Preliminary survey of the Scope of Hoover Library Materials in the Slavic Languages and on Communism of Prospective Research Value to CIG

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April 7, 1947
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Approved For Re1e9Q911 pu_",6 E,.11" L, Preliminary Survey of the Scope of Hoover Library Materials in the Slavic Languages and on Communism of Prospective Research Value to CIG I. Catalogued entries. A. By chronological periods in Russian history. B. By subject headings under "Russia". A. Magazines and journals (general). B. Journals (technical. C. Bibliographical. D. Miscellaneous. III. Newspapers. A. Soviet. B. Emigre. IV. Minor nationalities. V. Reference works. VI. Recent acquisitions. A. Summaries from Annual Report of Hoover Library, October 1946. B. Miscellaneous listings. C. Materials still boxed or due to arrive. D. Materials in the vault. VII. Maps and charts. VIII. Posters and pamphlets. IX. Slides and films. 25X1A5a00200011 Approved For Releq,,?e 1999/09/21 _'CIA-RDP79-01982A000200020005-2 Pa 2 Approved For Relea"'f999/0O9/21 CIA-RD?79.ijG1 A000200020005-2 I. Catalogued and temporarily listed entries. Subjects were selected or formulated (for their possible suitability to CIG interests) from the chronological and subject arrangements of catalogued and shelved entries. Some cross-reference subjects are listed for the sake of the general picture but there is much material on hand under almost every heading; in addition, there is considerable material not yet catalogued. A. By chronological periods in Russian history. 1. Pre-1914. Virtually all subjects listed under paragraph B have many materials especially pertinent to the pre-1914 period. Cossacks Gosudarstvennaia Duma (1906-1907) Lena Gold Field Strike, 1912 Revolution of 1905 Russo-Japanese War 2. 1914-1917. Almost all general subjects which are pertinent to the 1914-1917 period are represented as well as many others peculiar to it. 3. 1917 Revolution. Causes Chronology Counter-revolutionary movements Intervention, allied Laws Maps Naval operations Persnnal narratives Pictorial works, posters Regimental histories Religion Sources of material 4. Provisional Government (March-November 1917). Many general subjects, together with those peculiar to this period, are represented. Bread monopoly Constituent assembly Bolsheviks elections peasants Laws and statutes Collections of decrees and directives of the provisional government on cooperative societies and unions, compiled by the Judicial department of the Soviet for the All-Russian Cooperative Congresses Approved For R-1---- 410 aainai')l - rr1e_QfD7a_nlnQ"A000200020005-2 Page 3 Approved For Re 00200020005-2 i 5. Soviet Period. Anti- and counter- Soviet governments, 1918-1920 personal narratives riots sedition Archivest Workers, RSFSR, minutes of meetings Counter-revolutionists and saboteurs, special measures for dealing with Courts, 1917-1919 Emigrees and military prisoners Famine of 1922 Intervention, allied, 1918-1920 Intervention, Japanese Land disposal regulations and transition to socialist agriculture Northwest Army, 1918-1920 Supreme Soviet for People's Economy, minutes of meetings materials on B. By subject headings under "Russia". Many of the subject headings have sub-headings by chronological period, by countries or appropriately otherwise. The list presented here is obviously sketchy, the attempt having been made (for the most part) to list only those justified by the existence of considerable material. Activists Addresses, essays, lectures Afghanistan Agrarian questions and laws Agriculture experiment stations irrigation restoration in famine areas Army drill and tactics handbooks and manuals infantry recruiting stores and supplies Artillery Asiatic relations Aviation and aeronautics Balkans Bashkirs Autonomous Socialist Soviet Republic Bessarabia Biographies, memoirs, diaries, letters Bolshevism Boundary problems by countries Bucharia Budget Cattle trade Caucasus Cavalry A000200020005-2 Page 4 Approved For Release 1999/09/21 : CIA-RDP79-01082A000200020005-2 Censorship Census Charities Chemical industries Children care employment hygiene Church and government history Civilization Clinical medicine Coal Colonies Siberia, etc. Comintern helps for workers and materials for club meetings Commerce Commercial policy Commercial