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December 9, 2016
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September 13, 2000
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October 25, 1949
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Approved For Rase 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP79-090A000100020009-0 :,?_;: TKhW TTC;?:.AL (" GA IZATIC? S DIVISION ;. . ],Y Si 14FY NO. 43 week ending 25 October 049 Tic Zaterniitinna1 Week Volume 2:.. overshadowing all other 'J events 4 including the crgani. =- zEtionus fourth birthday, was Yugoslavia's election to the SC An the teeth of bitter Scv'. at opposition. Italian-inspired Latin American opposition to the US compromise proposal for 1trea dinned prospects for Polving the Italian_ Colonies question at this GA session. Mear:whlle the GA referred the legal issues arising from alleged Satellite human rights vio- lations to the Intern t1.oaa1 Court (47?5?3); continued the Korean Commission (48-6-3); and irdefinitely extended the We 'e of the Soviet-boycotted "Little Assembly" (41-6-6). Meanwhile in Europe it appeared as if the whole issue of revitalizing the ERP? and giving it a new err.phasis would come to a Lead at the CEEC Council r eetin,:; ; rour^d 31 Cctober.. Gil retains critical attitude toward USSR. Speculation. whether Soviet possession o the atom bomb would alter existing UN political alignments seers to We been resolved in the negative by recent roll calls in the GA. Concrete tests of UP reaction were recently provided by the bitter struggle betweE:n 7ugoslav1a and Czechoslovakia for the Eastern European SC seat, a~ud by the hotly disputed issues of observance of human rights in the Satellites a? d ccntinno0nn of the controversial. tI h rean Commission. In all three, the USSR suffered resounding defeats and In the him ;An rights case, the majority vote was greater than last sprirg. So far, the USER has found the going Pougher in this GA than in any previous session. Neither acquit :Ji.tiof of the A-bom:h, rcr Vi.s:h rsky's new-found cordiality seem to have rade friend or -y.r?1uerccd people at Lake Success. On the other hand, when the GA cores to corsider the problem of the A-bomb itself, I t is :ertP it that the fact alone that a eeond najor power has ac .rimed this weapon will exert new pres- sure to find a solution., ,V-'L RiF,VL recopt Ion r Buhr labor. The American Fedora- _L_ - ion of Labor is stron ? y supra rtinp trade union renresent:aticn DOCUMENT NO. TEGLAa$IFiEO CLASS. CHANGE Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RD Approved For Reuse 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP79-01, 0A000100020009-0 Fm the Ruhr Authorl Uy as a means of cor:ba tt irg growth of` Com- unist influence in that strategic industrial areas At the September internet.iona1 conference of miners and rretal worke;s In Brussels, the AFL oriented the conferees away from abstracct discussion of "internationalization" and irduced them to agree ,)n concrete proposals to the Buhr Authority and Allied High Ccr.,missioners for representation of both German and allied trade unions. Sirruitanecusly the AFL is seeking to strengthen U e International Miners Fede d?at*Uori and to convert it Into &' ,i effective instrument for countering the appeal to German workers c the recently organized WFTU Metal and Engineering Workers Internationa.L In a further effort to strengthen anti-Co:rrtanist labor throughout the Western '.ores, both the AFL and the CIC:, wil? probably press for full rest German representation In the .ni ;.' trade union inter iati.ona ., By these efforts the AFL, With the support of the clu and the Rrl` tish TUC, underscores its conviction that association of democratic trade unions in the administration. of the hul,r Is essential if the Communist bit for control of German labor is to be effectively chall_er:tged. 3 ~~ e ~pr nd te~ chri ue turned a;s4 f.ns t USSR. ?'I Soviet device of utilizing international conferences as sou'id? :ng boards for propaganda. bees turned against it very r-'atl.y by Yugoslavia Ira a way which proves the USSR a good teacher and ugoslavia an apt pupils The forum was the GA Legal Comr it~:ee$ which had before it the proposed Declaration of the Right: and Duties of States,, Y'ugosi.av a promptly offered twenty-five