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December 9, 2016
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December 4, 1998
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August 20, 1952
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Approved For~Release6,~~~~79-01041 A000100020148-0 .v Security InjorrttatiWl Official Diary 25X1 A6a 'i~r` ~.. At the Deputies r P~Zee-ting, fir. Wisner suggested that we arrange ^r"A ^ ^_ an? intervievr of the Crotivn Prince of Laos, vrho is novr in Washington. I 6, Attended a briefing on fly.~s~.g ?saucers. I+ollowing this briefing the Director indicated that this problem should be taken in hand as a problem of intelligence coordination and requested that a report be made recommending further action to b e tal~en. He indicated that ?this matter has been under discussion vrith Secretary Lovett and it tiTas felt that even though there was only one chance in ten thousand that one of these incidents eras unexplainable it ~+ras ~rorthvfhile to make every effort to investigate the facts. One serious question remaining is whether there has been an objective evaluation of facts or vrhe-ther this evaluation has been done by persons convinced before the investigation that the instances wore explained by natural causes. Several lines of investigation were suggested at the OST briefing. recommended Dr, or er or signature by DCI. Arrangements with the Crown Prince would be made by Sta~l;e through N~. Wisnerts office. So informed ~Tr. Wisnerts office. 5. The-DCI requested me to have drafted an order, applicable Agency- wide re esting all Senior Officials (including such covert employees as upon returning from a foreign trip to make, forthvrith, an appro- priate report for DCI, recommending any necessary corrective action and to fox~vard same immediately to DCI. I requested to draft such an 25X1A9a d f (C ont r d:~" Approved For Rel ~~IA-~r Pd gum?ni is p 000100020r ed -0 ~eeurity information Nle, If separated from the file it must be tabjecfed to individual systematic remisr: Wednesday, 20 August 1952 1. Fo1loti~rirzg the Deputies t Meeting, discussed v~rith General Smith the form and procedures to be followed respecting the briefing for Presidential candidates. The DCI desires that our current publications be revietived and a special round-up be made, 'containing those items which have not already appeared in the nevrspapers.~~ Later laid. on such a publication with PyZr. Sheldon. 25X1A9a Presently under consideration as the basic delivery team are 25X1A9a and These depend upon the dates chosen by the can a~es. shall attempt to arrange ~~rith P,~r. Wolf for a CIA plane.. O/h'E should also be alerted that all estimates should be briefed dov+rn for inclusion in this book, as they come out. Dry runs of this publication will begin at once, to be ready the same time as the Presidentts books 2. At the Deputiest n~etin.~ ~?r. Dulles repoxTted upon a visit he had received from the indicating great concern at the development of e si ua ion in Chile and the possible implications of an Ibanez election, State I3epartment shares this concern.. 3. I3iscussed with the DCI a contemplated trip to Europe at which time he suggested that it vrould be more useful to him to have me take a run around the Asiatic The DCI suggested that I take along a represen- tative of the Cover-% Offices and I later mentioned this to Mr, Wisnern Alsa informed I::Zr, Amory, indicating that this change in, plans would probably permit me to go to Approved For Release 2~OT ~~~~~P79-01041 A000100020148-0 Security Informa~io =.~? 20 August 195 2 Chadwell to have an appropriate paper-drafted which should include any possible draft recommendations that could b e conceived. It is questionable zahether this matter can be dealt lvith by an TAC Directive, since full investigation will regLlire extensive use of resources under command of the operational division of Air Forces. The DCT recognized this and indicated that possible NSC direction vaoulcl be required. 25X1A2g 7~ Discussed ti~rith General McClelland and one of his assistants the question of T e,-~pla-i ned ?~vhy I tis,~ould be unable to request the Director to sigxz the letter referring this matter to State. I was convinced that State, if given the irLitiative, ~rould say no. We agreed that military 8. Had lunch with William Friedr~.n of General Canine r s organization. In anst~rer to my inquiry for a junior in the OCI Policy and Ziaison Staffx 25X1A9a he suggested who had indicated a desire to join AFSA but ti^rha is better qualified for -crork in an Intelligence Agency. I indicated the 25X1A9a desirability of this as far as we are concerned and shall ask explain this situat9.on to Garolyzz. 9. Also discussed with Friedma,.n the "locking; of horns~~ that had resulted from an atterr~nt to settle the ? Pl exploitation probleiuo I indicated to him the nature of the s tudies we ?crere engaged in which mi~r t effect a compromise position.. Friedrrk~rr urged me very strongly to inform AFSA and the other Intelligence Agencies of the nature of these studies so that they can be produced jointly and I indicated that I tivoul,d speak ?to Adm, Wenger and the other Agencies on this point. We agreed that any compromise ti~rould have to be worked out by a high level group that had sat down an this problem and that perhaps the best solution yrould be to obtain agreement of such a high level group on proposals and to refer the implementation to a ~rorking ;roue. 25X1A9a 10, Discussed ~vith0 tivho is leaving for the War Callege~ his suggest_i ons respecting the tisorlt of Q/NE. The following points were raised= 25X1A9a felt that the National Estirr~~.-tes Board and the IAC denote too ranch time 'to the finer points of wording and too little time to the major points of substance, 25X1A9a also felt that occasional briefing on current intelli- gence thinking in Q/A]E and ?/CI ~rould be helpful f or IvZr. I~ulle s and myself, and this seemed -to accord nay- idea for an intelligence manual available in the front offices to be kept up t o d~.te quarterly. 1.]., Attended Q/R.R, F3uelget meeting, Approved For Release 211C~O~~~~DP79-01041A0001000201t4 Ti~curity lnformatiop /~ ~/c ~