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December 9, 2016
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July 12, 2000
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February 19, 1953
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Approved For Release 2 DP79-0J1A000100040194-7 I*W Security Information Official Diary Thursday, 19 February 1953 1. Was briefed by Dr. Kent in preparation for the IAC meeting. Also suggested that 0/NE proceed with the South American estimates without formal request from NJH Division in the DD/P complex. I felt assured that D/CI had approved the making of these estimates in substance. Also spoke with Dr. Kent on the possibility of obtaining people of Board stature to be permanent CIA representatives on the NSC Senior Staff. The requirements of this position were too time consuming to permit either DD I or ADD/I to 25X1A9a perform this function in the future. Reference was made to and 25X1 Aga 25X1A9a to who is now general counsel for n a Pater is- cussion with Mr. Amory he mentioned Still later I raised this 25X1A9a question with Mr. Dulles, who referred to as a possibility. 25X1A9a Since the reorganization of the NSC Senior Staff is not to take place imme- diately, it was felt that a decision on this point could be deferred. In the meantime, we shall proceed as heretofore. 25X1A9a 2. Conferred with. Mr. Sheldon as to any possible intra-office reorganization and it was ultimately decided to bring l"r. 25X1A9a into this office as a single briefing officer, to rotate into 0/CI, and the Daily Digest to be produced in 0/CI. This will require special 0/CI ticker service and will also require a consider- able amount of additional support by 0/CI. Furthermore, Mr. Sheldon is to arr be the single point of contact from this office on briefings and he has undertaken to coordinate properly matters with O/Rd, 0/NE, 0/SI, etc. and such coordination would not only be at the working level but also with the ADs concerned. 25X1A9a 3. Attended IAC meeting. 4. Lunched with office in the State epartment. 5. Nor. Dulles consulted me on an inquiry received from the Secretary of State respecting the economic condition of Brazil. I consulted with Mr. Sheldon on this and we suggested to Mr. Dulles that our current intelligence coverage of Brazil was not adequate to answer this requirement. The Secretary of State should be advised that the primary responsibility here lay within his own intelligence unit. I was informed by Mr. Dulles that he would so advise the Secretary. I took this occasion to inform Park Armstrong of the inquiry and the response we had given, and suggested to him that he might well desire to brief the Secretary in some detail as to the allocation of responsibilities within the intelligence community. During t_e same meeting, Mr. Armstrong indicated that State was under some pressure as to the T/0 of its intelligence unit and inquired as to CIA's reaction to a suggestion that the State portion of the NIS program be returned to CIA, which is currently supporting this program. I said that I would explore this with Mr. Amory but would not allow State Dept. declassification & release instructions on file (cent'd) I 1hlS documenf Is part of an infe rafea Approved For Release 2000/0W2$,: i JA-R 79-011 1,0004000 ?1 } Ust be subjected to istuividuat sys._ault,e, r s.iew. P' SECRET ~ 'kv"a r R lease 2000/08P2'9'l'OAROP79-0 1A000100040194-7 Thursday, 19 February 1953 so sensitive a subject to go any further. This suggestion on the part of Mr. Armstrong conformed to a recent comment by Mr. Amory to the effect that O/RR felt that it was now staffed up to the point where it could profitably and with additional economy administer the NIS program. Later informed Mr. Amory of this discussion. 25X1A9a 6. Mr. Dulles mentioned that had raised the question of whether CIA desired to continue as a full voting member of the NSC Senior Staff, or to become an advisory member, in conformity with CIA's attendance at MSC meetings. I strongly recommended to Mr. Dulles that CIA affirmatively press for becoming an advisory member of the Senior Staff, since the taking of a position by CIA on policy matters could gravely prejudice its position as an intelligence agency. Even with respect to cold war activities, CIA acted as an executive agent for the policy making agencies, namely State and Defense. 1,1r. Dulles concurred and said he would take this position in speak- ing to 25X1A9a 25X1A9a nTOP q SECRET Approved For Release 2000/"S? 9fy:19.14 ton P79-01041A000100040194-7