representation in other countries Commercial treaties Communism by countries China Aikenval'd, A.: On the Tactical Line of the Comintern in China, Moscow 1927. Struggle for a United National Anti-Jap Front in China, 1937. Erenberg, G.: Soviet China, Moscow, 1934. Kuchumov, V.: Essays in the History of the Chinese Revolution, Moscow 1934.. Program Documents of the Chinese Soviets, a compilation, Moscow, 1933. Shishkin, G.: Bolshevism in Chi-ia, Shanghai, 1930. Hungary Italy Mexico, etc. professional revolutionaries Zinoviev, G.: Chief Steps in the Growth of the Comintern, 1922. Comintern and the United Labor Front, 1922. Works, Leningrad, 1923-1926. What the Red Army Soldier Must Know and Understand, 1919. techniques and methods Compulsory non-military service Concessions Constitutional history Constitutional law Contagion in animals Cooperatives practice theory Maslov, P. P.P Theory of Cooperatives,'Gosknipd, 1922. Nikolaev, A.: Theory and Practice of the Cooperative Movement, Moscow 1908. Cooperative distribution Mescheriakov, N. L.: Provisions Tax and the Cooperative, Moscow 1921. Copyright Coroners Approved For Rel r RDP 9.O 2A000200020005-2 Pape 5 Approved For Release 1999/09/21 CIA-RDP79-010824000200020005-2 Corporations Cost and standard of living Cotton growing and manufacture Court and courtiers Credit banks and banking Crime and criminals Criminal procedure Criminal statistics Currency question Debts, public, private Defense Democracy Diplomatic and consular service Diplomatic documents and treaties by chronological periods Directories of officials and employees Disabled, rehabilitation Disarmament East, Near, Far Economic conditions Economic policy by chronological periods by five-year plans Economic theory Bukharin, N. I. (Extensive works on hand) Attack, Collectionlof theoretical articles, Moscow 1924. Economics of the Transitional Period, 1920. On the Ouestion of Trotskyism. Political Economy of the Property Man (Austrian theory of value and profit). Rykov, A. I. (Numerous speeches and articles on hand) Economic Situation in USSR, 1928. Socialist Construction and the International Politics of the USSR, Moscow 1927. i'conomy agricultural industrial Education of the military of the state of women technical Educational institutions and programs Elections Electrification Emigration and immigration Employment agencies Engineering Ethnology Exiles Exploring Family Famines materials for the agitator in dealing with famine starvation and church wealth statistics Approved For Rele4e1999/60/21,- CyiA~RDF7-;fl,32A000200020005-2 Page 6 Approved For Rele $ :1 99/O,9~121 p: CIA;RQ -01 8 A000200020005-2 yyu Federal structure of the USSR. Official materials (laws, decrees, statutes) including laws of local governments and political and administrative divisions. Collection of Decisions and Decrees of theWorker-Peasant Gov't, RSFSR 1917-1939. Collection of Decisions and Decrees of the Government of the USSR, 1924-1939. Numerous monographic works on local government. Encyclopedia of Local Government and Economy, Moscow Academy. Communal Economy in Figures and Diagrams, 1917-1927. Territorial and Administrative Division of the USSR, 1934. Governmental Administration, compilation of legislation of RSFSR, 1934. Finance Finland campaign Firearms industry and trade Flags Food production Food relief Food. supply Foreign population Foreign relations by chronological periods by countries Forests and forestry Gazeteers Geneology Generals Geography Government documents (several trays of cards in card catalogue) Grain trade Guardian and ward Guidebooks Heraldry Historiography Housing Illiteracy Industries history directories statistics state relationship Inland waterways Insurance accident and health industrial Intellectual life Iron industry and trade Jews Journalism Journals military rev--lutionary Justice, administration of Kings and rulers Kindergarten, summer work Approved For Release 19 9/Q9 1, C -`R1 7`fi-JWA000200020005-2 Page 7 Approved For Rele~e 1999/09/21 CIA-RDP79-01082A000200020005-2 Labor and laboring classes Labor contract Labor laws and legislation Labor market Land and agriculture Land tenure Landlord and tenant Languages Latvia Law Laws banks codification copyright credit criminal law elections to Supreme Soviet family forests illiteracy income marriage patents personal property railroads taxation trade