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December 9, 2016
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September 13, 2000
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September 13, 1949
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Approved For lease 2001 /03/ 4 CIA-RDP79-01090A000100020015-3 ill,. ]RNA7I0',"?1;k1, O AN. ZA iTIO!` 5 GROUP .'us LY :3U?7 t4RY 1W. 37 Tor week ending 13 September 1949 The Intornationul Week Volume Il The An ;lo-US-Canadian economic parley adjourned with a iis- appointin' communique revealing; only palliatives and failing, so fart to disclose any basic attack on the dollar problem. In Strasbourg the Council of t:urope wnnnci up its meeting after giving unexpectedly forceful voic to the need for greater European polit-- ical and economic unity. India rejected the Kashmir ar 0i tretion proposal while, with Iraq's point-blank refusal to admit the Near Pant Economic Survey ::fission, general Arab coolness to the ESM became increasinQy evident. In the security Council, the USSR applied its 31st veto to Nepal's application for TJ1 rr_erbership. rj'ii : ORTHCo"ate-~,G GA The forthcoming GA will be notable for the dispositioP of the Italian colonies., a probable full--scale debate on Palestine and possibly some disolorure as to whether the current `covet peace offensive" is to be accompanied by any si;nificant change in the Soviet attitude toward international cooperation Math the dual purpose of retarding irtpler entation of the Atlantic Pact and of making western capital equipment available to the T.J54,11? and its Satellites, the U 33R will as usual have a propar;anda "Init- motif" which is expected to stress Soviet devotion to peace and promotion of ast-' :est trade. The actual Soviet approach, 4hoyevar, to such practical questions as th3 Greek border conflict rant Korea should test what, if aanythin ,, its behind ;soviet professions. In the Greek case, guerrilla reverses co"bined with Titn's defec-- tion from the Coniriform may lend added impetus to the conciliation efforts which are certain to be brought forward. The GA agendas includes fewer major aroblems thin those of past years. Of greatest irl,x'ortance is that of the former Italian colonies where the shift in the ~estern powers' position from trusteeship to some f'ornui8 for early Libyan independence virtu- ally insures at least a partial solution this sessions ?No new questions loom before the GA, a dubious Chinese Naatioruiist complaint that the USSR has violated the 1945 3ino-3oviet treaty NO CHANGE IN CLASS ^ LASS. CHANGED S C NEXT REVIE`\ AUTH: Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RD Approved For Fease 200 #CIA-RDP79-W090A000100020015-3 a ; )uld and possibly '.`oscoll's bellicose cflanbees ar,'AnStt Yu ;os1av r these alive indication of -oink; beyor::t a mere ;jar of nerves. Ba- yond arousing world opinion,, iowever t the GA can take no prec- t .cal action. A1thour;h the 'rester. Towers will do their bast co play denm the Palestine case wtii_le the :;oonomic Survey ?-issio l is in the :'?iddle ?cast, the ~rab states. many of them hostile to the EZS7% i4i11 seek to force a Lull-dress political debate. No ove 'ai'i formula for settlexlent neceptable to both Jews and Arabs is likaly to be f'orthcarain; ry however,, `:should the Hague hound Table Con- ference i)rogress, the :outkieast Asian nations will not press the Indonesian case. The _nt:rnetlonal Court of Justice may be' -steed for advisory opinions on South Africa's League of Nations mandate over southwest Africa and the alleged non-compliance of ifunf.-ary, iul.~* and Rumunia w.witti the ac re treaty provisions focon- ..~'ering such disputes as human rights violations. the ,perennial a_ }sues of atomic energy control and disarr. anent, the East--,est. d.o dlock ;ill continue despite any :?oviet propaganda smoves, TIr aus, ex.ceat for tile .it-3Iaan colonies, unless the M35~. oc mes forth :ith Some unexpectt-c,-1, conciliatory proposals, the co-min GA will be core: notableok for nropagannd.a fireworks V,. an for any concrete result m oa,aor op :; ttthh all the ti 0 oy1 l ie O ant 3rn nowerYs now fEa~v '.