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December 9, 2016
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September 13, 2000
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October 4, 1949
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Approved For R ase 2001/0CIA-RDP79-0`T690A000100020012-6 4 t" A '/ g ft is UHCUP For week ending 4 Qctober 1j#' volume il vi,.., '."e intensification or the Tito- taiin. dispute, - - pp,k , - issue - Yugoslavia will prove al; soon the to the v . While the GA Special I/oii.i{was o~w 4t re approved a renewed =,'?n nCi.11ation effor - in the iar3c case, "vale Political Com- mittee voted to continue .,ir t=-anginen its Korean Cotrmis- s-_on. Nationalist CrinaOs complaint against the USSR, placed on the GA agenda last we y. g as net by Chinese Com- uunist proclamation cr a i eopI*, s } puh is and immediate Soviet recognition. ?e nwon at the qA p3 Y_jg av .a Y s SC ca ndi, da CY. The triple develop!rerts or xugcs av:a,s bid for an SC seat China's complaint against the U S It and Soviet acquisition of the A-bomb have cornbir:ea to raise the tension at the GA to a high pitch, dispelling .brie :atmosphere of relative niabifity prevailing at he outset, The Russians have made no effort to conceal their fury at pie prospect of Yugo- via s admission to the SC, and have let it be known, pro- bably by design, that they regard belgrade's ambitions and IS support thereof as the most serious s thing" i and a sin number e tthof inception of the UN. Consequelray, o tore timid delegates have become fearful that the USSR is being pushed too hard and fast and sight be pressed to the point of withdrawal from Me Ult. however vexed it might be by such a setback, there is little reason to believe that Moscow would pull out of the UK at this time, leaving the organization under the virtually unopposed sway of the Western bloc. Groundless though these fears may seem, they have had some effect on the UN Secretariat and apparently on GA President Ronuio. With Lie's blessing, Romulo is con- sidering an approach to the MR whereby in return for shunting Yugoslavia Into CUSCC Instead of the SC, the Rus- sians would cooperate in settling the Greek case and elimi- nating offensive references to the US and UK from the Soviet "peace resolution." Meanwhile the SC elections are being postponed to give Romulo a char}ce to arrange some deal and to give the delegations more time for reflection before voting. While Romulo as head of the Philippine Delegation is pledged DOCUMENT NO. 12 19 No_CHANGE IN CLA S. 0 DECLASSIFIED Approved For Release 200 IA-RDP' f010b12-6 ,? Approved For Re Lase 2001/1 IA-RDP79-0 '90A000100020012-6 for fu&osiav _ . us '14 ` "Ps1 erg ! e seems pa a sr to be seek ins? a va tv In ?rh; eh to ease the tenaior 4 a T -,.1,