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December 9, 2016
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December 4, 1998
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July 14, 1952
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Approved For Relese 2000/09/12 : CIA-RDP79-01 Q4 A000100020178-7 Security 1niormation Official Diary Monday, 14 July 1952 25X1X7 2. At the Deputies' meeting, I mentioned the situation in Argentina and inquired whether PSB had been alerted. Lacking any indica- tion of this, I later asked Tracy Barnes to come over and showed him the items relating to the likelihood of Eva Peron's imminent death and the possible assassination of Peron. This information had not previously been given to PSB. 25X1A9a 3, Also, at the Deputies' meeting, I concurred in the item in summary indicating concern as to the ultimate effect of erecting barriers on the western side of the line of the Soviet zone. It seemed to me that we were playing into the Russians' hands by this maneuver. Mr. Wisner indicated that this matter had been considered by the ad hoc committee on Berlin and they tended to take the same view. Li.. At the Deputies' meeting, there was a discussion of possible eventualities in Guatemala. 25X1A9a 5. Discussed with Messrs. Amory, intel- ligence support for EDAC. After some discussion, we determined that the exact form of the arrangement was relatively unimportant, so long as the intelligence group was clearly responsible to DCI and IAC. In view of the phrasing of the letters on this subject, we regarded it as up to State to take the initiative. Arranged to meet with Fisher Howe at 2:30 on Tuesday to state the CIA position. 6. Discussed with Mr. Amory and Mr. Sheldon the Security Committee recommendations regarding PT. Mr. Amory is preparing his 25X1A9a reactions and I asked Mr. Sheldon to secure the reactions of 0/SI from 7. Had a discussion with Mr. Sheldon respecting major problems of O/CI. We agreed to regard the policy and liaison staff set-up and the USCIB arrangements as temporary, pending clarification of this picture. 8. Henry Byroade of State attended luncheon and reviewed his reactions on the Middle East. Highlights were as follows: /~ {- (CONTINUED) t IC Approved For Rele t;=01ON1 : C44-RL 9Qalpo41A000100020178-7 file, If separated from the fits it subjected to Individual systematic mut be Approved For Rse 2000/09/12 : CIA-RDP79-01'1A000100020178-7 SECRET Security Information Official Diary 1)4 July 1952 a. He expressed more concern on the situation in Morocco than about that in Tunisia. The Morocco picture is expected to boil over in the fall. Our primary problem is whether or not to support the French and Byroade inclined to the view that we should. 25X6A f. With respect to Pakistan, Mr. Byroade was well aware of the importance of securing grain for them, if possible. g. Mr. Byroade expressed hope in possible developments in Syria, where itis contemplated that a major development program may take up to 500,000 refugees. If this deal could be sold, it would remove one of the extremely sore points of contention. 25X1A9a Following the luncheon, I spoke both to Mr. Sheldon and and expressed the view that we had not beezadequately reporting developments (CONTINUED) Approved For Re1eff001Rk1 : CIA-RDP79-01041A000100020178-7 Security Informatioh f Approved For Reuse 2000/09/12: CIA-RDP79-01Q1A000100020178-7 "T40 SECRET Security Information Official Diary ll. July 1952 25X6A with respect Although the reasons were self-evident, it seemed to me that it was our job to give an objective report on the facts and both undertook to see what could be done on this. 25X1A9a 25X1A5a1' 25X1A9a 11, also raised the question as to which CIA unit the Indexing Research Program should be allocated. 0/SI has been handling it and after some discussion Management undertook to take it over, 0/CD having expressed unwillingness to do so. I approved this as a temporary measure, but expressed the view that we should consider whether or not 25X1A2d2 should stand ready to handle research and development ,for the entire Agency. 12. Mr. Trueheart of State phoned and gave me the substance of the reply which had been received from George Kennan respecting on Sino-Soviet maneuvers in the truce negotiations. I am delaying passing this to the Director until I have seen the wording of the original. ?SECRET 25X1 DOa Security Information Approved For Release 2000/09/12 CIA-RDP79-01041 A000100020178-7