trademarks Lawyers League of Nations Learned institutions and societies Legal ethics Legislation Liberation movements Libraries Liquor problem Literature Lithuania Local government Lumber industry Lumber trade Manufacturers Maps Marriage law Medical laws and legislation Medicine Merchant Marine Military art and science Military engineering Military geography Military law Military operations Military strategy, supplies and equipment Militia Approved For Rel ~A000200020005-2 Approved Fo P R2101 08Q.A000200020005-2 Nil L Mineral industries Miners Mines and mineral resources Mining Minorities Money Mongolia Moral conditions Moving pictures Municipal government Nationalism Nationality, citizenship Natural resources Navy history regulations Neutrality Newspapers Nonconformists Occupations Officials and employees Paper Party congresses proceedings, resolutions Peasantry Pensions mothers soldiers Personal narratives Petroleum Physical geography Poland Police Political crimes and offenses Political parties Politics and government Population Poultry Press Press law Prices Prisons Prohibition Propaganda Agitation propaganda for workers and peasants History instruction courses materials techniques Communist Propaganda and the Struggle With It, a series of six lectures by the Officers' School for the Improvement of Military Knowledge, affiliated with the First Division of the Russian Military Union in Paris (Veterans of Russian wars who organized in Paris into an anti-Soviet study group), Paris 1931. Approved For R4f1Pacc?a~' 2A000200020005-2 Page 9 Approved For Release 1999/09/21 :CIA-RDP79-0108 A000200020005-2 Provinces Public health, hygiene Public lands Public opinion Public prosecutors Public welfare Public works Publishers and publishing Radio Railroads Rationing, consumer Reconstruction Red Army and the Communist Party Reference books Registers, annualst almanacs Relations (general) with other countries Religion Religious thought Revolutionary movements Rivers Russo-Finnish war Russia, Asiatic Russians in China France, etc. Salesmen and Salesmanship Salt industry and trade Sanitary affairs and sanitation Secret service Secret societies Serfdom Shipbuilding Siberia Social classes, sects Social conditions Social life and customs Social movements Social security Socialism by countries relation to cooperatives Society Sociology Sports Statistics Strikes and lockouts Sugar growing and. manufacturing Suicide Tariff Tariff policy Taxation Tea trade Textile industry and fabrics Theatre Tibet Approved For R 82A000200020005-2 Page 10 Approved For Release 1999/09/21 CIA-RDP79-0108ZA000200020005-2 Trade unions "Jumerous individual works by Soviet writers Tomskii, M. P. (very well represented) Stenographic reports and resolutions of Trade Union Congresses, 1918.1932. Transport workers Transportation Travel Treaties Trials Krylenko, N. V.: After Five Years, 1918-1922; Incriminatory Speeches at the Large-scale Trials in Moscow and in the Supreme Revolutionary Tribunals. Pokrovskii, M. N.: What did the Trial of the So-called Social Revolutionaries Establish? Moscow, Glavpolitprosvet, 1922. Trial of the All-Union Bureau of the Central Cotmnittee of the Counter-revolutionary Menshevik Party. Signed by K.rylenko, Public Prosecutor of RSFSR. Trotskyism Turkestan Ukraine Unemployment Universities and colleges Veternary Views Village communities Vital statistics 04'ages 1 ,ar gasses Wheat White Russia Women Youth movements The card catalogue lists three trays of titles of Russian serials including many in Slavic languages other than Russian. Listed below are only a few of those which might be important to CIG. Not listed are any of numerous journals on hand of the "Old Emigre" group published in such cities as Zurich, Geneva, Paris and New York. In some cases there are gaps between the dates mentioned either because issues were not published or for some other reason were not received. A. Magazines and journals (general). AGITATOR'S COMPANION Central Committee of All-Union Communist Party. On hand: 1946 WA K" NING Anarchist ma,&$ine published in Detroit. On hand: 1933-1934 Approved For Release 1999/09/21 I,-F p.P7 -04 082A000200020005-2 F i !' s"t 110 Page 11 Approved For Rele a 1999/09/21 : CIA-RDP79-0108ZA000200020005-2 ?mow, - a - -.,_ _ . BOLSHEVIK Published by Central Committee of Communist Party. Discusses problems of theory