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December 12, 2016
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September 13, 2000
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April 19, 1949
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Approved For Releas`2001/0 M.. .M;. IA-RDP79-01 II =;WNATIONf 7. 0 RGANIZ Trn!TS = 11MCiir m ` i Y Tom. 16 br week ending 19 April 1949 ?F!h!9 International Week Volume IT It he 1on eyreoted soviet attack on the Atlantic Pact materialized In the Tai' last week with a reiteration of the f'aamiliar Soviet theme that the 'Fact to a warlike move which undermines the TT?T, .S ortly thereafter the General Aesen - bly overwhelmingly approved a caries of recommendations for limit inp, the big '00wor veto but these face certain veto by the TTSSP in the Security Council Disci.issien of Israeli Tfl meehershin wee delayefl by referral to committee and apnrova,:t this seer-ion now ears d.OVbtfui, 111T" uosee as "defender" of t7'W. As mart of its overall proaa,ganda of- fensive U USSR with the Western Power-99 prepara- tions for war, the USSR is using the current TY7GA session to develop the sub- sidiary theme that It is the true Ndefender" of the TITS. Simult! neo1se1y charging the US with undermining the TUTS, the T7S,74 picture, Itself ae the virt,- al ark of the Ulf covenant. The !Soviets have so far ecc,1s ed the trS of (a) ia:? both letter and spirit of the Charter by Pngineering the ''agjressivec Atlantic Pact; (b) being Instrumental in setting up the GA Interim Committee in order to by-pa,4s the SC; (c) backing the proposal to adjust international dlf 'erenree ?,acificrlly through a conciliation panel, also in order to by-pass the SC; (d) being the real sponsor of Lies armed guard proposal which, accord. l to the TTSSS, would circumvent Article 43 of the Charter authorising contribu- tion of national contingents to the SO; and (e) sacking to make a TUS-dominated sc racket' of the Trig, allegedly confirmed by the TTS "mech.nical majority-n and the predomi.nunce of VS pereonnal in the TM Secretpriat. 1ne of these contentions axes likely to convince many- 1W delegates, most of whom are familiar with the Soviet record. !Tev?rthplecr, such accusations will raise doubts about US policy, tot .rr7 the MT in the minds of many non-Communists who believe that the DW can still n erete sncoessfuli.*' under the sa!ae procedures which seemed workable in the honeful ntmoe,here of Ran Frenncisco in. 1945. The Soviet 03,61;s'ge a lay the foundation for rha?t will be a recurrent propseeggnd& theme at future meet ink a, that the peaceloVvf>s' TTSS') in the real "defender" of t':'~e TYPT as organized at San Francisco. z~,hile the -restern Powers trying to diet rt its structure to servo their own warlike er:ds. DOCUMENT NO. NO CHANGE IN CAS. DECLASSIFIED X9S. CHANOI;D S C -, ,' NeXT REVIE Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA- 7 q&T Approved For Re "ease 24M04: CIA-RDP79-01159OA000100020036-0 USSR attad s Atlantic Pact In M The expected Soviet attack on the At.. lantic Pact in the general Assembly; finally delivered by bro co last week, reiterated the familiar Kremlin theme that the pact is an aggressive, warlike meaeure which undermines the M. In a su rise move,during the Soviet state- ment on the veto issue, droMko branded the Pact as contrary to the letter and spirit of the UN Charter and charged that the **stern Powers are seeking to liquidate the organization. I uAlik4l7-.that the USS ~a3tha~t,? 'Rector T~4~teil,. fill, plate a formal condemnatory dared .tQ-ft by 'Britain's 4 ,.,..ry golptivn on the GA_agenda, Apparently the Sovietz fear tat t"fio 6iis e1ming rejection of such a proooar l old be a propaganda setbadc. However, the USSR will overlook no opportunity for injecting the Atlantic Pact issue into otkter quest ions before the TTN, TIM membership clel ved? 1W prestige and deep-seated associations have Qoml road to 'Inject the eissue of Jerusalem's internationalization into the GA's recent action in referring Israel's membership application to committee instead of hpndl ink; it in -nienarv. The 31-19 vote was due to a triple combina.. tion of l tin Amer loan nations who desire Israeli agTeement to the internation- alization of Jerusalem; Scandinavian countries who resent Israeli failure to act against the assassins of Count Aernadotte; and Arab states, concerned over the Arab refugees. In its resol tion of Il December 1911$, the GA made concrete recommendations on internationalization of the Poly City and treatment of ref- ugees, Israel's curt rejection of the Jerusalem recommendations and. Its cavalier treatment of the POC have particularly offended the