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December 12, 2016
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September 13, 2000
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August 30, 1949
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Approved For i Tease 200Up!W-. CIA-RDP79-01090A0001000.20017-1 INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS GROUP TIL ,KLY SUMMARY NO. 36 For week ending 30 August 1949 The International Week World attention centered upon the forthcoming Angles-American finan- cial conversations, the preliminary phase of which opened in Washington last week. Meanwhile the OEEC, still divided over the 1949/60 allocation of ECA aid, proposed a $120 million increase in Britain's share. As the Chinese prepared to lodge a complaint against the USSR in the GA, the inten- sification of the Yugoslav-Soviet dispute raised-the possibility that this issue too might be referred to the UN. Objectives behind China's UN oom laint a airtat the USSR. Nationalist China's elevent t our dseiston to place a co aint agaInWt the USSR on the GA agenda is probably a calculated maneuver to put pressure on both the US and Southeast Asian states to give public support to the tottering luomintango The Chinese decision fits into the pattern of various steps taken by Chiang to make it difficult for the US to write him off, such as (1) clinging tenaciously to Formosa, an essential position in the Asian island fringe which the US wishes to deny to the USSR; and (2) the Pacific Union he recently discussed with Presidents Quirino of the Philippines and Rhea of South Korea. Last year the Nationalists weighed a UN complaint but abandoned it because of the weak evidence against Moscow. Since then, the conclusion of a Soviet-Menohurian trade agreement has reinforced the charge that the Kremlin violated the Sino-Soviet Treaty of 1945. In any vase, Canton feels that it has little to lose at this late stage in lodging a complaint. The Chinese move is almost wholly one of propaganda because the GA itself is powerless to arrest the Co=uunist sweep through China. Chiang is probably making a desperate attempt to induce Washington to reverse its decision virtually to abandon him. The Generalissimo is aware that US opinion is much divided on Chinese policy and hopes to string it to his side by the presentation of his case against the USSR in the GA. Moreover, if the issue comes to a voted the US would find it difficult to oppose the Chinese re- solution. Besides the US, Chinag hopes to compel such South Asian states as India, Pakistan, Siam and Burma to stand up and be oountedo These states too may find it extremely difficult to vote* DOCUMENT" NO. - NO CHANGE IN CLASS. ^ DECLASSIFIED TS S C C;_ SS. CHANGE NEXT REVOF Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-R REVIEWER: === - 9-01090A?00100020017-1 Approved For'161ease 2001 /0;A-RDP7991090A000100020017-1 Will the Tito-Kremlin rota react4i the UNI While both Moscow's note c r 1, ig iQr ~s oh c~ aa? ,cs e7l xa goveicx men t and provocative Soviet actions sa as the reported deployment of soviet armor along the Itungari -n- augoslav frontier; clearly justify recourse to the Security Council, Tito will-probably hesitate before taking such a step. Tito und?rstaand8 'Stalti"Iv method of waging war as wall as any chief of state alive today and-may :.her efore prefer to deal with it in his own way without UN intorfarence o much as a gangster prefers to settle scorns privately without the poi.iveq Moreover? Tito still regards himself and his supporters as Communists. -To avoid any charge of oQllaboration with thw West., he would be relua-Ot to bring a Co .unist family quarrel before a Western-oriented organization like the UN' u ,l -atrapellsd too, fur"the ooze, he is anxious to avoid phaei.v,' ing the gravity of the si'tafation to his c n people. For the present Tito -probably evaluates the iireca;' a men acing gestures primarily as a war of aervss. &xatil he sees a grey ter impendi threat which at the sage time would strength= h&a case, or is ready to make a loser approach to the West, cselgrade will be averse to atubdittia ; its troubles to the UNo Probablo UN slates. When the GA v'ot os to till the security Council eaats ncr Y ~icteatt~ie by YGanada, Argentina snd. the Ukraine which become vacant next January lat. India will Aimoat certainly replace Canada as the second Cc no