and criticism of Leninism. Designed for activities of the Communist Party. On hand: 1924-1947 v' CAUCASUS Published in Paris as an "organ of independent national thought". Presents the struggle for political independence of the mountaineers of the Caucasus who desire to become an integrated part of the Caucasian Federation which includes Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia. On hand: 1934-1939 COITUNIST COMPANION Weekly of the Moscow Committee of the Russian Communist Party (Bolsheviks). Contains rules from headquarters on?all subjects for Communist Party members. On hand: 1921-1927 COMMUNIST IAITEEDNATIONAL Official organ of the Comintern Executive Committee. On hand: 1924-1943 FOR DEFENSE Journal of the Central Soviet of the Osoaviakhim (Society for the Promotion of Self Defence and Aero-Chemical Industry) and of the Supreme Administration of Local Anti-air Defense. On hand: 1946 GODLESS of THE ATH?IST Organ of the 1uilitant Godless Society, Moscow. Violently condemnatory of church and religion. On hand: 1933-1940 GOV'RNMFNT POWER OF THE SOVIETS Journal of the VTSIK (All Russian Central Executive Committee). Political in character. On hand: 1917-1938 HANDBOOK FOR AGITATORS Published in Moscow b7 the Department of Propaganda and Agitation. On hand: 1946 HARD LABOR AND EXILE Published as a historical revolutionary journal by the All-union Society of Former Political Prisoners and Exiles, Moscow which was ordered discontinued in 1932 and was succeeded by the Society of Old Bolsheviks. On hand: 1924-1932 MARXIST HISTORIAN Historical journal of the Communist Academy, edited by Pakrovsky. Later it became the journal of the Institute of History, Academy of Sciences. On hand: 1932-1941 MESSENGER OF EDUCATION Published in Moscow with the following aims: to train personnel for building socialism, to educate toward a realization of the theory of Marxian pedagogics, to App ro tRow e1ea?se4999/49I24a OnAi1 ?P 9 O1O82AOA0200@2OMcZ, qtr rr ee Approved For Rele 000200020005-2 to present educational methods and organization both locally and in other countries, to present the practices of the experimental educational institutions for the masses. On hand: 1922-1929 under above title 1930-1940 under title of FOR COWU`\TIST EDUCI" TInN MESSENGER OF LABOR Published in Moscow. Aims to give a theoretical explanation of the new tasks confronting the trade unions during the period of the dictatorship of the proletariat. On hand: 1920-1927 IVJESSE,VG? R OF MANCHURIA Economic journal published in Harbin by Emigres to accuaint the Russians with Eastern peoples. Ethnographic and geographic in subject matter. On hand: 1925-1932 NENT WORLD Published in Moscow by the Society for the Study of the Urals, Siberia and the Far East and the Commission of the All Russian Central 'Executive Committee for Assistance to Northern Tribes. Subject matter: Social science. On hand: 1925-1930; title varies, later SOVIET ASIA ON THE ROADS TOWARD THE SCHOOL Published in Moscow by the Scientific-Pedagogic Section of the Oover;ament Scientific Soviet (GUS). On hand: 1922-1933 PLANNING ECONOMY Published in Moscow. Presents technical problems relative to economy and the dynamics of world economy for forwarding the socialist movement in USSR. On hand: 1925-1940 PRCLETARIAN W VOLUTION Published in Moscow by the Historical Commission of the Communist Party. Stalin to its editors declares its task is: "to pay serious attention to the history of Bolshevism, to place the study of our party on the scientific Bolshevik rails and to sharpen the attention against Trotskyites and all other falsifiers of the history of our party by systematic uncovering of their masks". On hand: 1921-1941 PROPAGANDIST Journal of the Central, Moscow, Moscow City committees of the All-Union Communist Party. On hand: 1945-1946 PUESTIONS OF SOVIET COMME CE Published in Moscow by the People's Commissariat of Commerce, USSR. Discusses the theoretical and practical aspects of economics, planning, organization and techniques of Soviet Commerce. On hand: 1932-1940 Approved For Relea ..