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December 9, 2016
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December 4, 1998
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July 16, 1952
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Approved For ReI se 2000/09/12: CIA-RDP79-01 Q A000100020176-9 . Irifniak Security Information Official Diary Wednesday, 16 July 1952 25X1A9a 1. Gen. Magruder requested the O/CI internal Daily Digest of the highest' classification and I undertook to furnish it to him on an -tEjres OnlyIF basis', temporarily. 2, Gen. Magruder indicated that future action.on the Brownell Committee report had not been determined upon, since Secretaries Acheson and Lovett had not had a chance to get together on it. Undersecretary Bruce had read the report and it had already been referred personally to Gen. Bradley. Certain minor adjustments would have to be made, but, in general, reaction had been favorable. one difficult point was the complicated series of appeals provided for in the recommendations. 3.. At the Deputies' meeting, Mr. Dulles raised a question as to the log item respecting the JIC paper on resistance movements. It was agreed that this amounted in substance to an intelligence estimate and should have been cleared with me, although this had not been done. Mr. Wisner later explained to me that-the CIA contribution had been given by' the Operational Offices to JSPD, which requested it for use by the planners. I was not particularly concerned by the incident, since the moral was clear. In the meantime, referred the paper to 0/NE, with the request that they comment thereon. Li. Mr. Dulles undertook to make available to me a paper on the Swiss, of which I had not previously heard. 25X1A9a 5. Commented to on the draft summary evaluation, on which a working group has been engaged, and I arranged to chat with about this on Thursday. 6. Attended ad hoc Scientific Intelligence Committee meeting. At the meeting, I made it plain that we expected the consultation groups to be a reality and specifically that they should be active in the fields 4. of (a) electronics, including telecommunications, (b) biological warfare and chemical warfare, (c) medicine, and (d) guided missiles. On ground in the reed to the deletion of these particular items m f h I , ag o ar ony 25X1A9a light of suggestion that another look be taken at the end of six months. I also suggested to the P gilitary representatives that 25X1A9a was not a suitable committee member and undertook not to have Dr. Chadwell sit on the new committee if they would not have - 25X1A9a My reason for this was, of course, merely to'attempt to dissipate the historical antagonism that had arisen and was in no way in derogation (CONTINUED) Approved For Rele?gie.2o 17 2 : CIA-RDB1s9ft%UW1sQOQWQQaQob76-9 ecurrty n o matron t d f th fil it st b subJected to individual systematic review. rom e e e mu e file. If separa Approved For Re,se 2000/09/12 CIA-RDP79-01 Q 4 A000100020176-9 ,P SECRET Official Diary 16 July 1952 security Information of the excellent work that has been done by Dr. Chadwell. As soon as some 25X1A9a solution to the problem has been arrived it, and tempers cool, I would urge Dr. Chadwell to resume his place on the committee. 25X1A9a 7. Discussed with Messrs. Sheldon, et al., the Middle East paper and requested that it be cleared with 0 NE. r--,(s ! J 8. The 0/CI representatives raised some question as to the receipt of State cables. They pointed particularly to the fact that they had not received. cables relating to the suppression of the Russian magazine. I undertook to speak to Park Armstrong about this. 9. William Dulles phoned and sugge as a 25X1A9a possible candidate for the position for which is seeking a man, 25X1X7 10 ECREx Security Information Approved For Release 2000/09/12 : CIA-RDP79-01041A000100020176-9