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December 9, 2016
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September 13, 2000
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November 29, 1949
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Approved For Rase 2001/03~(.CIA-RDP79-090A000100020004-5 =NTF1 N TJC;NAL C },G!'.Nr ATIC1 -DIVISION 110. 4F. ror week ending 29 November 1949 Vo.a-t.ine 11 25X6A Meanwr ile, in a crowned week, the GA Pol t ~!a committee rejected the Sovi,:t "peace rest ution" and overwhelmingly adopted (53-5--l) the Ang;Jo -American su'js :itute aimed directly at the USSR. At the same tree the GA plei-ary ratified committee decisions: (1) endorsing the Cay.adian-French 'eso ut on on atomic weapons; (2) rejecting Soviet proposals on the same subject; (3) asking for EC reconsider- ation of nine previciusly rejected tnerl uership applications; (4) recue sting a World Uourt opinion clarifying the SC's role in admit- ting sew UN members; (5) calling again for a global census of conventional armam7.nts; and (6) establishing a Uhl Guard. On the international labor front, the Soviet-sponsored Peiping Trade Union Conference drew tc a close as Western labor leaders met in London to -_naugurate a 4'--nation Free Labor international. f . Overwhelming adQtation ryPeac:, of ~`ensive i So Vi g ution sharply pointed against the c` anmkn et Peartc n peace ~=e ol bac .res _".SR together with the resounding rejection of a rival Soviet 'peace" proposal marls an all tim-R low in Soviet prestige at the UN. ,1 though in previous General Asseiib.y sessions, the USSR's sin.ilar :Jarbed and slar,t?d resolutions, all of then: variations on the repetitious Sovi,at "peace" theme, has also been voted down, never before has the rujeni;ion been so decisive. It is clear that because of the glaring cc' between Soviet words and deeds, the USSR's peace offensive as ;;one 4ve13 I eyond the point of di inishin returns. .?, s nvrnR fl ri m'hn f' s. iota ble 7" r ~.~ . Tale aeieati vi ;,hr ,,,.,v,. the volume and s1iar pitch of the denunciations heaped upon Soviet conduct as undery:in-f ng international cooperation and good will.. Nevertheless, the Krems i.nti s Persistence In repeatedly launching these propaganda resclutioris in the face of obviously diminis1 irng returns suggests gnat these tactics are designed to reac audiences far-beyond the UN Assembly Chamber and are particularly for home ^onsumption, to convince Soviet and satellite audiences that the USSR is the real c isnrpion of the ESN However, wherever a free press prevails, the net ;;iTeet of the GA's action should be to lower the DOCUMENT NO. NO CHANGE IN CLASS. ^ X DECLASSIFIED CLASS. CHANGED TO: TS S C Approved For Release 2001/03704 : CIA-RDP79 T1U AUTH:I 'HI 7 Q DATE:L.~IL~ar~c- f-- REVIEWER: 006514 Approved For Rase 2001/(! -TiA-RDP79-r'090A000100020004-5 prcPtige of the Soviet b?rtae. 9c+: ~* cr grrltion of this fact be fc,t.?o= tr the recent Cz cl; tar (.)Ti iS ih-'Vorrration bulletin clza .e?~i the vxt of trP 13 ID 3F'. t ?`t solution. C'7'IF driv fo W de ".l '..;s exten d to Lai'r;a, The recent a ;r1 of L 5 1, nd c ec. anora three other C7 .mur 3t i h; r leaders to publ1s.,h 'eke 'rr'U B;~I J stir, ir:. Spanish and d:: 3G%_inat e It 41;hroughout 'Latin Arreri os r, r 1 * :t s the deternmi nation of the St Aet led labor intern'tionai t; sx ~:e *, to hi,:; area its curr?:rt c-.:{ 1 vc :~ner. Erased in#luer=ce In tY+e xo f?1:t' un(3r(eveloped countries TLe Bullctir, under thc 3p?sni h t the M :I If `Tc rI1 is It:,,IJ ?,'taDI1` s. ,ti :f l be "inarced by the '."FTU c) d d1.str,.1r,tt,-i free of ~:harge by tJ~F, Coma+tmist Labor Fedc;rati&r. .*,L..L. " Lra this publication, _.s influential in the labor Lt81J as the ACernirfora Journal Is :,rn ti political, the Wr?'FTU will : eak s'sprac)+.-t for its plans to '?ring Wo7~iars from such strategic Westet n i d??i$4;rief s petroleum and r~ in mg i .o its own '?tr*de depa.~tt~rc~~2t::;. ?f i^C 41eW .lready~ scheduled ~- Jar,uar February Mexico City ecnfcrer :e to launch a WFTU Petroleum V-vrk':F':! 