%I IV. rl- MIr%Vft, A01 00200020005-2 Page 13 Approved For Release 1999/09/21 : CIA-RDP79-01082A000200020005-2 QED ANNALS Historical journal oublished in Leningrad. Stressed revolution, civil war and Communist Party struggles. Ordered discontinued because of believed counter-revolutionary tendencies. On hand : 19 22-19 36 RED ARCHIVES Historical journal published in Moscow by the NKVD. Aims to publish results of new research on such subjects as historical struggle for proletarian dictatorship, questions of defense of USSR, international relations, socialism in USSR. On hand: 1922-1941 RED 10A,S Literary journal published in Moscow. Aims to gather works of new Soviet literature. Several changes of policy. On hand: 1921-1935 REVOLUTION AND 'NATIfNALITIrS Monthly journal of Soviet Nationalism published in Moscow b=7 the People's Commissariat on Nationalities. On hand: 1933-1937 SCIrNTIFIC AND TyCHNICAL FRONT Published in Moscow. Political journal to enlighten people on scientific questions. On hand: 1933-1938 SI'3f7T AN LIGHTS Published in Novosibirsk. Presents Siberian culture and literary life toward socialist development and cultural revolution. On hand: 1922-1929 SLAVS Soviet pan-Slavic weekly. On hand: 1940-1947 SOCIALIST .ECONOMY Published in Leningrad, Moscow. Presents many complete works of research on economic theory and policy. On hand: 1929-1930 SOCIALIST MESSENC'R Published successively in Berlin, Brussels, Paris and New York(since 1940). Menshevik periodical strongly anti-Soviet. On hand: 1921-1947 SOVIET BOOK Monthly critical bibliographical journal. On hand: 1946 SOVIET GOVERNMENT AND LAW Published in Moscow by the Communist Academy to shed light on state and constit- utiohal ouestioris. On rand- 1933-1940 Approved For Release 1 M 00020005-2 Approved For Release ,999. 0?/21a II ~RDP79-0 0 000200020005-2 SOVIET '' PHITE RUSSIA Organ of the Central Committ>e of the Communist Party (Bolsheviks) of trThite Russia and the Supreme Soviet, BSSR. On hand: 1946 STRUGGLE OF THT. CLASSES Published in Moscow. Militant Bolshevist propaganda. Wages war against all attempted revision of Marx's and Lenin's doctrines and against Chauvinism and local nationalism. On hand: 1931-1934 under above title. 1937 as HISTORICAL JOURNAL 1945-1947 as PROBL~ .rS OF HISTORY TRUTH OF THE UKRAINE Organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party (Bolsheviks), Ukrainian, of the Supreme Soviet and the Soviet of the People's Commissariat of the Ukr.5SR. On hand: 1945 UNDER THE BANNS- OF MARXISM Published in Moscow. Militant organ of Marxism-Leninism; fights for the Communist party and against every deviation from it. On hand: 1922-1933; 1941-1944 VOICE OF THE PAST Literary and historical journal published in Moscow, edited by Moscow University professor expelled by Soviets in 1923. On hand: 1913-1923 WAR AND THE LABORING CLASSES (also in English) Presents problems of foreign policy of the USSR and other countries. On hand: 1940-1947 (Since June 1945 under title of NP?!,' TI ?!ES) W1WKLY OF SOVIST JUSTICE Published in Moscow by People's Commissariat of Justice. On hand: 1923-1927 udder above title. 1946 under title of SOCT 1LISTIC LEGALITY (not intended for foreigners) 1"'HITE CAUSE Published in Berlin by White Army Emigres to present facts of the White stru;o-gle against the "rude and evil" forces in Russia as related by participants themselves. On hand: 1920 ,''ILL OF RUSSIA Published in Prague by members of the Socialist Revolutionary Party. Political, economic and literary subjects. On hand: 1922-1931 WORLD SSRVICE Nazi journal published in Berlin to expose the Soviets. On hand: 1936-1940 YOUNG BOLSHEVIK Popular, theoretical bi-weekly journal of the Central Committee. On hand: 1940 Approved For Release 'ii"'?mw ' `'`'~ ;D11D7~E141'f nn n 00020005-2 Page 15 Approved For Releae 4999IQ9/2' _: h~4-R1RPZ=11_2A000200020005-2 B. Magazines and journals (technical). ACAD-77 OF SCIENCE, Leningrad (Well represented) M7S3ENGER, 1927, 1939, 1944-1.946. ORGANS OF THE BIO-GEO--CH' .TIC AL LA"11OR.! TORY, 1933-1939. BIOLOGIC SCIENTIFIC R"'..SEARCH INSTITUTE, 1931-1941. C01101TISSION FOR THE STUDY OF LAKE '3AIKAL, 1918, 1922, 1927, 1930-31. COMMISSION FOR THE STUDY OF THE SUN, 1932-1935. CO111vMIS,SION TO STUDY THE NP TU'B' L PRODUCTIVITY OF THE SOIL OF STBERTA, 1923-1930. EN`{'RG`?:TICAL INSTITUTE, 1933-1940. INSTITUTE OF GEOLOGICAL SCT_ENCE, 1939-1941. INSTITUTE OF ORIENTAL STUDIES, 1933-1937. MINERALOGICAL INSTITUTE, 1927-1911. SEISMOLOGICAL I,STITUTE, 1934-1940. SOVIET ETHNCGR.APHY, 1933-1937. ALL SOVIET ARCTIC INSTITUTE, Journal of Transactions, 1931-1935. ANNALS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF WHITE RUSSIA, Minsk, 1925-1932. BULLETIN ()F `f'H rACi?'IC SCIENTIFIC FISHERIES' INSTITUTE, 1930--31, 1937-1942; 1945. GEOLOGY OF THE WEST SIBERIAN REGION, 1934-1935. JOURNAL. OF PHYSICAL CH 141TSTRY, Moscow, Leningrad, 1945. JOURNAL OF THE FAR EAST7,,N REGIONAL INSTITUTE FOR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH, Vladivostok, 1929. JOURNAL OF THE PHYSICO-CHEMICAL SOCIETY, Leningrad University, 1892-1901. ON THE AC tARIAN FRONT, Organ of the Agrarian Institute of the Communist Party, Moscow, 1926-1934. PETROLEUM ECONOMY, gemit nical organ published by the People s Commissariat far Commerce and Industry, 1921-1932. PROTECTION OF PLANT LIFE, 1936-1941. C. Bibliographical BOOK ANNALS Published by the All-Union Book Chamber; lists all books, pamphlets, etc. published in the USSR. On hand: 1907-1941; 1945 ANNALS OF ^AGAZINE ARTICLES Guide to periodical literature of the more important magazines. On hand: 1925-1940 ANNALS OF NEWSPAPER ARTICLES Guide to periodical literature of the more important newspapers. On hand: 1935 Approved For Rel .. A000200020005-2 Pape 16 Approved For Rea+e299(92; I~Q-I 79-~OAO$ A000200020005-2 D. Miscellaneous (serials selected at random). ALL UNION CENSUS Bulletin of the Central Statistical Board, USSR, Dep't of Census, 1923-1927. BULLETIN OF TH i' PEOPLE'S COM. EISS :RIAT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS, 1919-1922. CALENDAR OF COF,MqJNISTS, 1923, 1928. COLLECTION OF STATUTES OF THE WORKER-PEASANT COV'='R? MENT, RSFSR, 1917-1939. COMPLETE COLLECTION OF LAWS, 235 volumes beginning with Sobovnoe Ulozhenie, 1649. FOOD DECREES, 1917-1919. FOREIGN TRADE, USSR, 1924-1938. TI NDBOOK OF THE C0T I`~?TERN, 1924-1927. I\TTER. TTIONAL RELATIONS DURING THE IMPP7-T.LIST PERIOD. Documents from Archives of the Czarist and Provisional Governments. Published by the Commission to Publish Documents of the Period of Imperialism of the Central Executive Committee of the USSR. LABOR IN THE USSR, year book, 1935. UI TTi{S OF THE C00,11UNIST INT"17 NATIONAL Theses and decisions of the plenary meetings etc., 1919-1925. STATISTICAL BULLETINS Numerous. Varied as to date and place. YEARBOOK OF AGRICULTURAL ECONOP, Y, 1935. III. Newspapers. A. Soviet newspapers. (ost of the newspapers on hand are All-Soviet rather than provincial. In some cases there are gaps where issues were not published or for some other reason were not received, but in many cases complete files are on hand. COI IUNIST YOUTH'S TRUTH Organ of the Central Moscow Committee of the VLKSM (All-Russian Leninist Communist Un{iion of Youth). On hand: 1929-1940; 1941; 1943-1945 ECf"HTOMIC LIFE Organ of the People's Commissariat of Finance, of the State Bank, of the Industrial Bank, of the Agricultural Bank, of the Central Cooperative Bank, of the Trade Bank and of the Central Committee of the Union of Financial Workers (Some newspapers of these individual organizations are also on hand.). On hand: 1918-1940 (title varied, sometimes called FINANCIAL GAZETTE) Approved For Release 200020005-2 Approved For Release 1999/09/21 :CIA-RDP79-010 000200020005-2 uV W" 1"11 A LABOR Organ of the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions. On hand: 1930-1947 NF S (IzVESTIA) On hand: 1917-1947 RED STAR Organ of the Commissariat of National Defense. On hand: 1921-1942 SOCIALIST AGRICULTURE Organ of the Pe^ple's Commissariat of Agriculture. On hand: 1933-1946 TRUTH (PRAVDA) On hand: 1917-1947 B. Emigre newspapers (Anti-Soviet, published outside USSR). Not listed are several published by the '101d Emigre" group including Social Democrats -- both Bolshevik and Menshevik factions, Socialist Revolutionaries,-Anarchists, members of the Jewish Bund and of lesser organizations. C01olbSON CAUSE Anti-Communist paper published in Paris, edited by V. L. Burtsev. On hand: 1918-1920 DAYS Socialist Revolutionary paper published in Paris, edited by A. F. Kerensky. On hand: 1923-1928 LAST NEWS i'leekly, published in Paris, edited by ?!,iliukov, founder of the Constitutional Democratic Party (Party of National Freedom) (Leftist wing). On hand: 1928-1940 {effl WORLD Nazi paper published in Berlin. On hand: 1934-1939 '1EG~',NERATION Protagonist of the Russian Army; more conservative than L"ST Mrt^.'S. On hand: 1925; 1929; 1930; 1939-40 STEERING WHERM Published in Berlin; represented somewhat the rightist wing of the Constitutional