wealth state, The Latin -4weriaan blocs will have the determining voice in selecting . rgentinaa? s successor and at present Ecuador is the lead- ing candidate. Iowever s the desirability of having two inch all LA nations as Cuba and Swa!ador on the SC may be questioned,, in whloh event, Brazil es candidacy might be presented to the A. Dempite some objections to placing a asaorad momber of the Slav bloc on the SC, the Ukraine will probably be succeeded by alther Czechoslovakia or Syelgrcuesia. In l94?p before the Czech coup, the late Jan lxasarkk felt t cat occupying a SC seat would eiwb ~r- ras s his government, then torn between East and Waist, but no swab probl as n beset the Csoohoslov?ak a.a of Gottwald. 3 mulo (P.I.) is the lauding candidate for President of the GA. Wlo there is considerable t tin American support for Ratezea (Iran),, Roaaulo's election appears almost cert. Slave try again to obtain us penioilhin extractor. Communist at- traizp" sIca e=plo:t Speoialievd Ag aise for botli material purposes and propaganda are vividly el-4nm by satellite activities in the World Health Organization (MO), The withdrawal early this year of the USSR, hyeloruaspa and the Ukraine was no doubt motivated by a multiplicity of reasons, includ- ing the not viction that it would cis futile to expect to continue milking the organization of medical sup lies and equipment. The Slave a paek;i c3,., u aYC"ly anxious to get a fow 1cdbielva penicillin extractors (made only ''v a US ti..xra)., which can read ply be converted for bacteriological warfare. The Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP79-0109OA000100020017-1 Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP79-0109OA000100020017-1 N0101V 1%W remniuing:three Iron Curtain oountries, with invincible insolence,, pri- vately told the WHO Director that they would be willing to remain WHO members It they oou1d reoeive six Podbieluak machines. They made no prog- rass with this blackmail. ldoamwhile, the US has expressed its willingness to supply other kinds of penicillin machines but continues to refuse ex- port licenses to Iron Curtain countries for the Podbielnak type. In addition, It to taking steps to see that machines already shipped to other European countries do not fall into the bands of the satellites. Propaganda-wise,, the Satellites have taken advantage of the situation by acousing the as of causing or inoreasing death and disease in Bastert Europe by withholding much-needed medleal supplies,, equipment and knowledge of aoienti. io information and techniques* The acme was attained in a regent, article by,the Polish Deputy Minister of health, charging that the US was transforming the most modern medical instruments end aohieveaaents into wea- poses of war, an obvious reference to the Podbielmak machine. The Satellites as well as the USSR will continue to try by every means to obtain this equip- mento South West Africa %U.6stion in the 4th G&. After three previous failures to a eo a so u on, apparently on y oourse left open to the GA is to seek an advisory opinion from the International Court on the responsibilities of the Union of South Africa toward South West Africa under the Mandate and the UK Charter. The status of South West Africa is not ,,lead oonfliating opinions are held regarding certain legal aspects of the question, sad th. Union Goverment has made it very definite that it refuses to accept even limited intornational responsibility for South West Africa. Since the aa- sembly'e three previous resolutions an the territory are still in effect, it seems unlikely that the GA will again rsovmend that the territory be placed under trusteeship 'or will again request that annual information on the term rttory be supplied to the UN. iFTU trade depot t plans. WFTU strategy apparently contemplates 1ocatlng he headquarters of most of its new "trade departments"' in Western Europe when they can snort more direct pressure on, labor affairs in 3144- Communist oountries without appearing to be under the thumb of Mosoow. Thus. the headquarters of the zzew metal workers department is to be in Turin, textile workers in Lyon, seamen and ton ehoreman in Marseilles, sad the miners reportedly in Brussels. These trade departments will probably play a large role in any major "strikes in Western Europe this autumn. Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP79-0109OA000100020017-1