Vatican, France and many Catholic UN members. Israeli unto n erat iveness toward seeking a solution of the refuges problem has freshly embittered the Arab bloc. Failure to avnrehend and punish r rnadot-Ge 4s assassins has alienated the Scandinavian countries, Since Israel largely owes' Its legal birthright to the TM, its truculent disregard of the considered recommendations of the organization on religious and humanitarian Issues has cast T,,rideahread doubt on Israel's ',rill ingnesa to carry out the obli- gations of UN membership. Unless Israel subst ant sally modifies its position on these issues, which is doubtful at the moment, i is most pals'-ely that this session _of_ the QA will recommend her admission to the TR4a QA anr+rovee limitations on veto. Although the GA by an overwhelming 43-6 anti-Soviet vote adopted a series of recommended limitations on the big power veto, the proposal faces practically c main. Piet veto in the Se ty Co i3, Soviet fao o took care to proclaim that the USSR would continue to support the principles -of the TJR, to defend Its record on vetoes, to reject proposals to moderate use of the veto and to mlead for sup?nrt of Soviet sngges= t ions on the veto. Most of the provisions in the draft of the Ad Roc Committee were unaccerotable, he said, since the veto was the only protection of the TTN Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP79-0109OA000100020036-0 Approved For Reuse 6-TI : CIA-RDP79-O'OA000100020036-0 against US domin.-t ion, T{owever, the debate: has t aYcened the Soviet case against the Atlantic Pact by agrin demonstrating, that the necessity for the Pact arises out of the misuse of the veto by the TTS3R, MT Armed Guard uro o tl amproved. ) es )ite strong Set opoosition,, a proposal. of 9'g Me for the creation of an Oman IM gnarl, at an estimated annual cost of * million, was referred to a special committee for study and re T)ort to the next rerular GA session. The T111 is to eupnort a plan for a guard of 300 to protect lIT1 personnel, i carters and -nropnrty and thereby increase the effectiveness of TM ni seions, but the TTSSF attacked the uronosal as an i1-. legal subterfuge to evade the Sec!zrit;rr council es sole ressonsibility for enforo... ing TTY' decisions. In smite of the fanciful arguments of the Slav bloc, it to believed that the net GA -ill establish a small TIN puard, with terms of refer.. once clearly 81atinguishina -;card from m'~li~ary a tvities~ Additional impetus for such a move wns given by the recent advisory coinion of the Inter- national Court of Justice upholding the right of the TIT to sue to urotect its gents, V .tlura probable in renewed Balkan conciliation efforts. Australian prime r.tiniste r watt aaoarentltr ~*i.llnrsist in h s of orts to conciliate be_ tween Greece a.nd. Its- three northern neighbors during the current GA session, although his pronects for sncces dim, ??testern delegates at Tece Siocess are fearful, moreover, of the effect of these talks on the delicate Tugoslav sitt:tion, If the talks are resumed? the Yugoslav delegation mould be faced with the unhappy alternatives of reaf:Firmi solidarity with Albania and ThA- ;aria or of emphasizing the Cominffornsa.Tito split. ?thermore, premature or clumsy resumption of the conciliation talks may upset the chances for eventual GreerY oslav rapprochement, Increased Cominform concentration on the ' ace... donian issue and recent Albanian assistance to the guerrillas in the Grammos area indicate that such talks will prove abortive. Parisi and Aio?ioow Cong sses to he used. -for undercover Communist coordi- n. ; .:or? The urPeence of Communist delepAtes from fifty-two countries at the Paris 'Torld Congress of Partisans of Peace and subsequently at the Moscow Congress of the Soviet Trade 'nhione will afford an #umbrellaa for the establish- ment of closer contacts between Iron Curtain and non..Tran Curtain Comrq nists, In addition to coordination of wnrlewide Communist vropaganda against the Atlantic Pact, covert coordination of mans for sabotage in certain Atlantic Pact countries will be undertaken. For exsmple, nttenflanee at both meetings of a Venezuelan delegation of key Communist Party and oil worker officials will permit them to obtain fresh instructions regarding implementation of the ban on oil shipments to the ITS (adopted by the Tampico Petroleum "Trkers Conference last Septem'ber). Similar instructions for the Mexican petroleum workers will Approved For Release 2O 1.O4 : CIA-RDP79-0109OA000100020036-0 Approved For Re'1' ase 2 wO4 : CIA-RDP79-01`590A000100020036-0 apparently be Issued to the ft of the 14exiean Communist Party at these meetings. The anticipate& p"senee of