Democrats. On hand: 1920-1931 TODAY Independent democratic paper published in Riga. On hand: 1920-1940 Approved For Rele 000200020005-2 Approved For Rele IV. Minor nationalities. Page 18 109/2.' ;;, I - -0 0 000200020005-2 ~~a. S Of the approximately one hundred different languages of the USSR, alphabets were invented for those lacking them. The Hoover Library has books and pamphlets in many of these languages, chiefly translations from the Russian. V. Reference works. (selected list) RIO-BIBLIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY OF RUSSIAN UN-77-FLSITIFS AND OF THE RUSSIAN ACADE?,TY OF SCIENCE, 1896, 1902, 1904. RIO-BIBLIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY OF THE PARTICIPANTS IN THE RUSSIAN REVOLTJTT(-,N ARY MOVE1v7,NTS FROM THE PR-TD"CESSORS OF THE DECEM!3RI'TS 01925) 7' T147 DMTNFALL OF THE RUSSIAN?,.ONARCHY, five volumes, Moscow, 1927-1931. ENCYCLOPEDIC DICTIONARY, 43 volumes, 1894-1906. LARGE SOVIET ENCYCLOPEDIA, volumes 1-33 and 57-65. LITERARY ENCYCLOPEDIA, volumes 1,2,4,6-8, 1930-1932. MILITARY ENCYCLOPEDIA, last volume published in 1915. POLITICAL DICTIONARY, 1940. RUSSIAN BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY, 1096-1912. SIBERIAN SOVIET ENCYCLOPEDIA, 3 volumes, 1929-1931. SMALL SOVIET ENCYCLOPEDIA, 10 volumes, 1930-1931. A. Summaries from .Annual Report, October, 1946. From the following information contained in the Annual Report, October 1946 of the Hoover Library and Research Institute for the Stanford General Secretaryts L'ffice, one may picture the type and degree of collecting done annually. If one will multiply this amount of materials by a good many years almost as bountiful in acquisitions, one may imagine the wealth of the hoover Library. China: Numerous documents, serials and newspapers originating in or relating to Japan, China, Manchuria and the Philippines. Eighteen publications issued between 1.932 and 1941 dealing with the social history of China. Denmark: Books, pamphlets, newspapers of the occupation period, including files of 24. illegal papers and one cf two copies of the original report of a leader of an underground unit. Approved For Rel Page 19 Approved For Re e 1 899/4 -1 000200020005-2 France: Collected b.y the French Committee of the Hoover Library and other Hoover Library agents and representatives. Many books on France before and following the Armistice with Germany; collection of testimonies of French deportees to German concentration camps; complete file of the clandestine paper, "Forces Francaises"; official documents of the German military government in occupied France, handbills and broadsides addressed to the French people in 1940 by Marshall Petain; type- written copies of reports by various Maquis leaders, authenticated copies of documents from the archives of the COMAC (Comite Militaire de l'Action Clandestine), authenticated copies from the papers of the Commission Militaire Nationale, Conseil National de la Resistance. Germany: Hoover Library agents collected thirty six cases of books and pamphlets from the Nazi House of the Press. Sixteen large boxes collected by Vrnest J. Cramer during his military service in Germany and concerned chiefly with Germany in '"Torld War II, National Socialism and colonial problems. India: Much material on Indian problems sent by members of "Servants of India Societ;""and the Indian Council of World Affairs. Japan: Sent by Tokyo Office of Hoover Library, over ninety boxes of materials--books, pamphlets, government documents, files of serials and newspapers. Especially noticed was a Japanese "Summary of Military Operations", classifed secret and ordered to be destroyed. Latin America: Books onMexico's Foreign Relations, books and pamphlets published in Latin American Countries and dealing with revolutionary movements in those countries. Poland: Many underground publications either in the original or in photettatic copies. Russia: From dealers in this country and directly from USSR such as from the Book Exchange Department, All-Soviet Society for Cultural. Relations with Foreign Countries (VOKS). Much from the American Russian Institute of San Francisco. Files and single copies of newspapers and periodicals, 1943-1945. NAVAL REGULATIONS FOR THE WORKER PEASANT MILITARY-NAVAL FLEET OF THE USSR, Moscow, 1940, a volume which was distributed only among high ranking officers