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December 9, 2016
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December 4, 1998
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July 23, 1952
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Approved For ReIWe 2000/09/12: CIA-RIPP79-0104 A000100020170-5 r~T Security Information Official Diary Wednesday.., 23 July 1952 25X1A9a nn_ 1. Called to the attention of Mr. Wisner and 5 2 X1 of FE Division a item r elating to Chengtu, 25X1A9a Suggested to and Mr. Sheldon that they establish some direct liaison in order to insure that such items are called to the attention of the Operational Offices. There is a good field for cross fertilization here. 25X1A9a 2. Spoke to respecting his memorandum concerning information letters for Senior Representatives and he agreed to delete the request for an intelligence roundup, when I explained the nature of the services we were giving Senior Representatives. Requested to 25X1A9a prepare our contribution for the forthcoming trial run. 25X1A9a 1 25X1A7b 3. Requested to have= prepare a propaganda analysis. tions for the period ending 30 July. Also requested to proceed 25a Loo with his plans for setting up a unit within 00 to produce material of this type. We are not receiving it from any other source and such studies are required for Agency purposes. Products of this group would not be disseminated outside CIA. 25X1A9a i1_ T)i grntc~Pr7 tri+.h MP.ccrc _ +.ha (-ilrrPn+. get in touch directly with Mr. Sheldon and They would be 25X1 A9a 25X1A9a guided by his advice on the sensitivity of the material received. During this conversation emphasized the undesirability of passing 25X1A9a on to State some of the material in question and I reemphasized this with 25X1A9a Report. I later met in the 25X1A9a25X1A9a of PSB that he speak with Suggested to 25X1A9a on sanitization of the 25X1 A9a apparent that It was perfectly im, was attempting to Taull through the inclusion of the CIA figures. I made our position unmistakably clear and vetoed any use of CTA figures, either separately or as part of a total.. 6. Mr. Wisner spoke to me and requested me to act as the channel to pass a copy of the to of PSB. 25X1A9a 25X1 X6 Mr. Wisner preferred this to having- deal directly with the various25X1 A9a Offices. I later spoke to about this-and., respecting the 25X1A9a 'Intelligence Offices, authorized him to speak directly to the ADs but .requested that he keep me informed as to the request which he was making from time to time, Approved For Rel L )A I /'1Wd situation in Egypt and suggested that from time to time (CONTINUO 40~j'"~'~-~~4t1t~QnQe~rat0~0020170-5 ecunty n ormation file. If separated from the file it must he subjected to individual systematic review. Approved For Rel se 2000/09/12 : CIA-RDP79-010 A000100020170-5 ''Ff SECRET Security Information 25X1X4 Official Diary 23 July 1952 25X1A9a 7. indicated that PSB would be extremely interested in the results o any psychological operations carried on in connection He also suggested that it might be useful to have a check-list of Americans and others who had been subjected to intensive Soviet intelligence, such as - 125X1X6 undertook to look into these questions, 8. Col. Baker, Director of Special Research for G-2, phoned respecting a proposal to give additional support to SHAPE sub-commands. After looking over the papers, I informed Col. Baker that I would recommend that Gen. Smith approve and I thought that he would do so. 9. Attended meeting of Ad Hoc S & T Committee and later dis- cussed personnel with 25X1A9a requested that I reconsider the question of but I e xplaine 25X1 A9a the precise nature of difficult and Col. 25X1 A9a my y ~ indicated that he25X1 A9a ,would be perfectly willing to substitute for X1 A9a who had attended several meetings of our Committee, also withdrew his request that this be a two-way arrangement and indicated willingness to have or. Chadwell sit on the Committee. I indicated appreciation of this attitude, but did not state what I would do about this particular question. Security Information Approved For Release 2000/09/12 : CIA-RDP79-01041A000.100020170-5