` r1:' early Libyan independence, at ] aatrt p~,rtial disposition of ti.e ti:orny 3'.talii n colonies question is !3,U:oSt certain at the ort3"scot ir; GAS given "renca has beiat4dly accepted he inevitubIli'Ly of Independence, i4hiich isstrongly favored b9 the powerful ',rtj?b-Asiatic bloc an" most of the t3ri?:ish Conmonvaealthn itaal.iain sup-tort of this >o1roposels for timint ranr'e from Italian support o independence within six moat! s to ?'~: eneh preference f-or at east; a five year Bela y, two to three years 3.s prnba~uly Utae maximum delay a.~ce~a'.atle to the anti-colonizl .t1? :asIat,.e and Latin Yi e;rican state . .,reification., how 9vor, presents as more corrfpiax prooiar, ;, tf' ??.fr-itze fea.nin--, repercussions in French ' ort,h opposes a unite- :_bby'a, paurticulurly under the ,, renuican `,.3enus :i. r?e ime;'ys anxious to .secure a favored pcrsttlo;a. In Tripclit inla, ra3vo Is only tue loosest ties; 9-n,3 the thou'h oppo"in{a Italian `)r( _t L0,)nS, is anxious not to offend the French?. The Arab-Asiatic bloc, nowovsr, will in.alst on Libyan unification, with siriultaznecus independence for all three Approved For Release 200 ;A-RDP79-01090A000100020015-3 Approved For Tease 2001Y'?IA-RDP79-1090A000100020015-3 .e4ne ?J9 The rc lost direly Co .A: i oiii a ~.i l l be to le leave the T', ~l `.1t Lf..7 ~ the inhabitants thecjsalves, who fare by no moans sold c, e s_ plete unification. Disposition of Eritrea and Somaliland will be complicated by the recent growth of the Eritrean independence move_- nt and the stron,rr Arab-Asiatic and locLl opposition to It.--,lien trusteeship for Somaliland. The US and UK still, favor cession to 'sthiopi=a of all Tritrea but the ~restern province (which would be ?: orr- oorated into the Sudan). Italy', however, hopeful of regaining a sphere of influence, urges independence and can count on both Latin American backing and the influence of a strong :3 itrean independence bloc delegation at the UN. In the case of the strong; native opposition an.i the risk of violence should Ttaly return will sway many GA members. it is difficult to predict, therefore, -;hat solution will Cilerge from the inevitable vote- trading or whether the U'.3'-UK. ob joctive? will be achieved. The Assembly will be anxious to sei.tle the entire colonies question at this session,, however, and, Ln default- of the US-favored solution, either continued interi, UK ad.r inic>tration looking toward eventual independence or the Soviet s g *estion for direct UN trusteeship may -)rovide a :ray- out, Pronosels for de, . ing ..rith the Greek case, New efforts to th s 30viet- settle the meek uerx i_l1e 'jar ,lave been stimulated by Yugoslav rift, recent Greek riLitcry successes an~a a : rckwin- be- lief that the U:=SR may be considerinr- a+ shift in erithesis from the military to the , field in its anti--Greek Numerous ;pro-)orals ar:k under con std erat ion, including (1) a strong MS-UK-French note to Albania conder nin- its aid to the guerrillas, (2) return of the ruerrillas to 'Greece under an a^tnesty, (? ) various forms of cone ,.tion during the coming UPr General As sembly session, and (4) re la~;e; ant of the UN Special Committee an the Balkans (tr1,3COS) by three separate border corimissiofs f. aor:e form of conciliation tali:s w.