of the Navy afloat. Goriainov, S. M.: GUIDE BOOK FOR CONSULS, St. Petersburg, 1903. Golunski, S. A.: MANUAL OF ORGANIZATION OF THE COURTS, Moscow, 1939. Strogovich, A&. S.: MANUAL OF CRT"-TNAL PROC EnI"4GS, Moscow, 193g. Much material published by the All Russian Institute of Juridicial Science on criminal, civil, labor and socialist law. Spain: Initial shipments of materials of the Burnett and Gladys Bollsten Collection of the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939 including books and pamphlets, government documents, files of newspapers and serials published inside and outside of Spain, bound volumes of clippings and about 4500 feet of microfilm. Approved For Rele Page 20 Approved For Relegg9P /09 000200020005-2 Sweden: Twenty-two boxes of,German propaganda, publications of Swedish political parties, labor and other influential organizations, including "Fred och Frihet" and "Nordens Frihet", and a file of"Trots Allt", the Communist weekly. Ukraine: Wartime Ukrainian newspapers and files; books and pamphlets mostly published in the United States and Canada. Received also were many additions to the l:11.brary's documentation of the Socialist and Communist Internationals and Communist Parties especially in Great Britain and the United States. B. Miscellaneous recent listings (Selected at random). Eleventh Session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, 24-27 April,1945; stenographic report, Moscow, 1945, 297 p. Khromov, P. A.: Sketches of the Economics of the Textile Industry, t?SSR, Moscow Academy of Science, Institute of Economics, 1946. Lenin, V. I.: Lenin and Stalin on Socialist Government and Soviet Democracy, Moscow, 1945, 109 p. Levin, I. D.: "tar and the Nationalist ruestion in 'Europe. Tashkent, 1943. lifeshscheriakov, G.: Struggle for Kiev, Moscow, 1944. Petrovskii, N. N.: Rddintegration of the Ukrainian People in the United Ukrainian Soviet Government, Moscow, 1944. Ponomarenko, P. K.: Partisan Movement in the Great Patriotic '?ar, Moscow, 1943. Shaginian, M.: Urals in Defense, Moscow, 1944. Tiumov, V. Western !gals, Moscow, J?13. C. Materials still-boxed or scheduled to arrive shortly. authority. 1. Over one hundred volumes of Bulgarian items, many oublished by Soviet 2. World War II material from all countries, including extensive underground and clandestine literature. 3. Eleven huge crates of material from the Yenan Government; Peiping publications; three thousand books from the Nanking Program; maps of Communist regions; monthly returns of Foreign Trade of China; Shantung fragmentary Communist materials, 1937-1947; Heissig's Mongol library; Honkong Daily News (war years); Documentation of the Democratic League, 1941-1946; materials of the Communist Branch Executive Heado.uarters. Most of this material was gathered by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur ''right, Hoover representatives in China. Most of it is in Chinese, but some is [-t-, urteu GC) Ue 1r1 rLUSS1an. Approved For Release 1 :0 2' 0020005-2' Page 21 Approved For Release 9/P 1 W000200020005-2 i,. `5 Y7 R wsYf!raR 1 2 r-x I- D. Materials in the vault. Much sealed material is sent to the Hoover Library on the cond?tion that it be kept intact and not opened until a certain date. This material is kept in a special vault and the instructions as to date of opening are strictly followed. Each month in accordance with instructions by the donor, new material is opened and made available for research. VII. Maps and charts. The Hoover Library contains very few separate Soviet maps and almost none since before World War II; at present in the way of map and chart materials, there is little more than those found in books or periodicals or in Soviet Atlases. VIII. Posters and pamphlets. On hand are hundreds of Soviet propaganda and teaching posters from both prey1orld War II and World War II periods. They are not catalogued. Innumerable propaganda pamphlets, many also uncatalogued, represent all periods of modern Russian development. IX. Slides and films (35 mm.) The following contain miscellaneous scenes, wharves, buildings, factories, roads etc. 1. On the General Plan for the Reconstruction of Moscow, 396 views. 2. The Caucasus, 66 views. 3. Eastern Siberia, 73 views. 4. The Crimea, 64 views. 5. The First Soviet 'etro, 76 views. 6. The Ukraine, 58 views. Approved For Relea `k. 000200020005-2