3 International. Participation int:hes? plans of key Corurun1 # Labor leaders like Lombardo, Rcl ert,~, t'Zoven t or Brazil, and Sa ? va c:.. Oca~mpo of Ch 1e indicates t: a Laiti America is ourre-/~ntly second only to Southeast A.ia and Af,k-ica a r t.e.,rget fcr WFTI'J pene;*'w-atif:"?r:. Bg? ion Socialists t3.r ,ti ern? hdrrawal from New nwerr,Gi If_Ch stun 1o s ad ri ai. The Belgian Socialist Labor Feder: tion 7FG'e , alt hough resigned. Ea part .cipstion of the French Christian =Ions In the London Trade Union Confh rence, has threatened to talk out should the conference decide to 1Ft the French Catholics belong to both the New Intemsticna1 and the Cathclic Trade Union Inter- national. This threat reflects the bitter opposition of Belgiar and Dutch Socialist labor leaders tov rd any move to recognize Vie competing Belgisr.. and Dutch Cthgw~_i unions. However, despite their bitterness,. the Belhian and Dutch Socialists will probc:bly thing twice before abandoning the new world labo2? organization which they have so consistently prowoter . It is more likely that their current threat 1 s - a thinly 2c:1cea2ed .: tt? mpt to j ntir.idate ;he Anglo-American Iabcr leadt!'rYs inro of the Socialist position. 25X6A Approved For Release 2001/CIA-RDP79-01090A000100020004-5 . Approved For Rease 2001/. _~IA-RDP79-OOA000100020004-5 25X6A GA and SC expected to endorse the Indonesian settlement. Anticipated Soviet attacks on Nee ands.Indonesian settlement will do little harm in view of the preponderance of GA and SC support for the agreement. The GA will deal only briefly with Indonesia, and, despite some reluctance on the part of India and Australia, the item will probably be dropped from the agenda. SC consideration will be more detailed but the UN Commission for Indonesia will undoubtedly be directed to carry on, and to observe and report back on implementation of the agreement. Moreover, emphatic GA and SC approval will be given to the settlement in order to make it as difficult as possible for the USSR to veto Indonesia's application for UN membership early next year. Pros ects for Five-Power Chi use Resolution. A minor addition to the S -sponsored F ve--Powe1? h nese Resolution, enjoining respect for existing treaties relating to China, has overcome initial British misgivings as to the bearing of this proposal on Hongkong With British and Commonwealth backing now assured this mild and innocuous resolution should pass the GA, which will welcome an "out" in the ticklish Chinese question. Southwest Africa problem again. Although many GA Trusteeship Committee members have strained to preserve a conciliatory attitude toward the Union of South Africa in recent debates, the effect of Anglican clergyman Michael Scott's testimony in behalf of the Herero tribes has been to reverse the Committee's temper. The Committee has been debating proposals to refer to the International Court the cuestion of Southwest Africa's international status and the Union's obligations thereto, particularly whether the former League Mandate comes under the tIN trusteeship system. Reference to Approved For Release 20 : CIA-RDP79-0109OA000100020004-5 Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP79-0109OA000100020004-5 the Court is e foregone conch. ton and has not been seriously opposed even by South Africa. With emotions aroused by Scott's testimony, however, the Comm stee passed a resolution regretting South Africa's "repudiation-11 of its previous assurances that it would submit reports on Southwest Africa and reiterating thre: earlier GA resolutions on the subject. Carried 31-11-4 (US opposing), the proposal. will. probably past in the plenary, though possib ..y with some modification. South Africa bitterly resents UN eriticisr or Interference In Its affairs and wtli refuse to comply with the pro- posed resolution. Its belief in the legality of its case, hovi;ever, and its desire not to offend would -.-- and US m.. opinion at this time rule out the possibility of withdrawal from. the TIN. Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP79-0109OA000100020004-5