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November 16, 2016
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April 7, 2000
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April 4, 1960
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'Approved For Releas'2000/05/30 : CIA-RDP79-01048' 00100020003-3 DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE HEADQUARTERS UNITED STATES AIR FORCE WASHINGTON 25, D.C. REPLY TO ATTN OF: AFC SA 4 April 1960 Mr. Robert Amory Deputy Director Central Intelligence Agency Washington 25, D. C. Dear Mr. Amory: 1. We are pleased and honored that you have agreed to speak at the SAB meeting at the Air Force Academy on April 20-21 on the subject, "USSR Intentions and Capabilities". 2. In order that your thoughts may be made most useful, we would like to have a precis (of the order of 300-500 words) of your remarks stating your principal conclusions and, where applicable, your recommendations. 3. The above desired material will be included in a report of the entire proceedings of the meeting to be published by the SAB and, if it could be in our hands by 20 -April it would be most appreciated. 4. A brief summary of the background and objectives of the meeting is attached for your information. Sincerely, CLYDE D. G ASSER Colonel, USAF Secretary Scientific Advisory Board Office of the Chief of Staff Pooui *nt No. a-- Ceviaw of this document by CIA has det*rminod treat X C14 has no objection to d1910s3 tt contains Information of CIA tutsrest that must remain aieasified at 1$ I a Authority% MR 104 C3 It sent to nothing of CIA t terosf Date Reviewer P. i- *USAF Declass/Release Instructions On File* Atch a/s Pao fn Class. Deci~assUied Gins. Ciwril:d S S C Next Ro' tit Flit 70-3 Date: By: +D1-f Approved For Release 2000/05/30 : CIA-RDP79-01048A000100020003-3