the Chinese Vioe-President of the World sdr- ers tion of Democratic Youth and of other prominent Communist youth leaders In the Paris and Moscow Congresses also anEests that impetus will, be given by both sessions to the drive of the Oomr. ist youth movenents, particularly in the Far, to organise popular supraort for Soviet objectives. Snail rower trade unions a e,-an withdrawal from WF9!. By the end of the 3 ng?ees of the World Federation of Wade Unions Milan, the national labor organizations of Norway, Denmark, Beigtum, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Ireland will have withdraw from the W?IU. eweden ?aill probably withdraw in early sly. At the Brueeele Trade thion Conference, delegates from these nations, after agreeing on a timetable for wlthdraial and for cessation of pay- ment of dues to the WFPU also recommended to their national organizations that; (1) an all-nation labor committee to organize a new world labor feder tion be convoked by the seceding small power labor organizations; (2) head quarters of the now international be in a small -country; and (3) a small nation candidate be named Secretary (oner,l. "While big -power aceentanot+ of all these recommendations is unlikely, the continued preoccupation of American and British labor leaders with US representation in the new world labor organization wtli probably encourage the small powers to steer their ova course in the immediate future. This development may eventually assure them a larger voice In the formation of a new internat loan) than they mts?ht have expected, Indian investment folic end point Fours India, as a potential pivotal natfa fW'T 'W --Trt ' ,ir Praeram, is displaying an enlightened approach to the 'key question of stimulating private foreign investment. Prime Minister Mehra recently stated that India will (1) imoa se no restrictions on foreign Interests beyond those apnlicable to similar Indian enterprises; (2) place no restrictions on withdrawal of foreign funds, provided adennate foreign exchange to available; (3) provide equitable compensation for aay foreign enternrieee te!-en over by the government; and (4) allow employment of non-Indians when qualified Indiana are not available. Is Aa._ should do much to meet requirements of pro.. spective foreign investors and encourage them to assist in the implementation of Point 'Four. / World economic conference. Basic disagreement over the functions of the W Employment and. 'economic Stability Suboommiesion has been precipitated by a UK proposal for a world economic cont'ere3nce~ The Norwegian delegate objected, maintninivg the subcommission, s proper function was to make technical studies of causes of unemployment, depressions, etc. Re ridiculed such presumption on the part of a subcommission and thought it far preferable for the subcommission to recommend. Its own dissolution and cave expense money for better uses. Approved For Release 20AW7u`31U4 : CIA-RDP79-01090A000100020036-0 Approved For Reuse 200 U--: CIA-RDP79-01 90A000100020036-0 Greater reasonableness in Indian-South African dispute. Roth parties, to nation to Director General Morena, their ability to fulfill this promise has been thrown into question by an anti-IW +S"-jet barrage in the IIN. The known desire of the two Satellites to obtain IW technical aid and to take part in the treining.within,Andiistry program bas run hand on into Soviet determination to block any Inquiry into slave labor in stern r-grope. 11O's agreement to inquire into this question, as urged by the recent XCOSOC slave labor resolution.,,bas *JAr d 4p uneasiness among the Ozeohs. Czechoslovakia will consequently seek a.aRurana8as from the USSR at the impending Soviet Trade Tlhion Congress in Moe- cow,, but its anticipation, of a negative response is suggested by the fact it is currently distributing among Czech trade union organizations copies of a Soviet article attacking the TI& is an embarrassing swats which ehonid be soft-pedalled than of willingness of either party to make substantive concessions. Satellite won in ILO. Although Cseohoslornkia and Poland re- Gently pledged their continued particiuation is the Mnternetional. 'Labor Orgent- The Indiana are said to be agreeable top a enda position for this item, while South African delegate bona is under considerable pressure from officials of his Government to adopt a more reasonable attitude. These devel- opments, however, are more likely indieatiae+ of a growing realization that this shown some wills teas UP follow a g ;Ml92WQje line in the the disnate over South Africa's treatment of its Inciian minority have Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP79-0109OA000100020036-0