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December 9, 2016
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December 4, 1998
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August 22, 1952
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Approved For R,~ase ~~~-RDP79-0.~41A000100020146-2 Security Infarmah~~n Official Diary Friday, 22 August 1952 25X9A5 2. At the request of Dr? Kent, raised with the Director the question of informing the IAC as to his intention tv include i.rl the briefings for Presidential candidates summaries of current national estimates. Th? DCI was unwilling to do so, on the ground that the IAC does not sit as a Board of Directors and has no right to pass upon what the President does with national estimates after they have been prepared and delivered to him. This action is being taken in response to directions issued by the President, himself. So informed Dr. Bent. 3. As Hated in yesterdayts Diary, gave to the Director for his consideration a copy of the trial run of the briefings for the candidates as prepared by 0/CI. 25X1 C8b ~.. Mr. Wisner commented on a- study on the 25X6A Communist party which he planned to refer to me in order to obtain the comments of the Intelligence Offices. I lained to him the background 25X1 C8b of CIArs unwillingness to comment on estimates, but we agreed that this could be treated as an operations ins er, --- our comments to be transm3.tted to Mr. Wisner, who will synthesize them into his operational comments. ,~. Attended PRC. (COA1'.1'IAtUID) This doournent is part of an integrated Approved For Release~~.Sr~O n ormaii,,~ IA-RDP79~10~-~@OO~O~DO~U+1-~ ~ybj?et?d to individual systematic review. Approved For ReJ~se 200!!~~(1~E~RDP79-01~1A000100020146-2 :Security Information Official Diary 2~ ;august 1952 25X1A9a 6. Lunched with of fl/CI, and suggested that his Office should dv some real thinking as to what improvements should be brought about in the Watch Committee procedure. The appearance of Gen. Partridge on the scene afforded a new frame of reference and this oppor- tunity should not be neglected. There were two primary questions one, who should be the permanent< chairman (and it would be impossible to answer this 25X9A5 ,question until everyone had an opportun3.ty to 25X9A5 The other question related o e proe ures o the Watch Committee. A number of views expressed by 0/CI seem to me unduly compli- cated. Furthermore, O/CI should attempt not only to satisfy its owx- needs, but also to s atisfy legitimate requirements of the N,ilitary Services. These should not be brushed aside as of no importance. Finally, I passed on 25X1 A9athe remark of to the effect that the Watch Comrn3.ttee today mis- conceives its purpose as being that of writing a report. This remark was worthy of serious consideration. 7. Gave a brief talk of welcome to Matthew Baird~s intelligence $. Received a ca11 from Dr. Henderson of AEC indicating that the Medical Subcommittee of the SIC was framing a request to the IAC to re-constitute said committee parallel with JAEIC. I indicated to fir. Henderson that I disagreed with the proposal.. Later spoke to Dr Chadwell . 25X1 Aga and indicated ~ feeling that had failed to give effect to the policy decision that had been very clearly made at the previous days meeting in 0/SI, where I had indicated willingness to have the Medical group formally constitute itself a Working Conference, but had wholly disapproved of the Committees status as another JAEIC. I thereafter 25X1 Aga requested -t o convene another meeting of the ad hoc Scientific and Technical Committee so that we could thrash. out, wi~h~Fie Services, their definitive position on this point. I r equested Dr. Chadwell to insure that, in the meantime, any action by the Medical group be deferred. ? Dr. Chadwell later informed me that the next meeting of the Medical group was scheduled on Fridt~y of next week and we should have our ad hoc meeting prior to that time. - -- 25X1A9a 9. Met with and other representatives of FI, respecting the ins itution of a CIA SSO system, of com-muni.cations. I approved the establishment of such a system for 25X1 A6a the order named and suggested that the most diffic s ng a po.n was obtaining qualified individuals to head up this activity in the respective field. stations. The plan is to have a combined Operational an~. Strategic Division cleared area, separate and apart from the Military SSO office. 25X1 Aga ~.t the conclusion of this meeting, ~ undertook to draft some ~..~ (CON'i'INUID) '' ~~C.:k#~~ Approved For Relea~s~'r1~bb~910~'/'~2 : CIA-RDP79-01041 A000100020146-2 Approved For Ruse 2000/Q9/12 SECRET P79-01,0~41A000100020146-2 ~5ecurity inform: ' ?.rt Official Diary ~:~ August 1952 general recommendations which would likely be implemented by the O/CI Policy and Plans Staff. Later brought Mr. Sheldon up to date on our 25X1A9a discussion. He wi11 cooperate with ~ an the suggestion. I suggested tentatively to Mr. Sheldon that control of this activit should 25X1A8a properly be placed on the heads of the respective Who would have direct access to the Senior Representative and could also main- tain direct contact with 0/CI. It was imperative that AD/CI have strict control over this activity. 10. Authorized dissemination of the FTC report on Petroleum to Mr. ~nory and cautioned him as to the necessity of limiting distribution within his Office and the care that must be taken to insure that no refer- ence to the report b? made outside his Office. 11. Dr. Andrews informed me that PSB had requested the facilities of the CIA Library and that he recommended that they be re- ferred to the Library of Congress. I concurred. 25X1X7 13. I~r. l4mor3r informed me that the alleged security leak, which was said to have occurred in an 4tlantic phone conversation, involved no CIA personnel and that in the view of no security leak had, 25X1 Aga in fact, occurred. ~~~~~~ security Information Approved For Release 2000/09/12 :CIA-RDP79-01041 A000100020146-2