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December 9, 2016
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December 4, 1998
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August 19, 1952
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Approved For RLease 2000/09/12: CIA-RDP79-01041A000100020149-9 Official Diary Tuesday, 19 August 1952 25X1 C5a 25X1 C5a 25X1A9a 1. Informed the DCI that the NSC meeting scheduled for Wednesday and the IAC meeting scheduled for Thursday had both been cancelled. 2. At the Deputies' meeting, mentioned the request of the Pro- gressive Party Candidate Hallinan for a CIA briefing. 25X1A2 3. Chatted by phone with Col. Edwards respecting and Col. Edwards reported to me on arrangements being made to bring in the 14. Arranged with to continue our survey of his intelligence organization at 2:00 P.M. on Monday, the 25th, and later informed the IADs. 5. At the request of Mr. Amory, asked Mr. Wolf to expedite signature of the Q/RR revised T/O, which had been agreed to by all concerned. 6. The Director at the Deputies' meeting mentioned his reply to 25X1A6a a recent cable from 7. Attended meeting with representatives of G-2 (Col. Whipple and Col. Saunders) and CIA officers (Amory, Chadwell, Andrews 25X1A9a and Reber) respecting CIA contacts with the various Technical Services. Thereafter, it will be satisfactory if direct contact is made with people in the Services, so long as advance notice (which may be short and may be by phone) is given to someone to be designated by Whipple and Saunders. Dr. Andrews (Liaison Division) is also to be kept advised of such contacts so that his Division will have a consolidated listing. The representatives of G-2 displayed a complete willingness to cooperate, so long as CIA com- plied with certain minimum formalities. It was agreed that this arrange- ment would not be reduced to writing. 8. Discussed with Messrs. the question 25X1A9a of OB reporting which was raised by a recent article on the different composition of Russian and Chinese air divisions and regiments. This problem had been avoided on ground OB by reporting in terms of manpower, rather than organizational units. This had not been done in the case of Air, as a result of which our reports could be misleading to consumers. Hendrickson is going to study this problem and then submit appropriately- revised recent 0/CI reports to indicate what might be done. (CONTINUED) Security Information Approved For Release / Pd0TV%eg11P a1rt~n 00n 00020149-9 tile. If separated from the file it must bp subjected to individual systematic rElaw. Approved For Release 200%99//12 S~IA-RDP79-0~1A000100020149-9 Security Informcl"on Official Diary 19 August 1952 25X1 A925X1 A5a 1 9. inquired whether11111111111111111111111111 and he could chat with 25X1A5a1 Dr. Chadwell respecting information which claimed to have about 25X1 A9a and I agreed that it would 25X6A 25X1A5a1 be appropriate for Chadwell to refer to ? e Military Services, in view of the revised allocation of responsibilities in this field, and I so 25X1A9a notified with a request that he inform Dr. Chadwell. 10. Mr. Longanecker of State indicated that FTC desired to recall all copies of the original FTC Petroleum Report, but I indicated the desir- ability of our retaining one copy to show the changes that we had recommended. He agreed and we are to return to State all copies in this Agency, save for a single file copy. Longanecker will also retain one copy for State. Later 25X1A9a requested to have this done. 11. Attended IADst meeting. 25X1A9a 12. Chatted briefly with of 0/CI on the possibility of a survey of the intelligence requirements of the Operational Offices. I shall have to speak to Mr. Sheldon on this. 13. A Col. Cushing, reporting to Col. Gillis in the Air Intel- ligence Office, requested a list showing distribution of NIEs. He explained that this was desired because Gen. Samford wished to revise the Air Force distribution list. I explained that I did not desire to send such a list outside the Agency, but would permit him to inspect it in this office. 14. Gen. Weckerling requested an IAC minute indicating Gen. Smith's description of the functions of Gen. Truscott and I requested Mr. Reber to forward same to Gen. Weckerling. ? 15. At the IADs' meeting announced the survey to be undertaken on behalf of DD/P and myself respecting the intelligence requirements of the operational Offices. Also reported on my recent discussions with 25X6A and States unwillingness to take any action in the field of intelligence support of psychological or other covert operations. SECRE information Approved For Release 20b0/09/12 : CIA-RDP79-01041A000100020149-9