. Dulles and myself 25X1A6a respecting the CIA position in the- case. 25X1X7 5. As previously noted, informed the DCI as to the joint survey on intelligence requirements and potentialities of the Operational Offices initiated by Mr. Wisner and myself. 25X1A9a 6. Chatted with Mr. Amory and of O/RR respecting the latter's trip to I emphasized the following points: 25X1A9a a. b. c. 25X1A9a 25X1X7 25X1A9a should politely refuse to discuss any special matters. 25X1A9a should maintain CIA's refusal to engage in any type of joint estimate, although joint consideration of evidence and exchange of working papers would be appropriate. Before he leaves, - should have a talk with of I&S, who is CIA liaison with the Military Committee governing dissemination of intelligence to foreign nations. (CONTINUED) Approved For Rele =2 : CI41ng?7.0-PID4.I A%lg9020143-5 Security Information file. If separated from the file it must be subjected to individual systematic review. Approved For Release 2, 9$ j A-RDP79,Q O41A000100020143-5 Security Information Official. Diary 26 August 1952 25X1A9a 7. Discussed the Career Service Program with I expressed to him my views on the limited possibilities of rotation and also received assurance that rotation, particularly from intelligence to opera- tions, would be optional with the individual. 8. Mr. Gleason of the NSC Senior Staff phoned and inquired whether PSB was concentrating on the forthcoming Soviet Party Congress. 25X1 A9a I later phoned - and raised this point; also raised the question of 25X1A9a the forthcoming Asian Peace Conference. Arranged to see _ at 11:30 on Wednesday. 25X1A9a 9. Requested to: 25X1A6c a. Ascertain whether 0 CI and 0/NE agreed with the conclusion stated in and b. To have 0/RR check the accuracy of certain figures contained in an 00W emanating from FDD. 10. Dr. Kent raised the question of who, in our Governmental structure, was authorized to make a Commander's estimate for the President. After some discussion, we concluded that no existing agency had been assigned this function and that it would probably require cooperation between the Joint Chiefs of Staff who, under the Act of 1947, are "military advisers to the President" and the DCI, who is in effect G-2 for the National Security Council. The difficulty is that the Joint Chiefs of Staff have no staff component capable of making such an estimate and, it should be noted, the number of officers on the Joint. Staff is limited by statute to 200. Dr. Kent indicated that Gen. Partridge had expressed the view that a staff of approximately 1100of icethis rs would a urbe required in order adequately to implement a suggestion Dr. Kent and I resolved to take the question under continuing study. 11. Dr. Chadwell indicated that the Staff of the Joint Committee on AE had informally requested an indication of when the next periodic estimate would be ready. We agreed that .a letter from the DCI would be premature, but arranged to give a tentative informal estimate at this time to the Staff. 12. Attended meeting of the Department of Justice with Mr. Dulles, as to which I have prepared a separate Memorandum for the Record. 13. Attended meeting of Career Service Board. Approved For Relea 001Q9t2r: CIA-RDP79-01041A0001 aaiCie vl tnformafion 43-5