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December 9, 2016
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September 13, 2000
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October 18, 1949
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Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP79- 090A000100020010-8 o `i`.'TC)I'i:T ( M ( ! ; _ I)IVi iON 42 Vor weal; endinP 18 October ) 4r) I'll I oak ` chances favorable ror ' ue~oslavly `s election, the QA All vote to fill three ;C vacurtt:1(as on 2u October. The Ha -can. c;onoi1iation Committee, after twee weeks of futile effort, will m?e ,cr~t failure in se3ttl1rl ; the (re is dispute. A GA subeort!l ;tee ;rot-:!d in favor of Libyan irrdep ri .oace by 1952 and independen^e or .) by 1955. t.'(3arnvhr..s_e. the ;pectal j'o1itical Go--u. t- tee, voted to refer th.e issue or t-utel-1.ite peace treaty vtol-atlOrn:3 o the International court and Gtie Economic Committee unanivousiyF u.dontted 'rCG:.OC ? s recommendations far a technical. assistance ironram. Itoraic anticlinax~ The wholly r:inor Soviet su#~' e 3tion that count of ate:: c' eve pons tie cot}) to that of conventional t-irrnaments tailed either to come u) tc advance billinc-s or to ad r;nythinr7 basically ne to the s tuotion.. The has consistently opposed separation of. the probi.err of atomic energy Prom f enera. i-onsider.dtion of distarr.eient. " t.t.rtevcar s nnificance "aalik's remarks in the ~,lC nay have, riar t ie Prom the c ircu.rnstancr that the T131 is now kno,;in to have the Ak-bomb, They contain no hint that ,he TTf'3R has altered its fundanarntal anpos ition to the notion Gr :iny effective internati.oral l.ns c.ic: inn. Tor is it likely that, .I.cQuisttion of the bona tiuould ae)Vten the soviet oositian on this issue.. ?oscotiv will continue to -jive before the U a vuriety o barbed proposals for outla.+irr tine bomb or its use. As a rrintr.urr, the U )P -may thereby expect to . y tti.e foundation for anti-westarn -)roper ands , should its proposals be rejected. As a rlaxinun, it rnipht hope to hook the U .-on sono,.3 prc}posal shish would curtail ?T initiative and freedom of action thereby dthtnishtnr its atomic :superiority. roanects f'ar urea Tr`,~ ,a 3r e _ 11x?U2o gal.:, The fate of the =tnglo-American proposal to atrenx-ther1 peace through UN action ay t'urnish an early practical test or ttre et`tect of the announced soviet possession of the i -borab on pr}1itical alignments in the t i. By adopting; the US -LUK proposal '.n its present form, the GA ,:would not only reject the Soviet Th haace" resolution and ree.ffir^n DOCUMENT NO..~ ~--- NO CHANGE IN CLASS. ^ hDECLASSIFIED S C CLASS. CHANGED T Fe 001_0 V ' 0 Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RD - AdTA Approved For ReJ ee se 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP79-OIZOA000100020010-8 instead the necessity re ac area e,"~ a ~,o the principles airemcxy. . ;nr- fined in the T .T Charts;r, but would note with regret th#s f l.1- ,ure of a minority to coop?arr USSIl has adopted new tacttn; of persuasion at the UN. Besides circu- larizing a memoren.duri. In behalf of Cs: eohoslovakia argon ; UN ra.eL bers the Soviet delop;ation has easuted the role of genial host at a series of dinners where Vishin ,cy was permitted to radiate armiabi_lity Such .inoran dente?'! ::_obbying by the Soviet delegetlon represents a. now depearturs and may also reflect Kremlin instructions that its representatives should display a mien less dour than that of the Molotov-Gromyko arm Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP79-01090A000100020010-8