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December 9, 2016
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December 4, 1998
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July 30, 1952
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Approved For ReJ ase 2000/09/12: CIA-RDP79-0 0 1A000100020165-%1 ' Security Informalietl Official Diary Wednesday, 30 July 1952 1. At the Deputies' meeting expressed to the Director that after study of the cables from Iran I had concluded that Mossadeq was r'crazy like a fox." I disagree with reports indicating that there was any real possi- bility of settling the situation through action by the Shah or a military coup at this time. It seemed to me that the National Front was the only organization capable of controlling the situation in Iran and even in his most recent statements Mossadeq had indicated a willingness to deal directly with the U.S. The Director indicated that he was in agreement with these views, but we concluded generally that they had been covered in the various 0/NE memoranda which we had disseminated. I later expressed the same views to Sherman Kent and left it to his discretion as to whether or not 0/NE could profitably make a further contribution in this situation. 2. Also, at the Deputies' meeting, I explained concern to the Director at the fact that numerous reports had been received indicating a deterioration in Thailand's Western orientation, but apparently no note had been taken of this by the policy people, so far as could be the material available to us. Mr. Wisner indicated that Ambassador Stanton suggested that we review this situation and I later requested Dr. Kent to have the 0/NE Board consider this problem. 3. At the Deputies' meeting the Director requested that a brief- 25X1A5a1 ing be laid on for covering highlights in the areas to be visited by him in the near future, namely, England, France, Berlin, Italy, Yugo- slovia 'nn and Greece. I have alerted 0/CI and a 30-minute briefing was laid on.i./d.Ju 25X1A9a Li.. Also notified the Director that Dr. Chadwell and were back prepared to brief him. I indicated that they had some matters which I thought would be of interest. The Director will give me a time later and Mr. Dulles will attend the briefing. 5. Also notified the Director that the IAC was cancelled for 6. At the Deputies meeting the Director had cable 25X1A6c which, although an operational cable, consisted entirely of intelligence. After the meeting, I spoke to , who informed me that - of 25X1 A9a Signal Center indicated that they were operating under instructions not to 25X1A9a send operational cables to other offices before release by the area office of Operations. I requested that these instructions be changed so that my (CONTINUED) 4Q, W, 7"6"1 Approved For Releas,2WOM21r : CIA-RDP7 a O$ar teVr`l"om t fit 'm be subjected to individual systematic review. Approved For Rase 2000/09/12 : CIA-RDP79-01041A000100020165-1 ' 1' SECRET Official Diary tO July 1952 25X1A9a office received directly all cables of intelligence interest and undertook to take this up with,Mr. Wisner. I shall also speak to Mr. Wisner and raise this same matter in connection with 0/Clts desire to have someone screen operational cables. 7. Gen. Partridge called respecting a memorandum which I apparently had sent to him respecting some boxes of material of General Dean, a matter which I was wholly unable to recall. Gen. Partridge in- dicated that the material had been located but that they were making a final screening because that included some of Dean's personal effects. I have asked- to attempt to determine who sent such a memorandum. 25X1A9a oct ? o