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September 13, 2000
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July 5, 1949
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A-RDP79'-'M 090A000100020025-2 Approved For (ease 2001/ WEEK17 S '11+IAR NO n 27 week ending 5 tMul.y 1999 The international Week Volume IT The .ARP crisis was temporarily bridged by a U3-UK compromise which p while affording the British some protection against loss of gold or dollar reserves, still introduced a greater degrsae of multilateral competition into intra--Turopeen trade m The US pro posed. a solution of the Arab refugee problem whereby Egypt would surrender the Gaza strip with its 200,000 refugees to Israel which in return would agree to take them in. At Geneva, a timotable was adopted for the establishment ofa Western oriented labor '`.nter- national$ but some critical organizational problems rerzag'ne? to be soled. Organizational roblems of new labor international still unsett- `t7A1.thiou % the CGeneva on. rence '-o Frey Trade Un' on gar sic agreement on the initial steps for establishing a democratic labor international, critical problems of organization remain unsettled. Unless the Western trade unions, repro sfmtiag thirty-four countries with an estimated 42 million workers, can resolve these problems before their November meeting, the ccn- stitutional congress to lcuneh the now federation will convene with the alignment of some Western o: g?anizt tions still in dc: u.bt0 The decision to begin work 25 My on the formation of the new international reflects the determination of non-Coma n st labor leaders to activate the now international promptly as a counter balance to the Sovietized '17M. Acceptance of this decision was accelerated by the close-working relationship between the J 'l, and CI Q The substantial progress thus achieved was to some extent offset9 however, by dissension between the AFL and the 13 iti h Trades Union Congress over (1) eligibility to membership of non- Communist labor organizations from areas where the Western European- US concept of free trade uaionisn is little understood? e: India and Argentina; (2) feasibility of creating a large, well .egtippea. international capable-of dealing aggressively with the 1T ' ' 1% the UK supports a smaller, less costly organization); and (3) selection of a Secretary General who will lead the new international effec- tively without seeking to dominate it in the interests of one or more of the big powers. The need to resolve these problems will probably plague Western labor leaders increasingly in coming months, DOCUMENT NO. NO CHANGE IN-CLASS. 13 Approved For Release 2001/ DECLASSIFIED i 010 620025-2 Approved For R grease 2001 /03/ `RDP79-G 90A000100020025-2 25X6A ECOSOC and Point Four. The ninth session of the IRN Economic and So 'a"l? c" unc lens . `in Geneva this week will havi its main task the shaping of the expanded program for econo. ari s develop- ment of under-developed c::ountries stimulated by the Po at Four :Pro- gram. Owing largely to US efforts, discussion of Point Four in the UN regional commissions rid specialized agencies has thus far been very general in nature in anticipation of ` action. by ECOSOC. The US favor: the establishment of an ECOSOO committee to review and revise the Secretariat: report on technical assistance and development and to coordinate the %ork of the various UN subsidiary bodies in these f:1eld . Since the US has taken the initiative in Point Your and since It is the only country in a position to supply the bulk of the required financial support, it is clear that US wishes in these preliminary procedure_,- ni tters will generally prevail. The debate in this first formal considera- tion of Point Four by the UN should disclose not only the general form of the program but also the line which the USSR, thus fax extremely non-committal, will finally adopt toward what will be essentially a US-inspired program. WFDY to finance p ??tioi ation of colonial youth roues at Buda east era the :"g"c s & ' Czech and ariarh ycAh organ zt is ns affiliated with the ~:'d rld Federation of Pamoorat;ic Youth and the International Union of Students to f inanca the participation of more than 300 "colonial youths" in August Youth"estival and World Youth Congress reflects Communist deterrninettion to train a "hard corer of organizers in colonial and semi-colonial areas, particularly In Q atheast Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Forty