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November 16, 2016
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April 7, 2000
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April 22, 1960
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{ Approved For Releas 000/05/30 : CIA-RDP79-01048AVM100020004-2 DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE HEADQUARTERS UNITED STATES AIR FORCE WASHINGTON, D. C. SAB FULL BOARD MEETING 20-22 April Air Force Academy AGENDA Wednesday 20 April 0900 Lt General D. L. Putt - Welcome and Introduction 0905 K/5 W. S. Stone, Air Force Academy - Welcome and General Remarks. 0910 Gen T D. White - Aerospace Defense in our deterrent posture. 0940 Rear Admiral T. Connolly - The submarine-launched threat; present and future Navy counteraction capa- bilities. 1010 Coffee Break 1025 M/Gen F. T. Pachler - Army capability in an all-out attack; Army role in the field in the defense of North America 1055 *Panel Question and Discussion - Dr. H. Skifter, Chairman 1130 Gen L. S. Kuter - Present capabilities of orAD; future requirements. 1200 1cussi.on 1215 Depart for Luncheon 1400 Mr. Raymond A. Hare Deputy Under Sec. of State for Political Affairs Aerospace defense/international posture relationship. 145 Discussion 1500 Coffee Break 1515 Mr. Robert Amory CIA USSR Intentions and Capabilities. 1545 Discussion 1600 B Gen R. F. McDermott - Briefing on AF Academy Complex 1700 Discussion Adjourn 1830 Reception and Buffet Thursday - 21 April 0900 0905 0915 0935 0955 1015 Dr. H. G. Stever - Opening Remarks M/Uen . erg uist - Classical Air Defense W,_= = 'c _6 "round Environment Dr. M. chilling - Ground-to-Air Missiles Mr. E. J. ar ow - Interceptors - BOMARC Coffee Break * Panel to consist of Gen White, Rear Adm Connolly and M/Gen Pachler *USAF Declass/Release Instructions On File* 16 March 1960 Approved For Release 2000/05/30 : CIA-RDP79-01048A000100020004-2 ? Approved For Releasar2000/05/30 : CIA-RDP79-01048AW0100020004-2 Thursday - 21 April (Continued) 1030 AICBM Dr. H. Skifter (and one other speaker) BMEWS Nike Zeus Midas ICBM Defense and Decoys 1200 Depart for Luncheon 1315 Discussion 1330 Lt Gen B. A. Schriever & Mr. A. Donovan - Defense in the Aerospace Age. ]130 Coffee B re 1445 Defense in the Aerospace Age continuation 1515 Mr. Herman Kahn - Civil Defense Aspects 1600 Mr J. Doolittle (Chairman) - Round Table Discussion A4journ 1730 Press Conference 2015 Executive Committee Meeting Friday 22 April 0900 Lt Gen D. L. Putt - Opening Remarks 0915 Group Meetings 1015 Coffee Break 1030 Group Meetings continued 1200 Depart for Luncheon 1315 Group Presentations 1500 Coffee Break 1515 Gen J. McCormack - Over-all Summarization ourn Approved For Release 2000/05/30 : CIA-RDP79-01048A000100020004-2 `Approved For Release000/05/30: CIA-RDP79-01048A100020004-2 SAB SERING MEETING ON AIR, MISSILE AND SPACE DEFENSE 1. BACMROUND: The last decade has been seen tremendous strides in the concepts of the defense of North America against manned air attack. The present generation of equipment which has brought about these advancements has introduced great complexity, large integration problems, and tremendous costs. Even before this improved system has been completed or become fully operational, rapid strides in the science and technology of offensive weapons have tended to outflank the Air Defense System. This places before us not only the difficulty of continued effort in conventional Air Defense but also of p.r-oviding for new defense weapons and, in addition, an orderly transition as well as balance. In addition, we expect, in the not too distance future, that potential enemies will bring to bear the most recent advances in science - namely: the use of satellites and other space related weapons. 2. OBJECTIVES: The objectives of the spring meeting of the SAB are: a. To describe and review critically the technological and military capabilities of the present air defense system of North America; b. To describe and evaluate the present and future threat of ballistic missiles to North America, and in light of these evaluation to survey critically our programs and capabilities for defense against ballistic missiles; c. To estimate the time scale and importance of space related offensive weapons (other than ballistic missiles) and to evaluate possible concepts of defense against such threats; d. To review our international political aspirations in order to lay the basis for military policies on North American defense; and, to formulate opinions about the role of the defense of North America in our total military posture; e. To review the problems of civil defense and disaster control; f. To consider the effects of National Civilian attitudes on military defense tactics and policies; g. To estimate the economic effect of providing adequate defense of North America and relate this to possible future military budgets. 3. The entire proceedings will be published under the auspices of,the SAB for record and distribution to appropriate agencies. Approved For Release 2000/05/30 : CIA-RDP79-01048A000100020004-2