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December 9, 2016
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July 12, 2000
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March 17, 1953
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Approved For Relse 2 A000100040132-5 -111 Zur, Security Information Official Diary '" ttate Dept. declassification & release instructions on file Tuesday, 17 Nlarch 1953 25X9A6 25X9A6 25X9A6 1. phoned and stated that would be unavail- able as Secretary of USCIB. He suggested who is also a BG. I later checked with Sheldon and found that would not be satisfac- tory to CIA. 25X1A9a 2. Discussed with Messrs. Amory, Reber and and Howe, of State, certain problems raised by State's budgetary requirements as follows: a. State is proposing to drop its ERS and we urged them to reconsider, at least in part. 25X1A9a ^.11 of the foregoing has been covered in a M -diar;Or. Amory. A 3. of Commo spoke to me respecting ELM organization. I questioned whether or not the NSCID #9 setup would not be adequate for this purpose. I felt that his initial thought of a committee under NSC was too high-level since the key to any such project would be operational support:: 4. Participated in the briefing of the seven Wise Men. 25X1A9a 1. DD/I, ADD/I and AD/IC concurred with Park Armstrong and Fisher Howe on the general subject of problems confronting the f'R" section of State in complying with directives to reduce its budget. Apparently, the cutback is going to be in the neighborhood of 12;0', or 57 positions, excluding NIS and other specially supported activities. They propose to make this cutback across the board, and functionally: a. Abolish External Research Staff (9-10 positions). b. Abolish branches of DFI covering world communism and population and land support (UNA - 10 positions). c. In the Geographic Branches, 1-2 positions to each, except for DRS - Total, 25 in OIR. (cont'd) Ts ~ocumen 4~tt ~IT~?~o~{A~^~ p file. It V...r- 1J~ease 2000/08/ - 0100040132-5 Security Information sub,,.. pi Ks1 oK,. -:.iMi Approved For Rele a 2000/0$(2: SECRETP79-010411A000100040132-5 Security Information Official Diary 17 March 1953 d. Reduce Biographic Index by 5 positions; Acquisition Division by 3; and take 13 people outof the Library. The wisdom of eliminating the External Research Staff from the community was seriously examined, as well as the difficulties of locating it elsewhere as effedtively as where it now is. It was proposed, by CIA representatives, that State consider saving ERS by making certain cuts in the Economic components 25X9A2 of DRS and DFI, whereas O/RR is exceptionally well staffed. Willingness to accept transfers is expressed. 25X9A2 2. The suggestion that the be nomina y placed on CIA rolls and be kept in , fact, where they are, was viewed with no enthusiasm. As a partial small step in the direction of reducing the State role in production of Chapter VI, CIA proposed to take the Bloc portions, thereby saving up to a score of positions and enabling the research work in O/RR ultimately to be blended with the main- tenance program of Chapter VI. The State representatives viewed this favorably and undertook to give it further study. 3. DD/I, supported by ADD/I, AD/SI and AD/CI, arri numerous members of their staffs, renewed the briefing of the seven consultants to the National Security Council, with emphasis on Soviet Economy, Scientific Developments and Potential, and the problems of India. The possibility of a Special vstilr~- ate on a particularly sensitive subject arose from this discussion and was passed to Dr. Kent for consideration and action by the Board. 25X1A9a 40 SECRET Security Information Approved For Release 2000/08/29-: CIA-RDP79-01041A000100040132-5