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December 9, 2016
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September 13, 2000
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August 16, 1949
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t Approved For lease 200 d IA-RDP79Y1090A00Q1 020019-9 DOCUMENT NO NO CHANGE IN CLASS. 0 INTRNATIONAL ORGANeIZATIONS GROU DECLASSIFIED S. CHANG NEXT REV SUISIARY: NO- 33 For week ending 16 August 1949 The International 'leek AUTH? REVIEWER ? 006514 Volume II The international spotlight remained focussed on the OEEC where the ERP nations are negotiating the division.of :this years ECA aid and are planning for liberalization of intra- uropean trade. In Strasbourg, the (3onsultative Assembly of the Council of Europe displayed its anticipated independence of the Council of Ministers. The Seeurity Gouneil lifted the Palestine arms embargo. lovidt leitmotif at the Genet-11 Az3sembly. Followinr; the eattern of recent GA sessions where the USSR successively mese "warmongering" and "disarmament" its keynotes, the Soviet propa- ganda leitmotif at Lake Success fall will probatly be a continuation of the "peace" offensive initiated late last year, Use of this dominant thete-Will enable the USSR to set a flexi- ble course both with respect to the range of corollary themes and the intensity of the attack, The USSR will contrast its on devotion to "peace" and ineernetional cooperation with the age 7ressive imperialism of the US and U11-.. in such a case, the Kremlin would have a wide choice of topics such as the Atlantic -')ect, "'astern rearmament, the atomic boub, alleged efforts of the US and UK to obtain miJitary bases in Libya and elsewhere from which to attack the IMSR, colonial exploitation, Western imposition of trade restrictions, oint IV and race discrimina- tion. Phe rielection of subsidiary themes and the violence of the attack may well be geared both to the rate of progress to- ward a new Council of Foreign 7!leisters meeting, arrangement for which is to be discuesed simultaneously with the 3A session, and to the outlook for agreement at a new CFM. Should the pros- pects seam favorable, the UbSii mitt decide to moderate the .eitch of its propaganda so that the Sol,iet "opening" at the GA might radiate peace, sweetness and light, 7ith a view to its effect on ene CM, the ussa might find it expedient to support its general theme of peace in the GA by some specific conciliatory gesture. This might logically be made in the Balkan situation where the fortunes of the Greek repele have taken a turn for the worse ano where the USSR nay wish to Approved For Release 2001/03/04 : CIA-RDP79-01090A000100020019-9 Approved For lease 2001 CIA-RDP79151090A000100020019-9 direct its primary attention to Tito. The UN agenda will ofrer the USSR numerous opportunities for taAng an ostensibly more cooperative attitude for its propaganda effect, while still hold- ing any substantive concessions to a minimum. - 0 ?SEC seeks liberalization of intra-European trade. Indica- tive of thar increased emphasis on solving the critical trade problem, the ECA countries have agreed in principle to remove 40e Approved For Release 20 104 : CIA-RDP79-01090A000100020019-9 25X6A Approved For kit* lease 20014104eVA-RDP7941(090A000100020019-9 quantitative and exchange restrictions en a wide variety of pro- ducts in intra-European trade. Lumerous complex problems remit,' to be solved, however, before the program can be fully effective. The UK and Scandinavia, for example, refuse to remove any re- strictions if it leads to the nece-sity of gold or dollar payments to Belgium or Switzerland. Another problem is whether each country sheuld unilaterally declare its own "free list" of pro- ducts or whether a multilateral list should be negotiated. It seems likely that, as with the original intra-European payments plan, the initial liberalization will be very moderate in scope and hedged with numerous restrictions. However, such is the pressure for freeing of intra-European trade as an essential stop toward eventual achievement of dollar viability, that further ex- pansion of the program seams assured. "Peace Partisans" combine with labor _youth ane eomen...s internationali-in expended "strurgle for_peace". An intensified Communist drive to organize public opinion in the -Pastern cowl - tries against Western defense piens is indicated by consultations between the "iorld Committee of ?artisans for Peace and the major international front organizations. The World Committee recently met in Paris with representatives of the World Federation of Trade Unions, the Women's international Democratic Federation and the World Federation of Democratic Yorth to plan the next moves in this drive. Indicative of its rapidly expanding activity were: (1) its claim to be in contact with peace partisan committees in 72 countries; (2) its pledge of "full support" for a loscow Con? - gress of Peace Partisans in late eugust and an American Continent- al Congress for Peace meeting in iexieo City 5-10 September; and (3) agreement to schedule an International Day of Struggle for Peace (tentatively set for 2 October) on which mass popular dem- onstrations will protest Western defense pacts, colonial "repres- sion" and violations of workers' "freedom". Simultaneously, the front oreenizations participating in this drive are extending concerted support to a massive "demon- stration of the forces of peace" at the Budapest World Youth Festival (14-28 August) and the Second World Youth Congress (2- 8 September). Eight hundred delegates and observers, including three hundred from French West Africa, Malaya, Indonesia, Indo- china and Madagascar, will attend. The principal task which the Communist youth leadership is expected to lay before them will be the formulation of "positive conclusions...necessary to rein- force" the fighting capacity of the separate national youth or- ganizations 3 Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP79-01090A000100020019-9 Approved For Rase 2001/0 4 DP79-04990A000100020019-9 , 25X6A 25X6F IT likely to get Liatelliteshuman ri ,hts cases. The next GA sessfa wfli probtAily sp)rov a propose to obtain an edvisory.opinion from t4e Interational Court of Justice ej to -whether or not the Soviet Satellites have violated both inter? national law and their peace treetlbs in refusing to conform to Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP79-01090A000100020019-9 Approved For Release 2004/ 3/, . A-RDP79-111090A000100020019-9 the treaties implementetl)n prouoeuree. This approach would circumvent the road-bloc nitnert;o auceessfully thrown up by the Satellites, with tee support oi the IiI)SR, against all US-UK attempts to invoke theee provisioha l'or protesting against the so-celled trials of Protesteint e1rgyeri in Bulgaria and of Cardi-al ?indszenty in Hungary. Rumania will be included ic the plan. The USSR and the Satellitiee have heretofore contended that the CA has no right to intervene, claiming that the matter is a "domestic" one, placed by the UM Charter outside the ambit of that organization The US and kiA are confident that, should the ICJ take the case, it would adopt the reasoning of the old World Court's famous aevisory opinion on the Morocco-Tunis Nationality Decrees in l93 The k;our-r., held that the existence of international treaties similar in eesentials to the Satellite treaties, removed the matter trom (iolestic category. While the US-UK plan would not result in any decision by the present ourt on the merits or the controvirsy the stigmatizing of the 3atellites as treaty-breakers oy suca an impartial and highly regarded tribunal as the .(e41 wouie unquestionably have a wide. epread effect, -.7zecA delegate's role in Kashir ealks. Uldrich Chyle, Czech-aiiegate to the tql Commiseion 5itTraie and Pakistan, will become Conmissioe chairman during be eormal political talks be- tween India end Pakistan OR Kashmir, 'reviously described as having attempted to split the Colemrselen end sabotage a Kashmir' eattlement, Chelets chairmanship at this time may seriously im- pede proexesa :A' the tads, whose, 3uooissful outcome is by no aes'ared, Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP79-01090A000100020019-9