-will ?alrio t'. certainly be prono?,ed during-, the GA, either under the auspices of the secretary General and leading Assembly otfie rs or by the great powers. In line v?; th the ~TNV?SCO3 report to the GA, en attempt will be made to fix the burden of blame on ":loania, ;.hide -i ayin'r down Yugoslav responsi- bility. Should no '.roryable agreement leading to a settlemer4:f be devised. it is certain that UN rsacninery in orie form will be maintained in Greece. pt's antra onis towera Israelis forces '.,ITO cost onementn ypt's refusal sa as rr o e~'rr i arf i ieti;at0s to attend t e Alexandria Regional ;"oriferenoe?: of the "orld Health Crtpanizati.on is indicative of the depth o i=rab resentment against Israel and the obstacles in the way of converting the :present armistices into Approved For Release 2001 /03/04 ? P79-01090A000100020015-3 1 Approved For Rle ,ase 2001/0 ' -RDP79-0 90A000100020015-3 l-, 9 --aseinblinf~'' a peace, t_=qypt not: only refused visas to holders of Israeli passports but finally rejected the su ; est :d alternative of merely honoring a 7,;I30 letter authenticatin ? tho Iraeiis as deie sates. Efforts to iron out these difficulties have rorced a postponement of the '40 conference for several ' weeks ani may require a relocation of the r;eetirg. Kashmirwruestion gill probably revert to the GC~ In ...a -i .rejec . of the- `uTr' ar t t on proposal wv 11 probrbly result in the IN Coif, 1sn1ora for India nd ?aki'tan thro:ainf? the dead- looked question back to the :.ecuriz:y Council. It is beccainp increasin -ly onvlo t. tat :,he ,o.intsitcn has oatliveri its useful- Voss. Nehru take u nix viewof We voT.r:inoionts co?::petenoe" and t k_"rep are sirs of d1t'ficu..tie3 althin the Cor:iniasion, "1tb the , :,,=nnar ~ on the ;;zeon i e:.;ber? an &..e ~ ..? oub le r_ak e r. The s { ~ ~) ~ +~ } g u t s Vn Ich he Ji.esen}ud Lhe MUD p u jo al evidently hai.t.Sytll..~r ~:. .-i -A :: i ; ,tide and even .. ve - `: e_L_v "f 'ec t+ad =17's asefulness so for a3 Nehru was concerned, in the face t r 'r a way out of the pre a va be fully aware ti:a"o hrou Yli ec ii.insli1g intrannit.'rearice, L; . o f tla.:cz M,,usso Is not optimistic=. `TE`h: _z must risking u major Cr i sia ut a v. refusal of the proposal he t.= eritleml, time in the Far .'a't. to in reportedly consider inq .arti w-ion dth r; favor as the toast solution; nevertnel.ess, he b i s been careful not to cloaca the door completely on arbi ,r =t ,,o ; or i alintion0 A possible SC move, which ml-fit be uor "s"dflraed j`ttce ively by India, to to su4gges t a broader consideration Co: t h" n_ Ov problen by arbitration of all points or d1 pate, rI-Ats issues. T:W for consideration or L h T hru rill unicuht..;iy in At',1at;d to i ve saeri and UK laa?ters. .; ; t.,.e ref' ages property and -: } rt 11 on; ,.c2,i n . L`! attention to ~r>+o r e dons ; t :lanotu^ ease by the SC and, t .ear.?hiie t L, A nit i. o the W and his stop-over a! LuAs an We question with high level o ? 'y :asn ~., ti.:;i~, t~~sv~;rs za3 r,ittt :in x:11 rye; ~b? r? :p--, Moats :ats to s h um, 'hen the , a'.' vetoed the admission of Nepal, it a{ 'in ent,; d that it wn run' ,y' tua -?_:a i d it Ming I sr11 candidates, MR U.i, however, ,ila_i up:osiac aa' veto on :'.tenber3 tip appl;'icat:ions, ?. favors abetetitl.oi,s in LW c.ovnrnmant .1 v.,,_P' '_t .is not limited to the ex:;.re:?~ : uro e n ', s ner thus focuses Dubl: c at entiC.T` on !i v idea3 nt a t zan - narrow n t-ton j_i." .'r. to and will ;radua it T b i rig a)ublic aressurc to bear o; r cu ?rn e rt:: to a' ont measures all Lott Otherwise mi-;hi; 1-11-e dormant clai', to iLrtjdi .ton. and irortli.u? . }}~aa D tringyyitr' in t i `3.i...~j.~eLi t le,"! 'J?L.y f1~y,.3p~,$1'rPry.o zap }"2 h s rte of ~JurI,J ~~'i' g'~"?m 1de ~CE G.~ ty1 `+. EJ.':'o ilt'.r urge EJ I./ vi.t a:i role and a wVi ilinf.t esa to rr".Ace co- crate far-reach tntg )?r o-? posal s for ntY;~-. uro2 al; !:t 1 Ofs It was un, illin- to, ::Acct; t the subordinate role assi;;ned to -t vis-a-vis the Committee of M.i:.nisters. as illustrated by Its no-ves to 7. -craw e its ;?genuc and by its formal recor,u:iendatioris to ~,h9 'irii ter 7 for finer a s E; its a;ittlority o The Assembly ".-:o1 '-s( sw-ioothly as a parliamentary machine and revealed an une. petiTiedly '`!atlropean epproa. c..1 i.n that the artteinated vo ti h7 blocs a1 on ! national, or economic lines did. not emerxe. ::ven in economic debate.n -i-.bore was