of the anticipated "colonial" delegation will be young Indians, Vietnamese, Indonesians and South Africans who have been studying in Hungary for more than a year. The organization of Approved For Release 2001703/04: CIA-RDP79-0109OA000100020025-2 Approved For Tease 2001/03/04;CIA-RDP79` 090A000100020025-2 recruiting corn .ittees in Puerto Rico and Viet Nam apparon.Uy in- dicates that a particular effort is being made to obtain representa- tion from these areas Q M-aanwhil.e, the 'a71'DY will probably continue to serve Soviet propaganda objectives by fully exploiting instances of "imperialist repression", such as the recent imposition of death sentences for eight youths by the H,derabed Government Approved For Release 2001/0 ': i6lAA-RDP79-01090A000100020025-2 Approved For lease 2004~RDP79f1090A000100020025-2 o Chairman .ozan, p , _b"wesen"mom niasion and the Government of Pakistan. The 3e3.gian delegate opposed the selection of Lozano both because of his per- sonal antipathy for the Czech delegate and because of what he termed Lozano' s attempts to get and keep in the limelight Membershi tan 1e ins ires Machiavellian proposal. To avoid reourrn 0v a ve osa the seven pro-Western app ants for UN membership, a member of the French delegation unofficially proposed C ni S ` Emir favors federal union in Lib %ra. Fear that a united Libya rax?;~~t ring about .rtai return. to control over Cyraneica should the LN approve an Italian trusteeship for Tripolitania, has reportedly prompted imir Sayid Idriss to suggest the estab?ri- li.shmomt of an independent government in Tripolitania united with the Government of Cyrona tea on a federal system under the 3enussi orowna This proposal was reportedly made during the Emir's recent talks with a T.ripoiitantan delegation headed by i%.oharmed Abu el-Asseed. Czech a ein d.i.srupts UNGIP harmony. . The Czech delegate may be attempting to Split thi-UNComui ss on for India and Pakistan by playing on personal dislikes within the Commission. He beaked In rF3$'4 renne to US delegate Manatee as the liaison I ctFtr.a T, demand _or that the Western Powers accept the Soviei of all twelve applicantjj,. `hut contrive to defeat the Satellites in the GA. Western acceptance of the Satellites in the SC would avoid Soviet vetoes on the pro-?'restern states which would thereafter re- calve GA approval. On the other hand, it would be so arranged that despite the favorable SO recommendation on the Satellites, they would fall short of obtaining the requisite two-thirds majority in the Assembly, thus effectively blocking their admission to the UN. Anti-Soviet voting strength in the 111U. The growing isola- tion of~hova#l ccxi ` n rne. eon technical as well as political bodies Is illustrated by recent developments in the Inter- national Telecommunications Union. Over bitter Soviet opposition, the Region One ITU Conference passed by a decisive 20.9 vote a motion which, in affect, bypasses the Allied Control Authority in the submission of radio frequency requirements for Germany. In addition, the US has succeeded in marshalling solid opposition to the anticipated USSR move to force the discontinuation of the US- sponsored long range navigational aid system (LORAN) for the North Atlantic area, so that if a vote is taken the Soviet bloc w1L1 find itself in a lonely minority. Czech labor leaders seek to reestablish contact with Western labor. e`~Gzech Z yde Sg toasts nvitatTon two ~-w s actor to ' vestigate conditions"' In Czechoslovakia may reflect a SovL_et-- Satellite effort to reestablish valuable contacts with non--Com- munist t 1estern European labor through a traditionally neutral Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP79-0109OA000100020025-2 Approved For R ease 2001 /03/ ; '-RDP79-90A000100020025-2 count-- Such contacts, once frequent within the IVorlft Fedora-, lion of Trade Unions. hava become increasingly difficult since '`'astern European labor' a exit from the Federatioxnm Allthou-rh the Czech Minister of .Tabor stresses that the proposed visit a means of promoting trade, it would also afford him (as an ox- Socialist well acquainted in Western European capitals) an oppor- tunity for renewing political and trade union ties with the non- Communists. It Is probable that any "investigation" of Czech labor conditions by the Swiss would be a conducted tour designed not to reveal a true picture of labor in a "peoples darnoeraeym4' Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP79-0109OA000100020025-2