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December 9, 2016
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September 13, 2000
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April 12, 1949
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Approved For RL4ase 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP79-0V690A000100020c 3-7* iR '.1 AT IC} IAL ORGANIZATIONS GR{7GP SLY 9U1NfSARY MID. 15 lbr week ending 12 April 1919 'Volume II The USSR has as vet taken no formal step to raise the question of the Atlantic Pact in the r',enerel Assembly, Addition of the "I.ndszenty case, the Indonesian disrn xte and the Israeli membership item to the GA agenda was recommended by the Steering Comnittee. In the Security Council the USSR used its twenty-ninth veto to block the admission of South Korea to UN membership? The International Court of Justice held Albania liable to the UK in the Corf'a Channel Case and, in an advisory opinion, held that the UN can sue on behalf of its employees injured or killed in line of duty. The US and USGR both re- fused to sign the hi frequency broadcast ins plan drawn up at Mexico City. Italian colonies debate omens in GA. Chaneoe for postponing a decision on the disposition of I,i ya increased Faring the s rrin4 connected 'with the opening of the Italian colonies debate in the GA Political committee. Fail- pre of the French to commit themselves s-publiely to British trusteeship in Qyrenaica reflects their desire to use this issue as a bargaining point to obtain Italian trusteeship over Tripolltanin, In this reenact, France has the support of some dozen Latin Amerioen nations 'which also plan to use Cyrenaica as a ctuid pro quo for Trtpolitanie. Already confronted with the probable opnosit ono t e.Slav and Arab blocs, the UK would, under such cir- cumstanoes, find itself hard pressed to muster sufficient votes for approval of its Cyrenaicaan truster ship? The 'British thus concluded that postponement of the disposition of Libya until 1952 night be feasible. Under their plait, the t3S, Italy and ?kVpt would serve no advisers to the present British ad- ministrators during the interim period, while annual reports on colonial administration would be submitted to the GA. Tripolitanian Arabs would find this temporary solution more palatable than Italian trusteeship while Italian bitterness over the loss of the colony would be more easily assuaged throw i some such participation in Libyan affairs. 25X6A NO CHANGE IN CLASS. ^ DECLASSIFIED CL SS. CHANGED 5 S C Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP79~~O 25X6A pproved For Release 2001 /0 4 :-CIA-RDP79-0' 90A000100020037-9 A Communists will renew attack on " stern armaments at Paris Co era. The 20 April World Conere es of Partisans Pence, later in a series- o rich meetings, will afj'ord Communist political And "c-alturml" leaders fresh appor tunit;= to attack the Atlantic Pact and the military ?Mans of the "Mgt. Soviet determination to exploit this Congress to the utmost is indicated by: (1) financial contributions from the Soviet and $a.tellite areas on a scale which is beginning to parallel their aid to the French coal strikers; (2) estab" lishment of "initiative committees" in thirty countries to ori,n.ize the widest possible participation; and (3) a ?arelimi. ry meeting; of the %stern ? urapean delegates in Rucnarest? In what appears to :be a major nrepaganda effort to attract all individuals And organic tions -;uscentible to Communist influence, the organisers of the Paris Congress have invited some 2000 delegates from fifty-two countries,. They will seek to emphasize its "international charac- ter" by highl.iiting the adherence of the World Feder:+tion of Trade Trnions and of such prominent non-Communists as ex-Preasi.dent Cardenas of Mexico and the Qaeen Dowager of Belgium? Substantially the same Soviet del eg t ion which attended the recent New Tork Cultural and Scientific Conference will lead the attack on the expanding "feet- ern outlay for armaments, It will stress the importance of mobilizing popular resistance to this "war menace" throe u world wide est'blisshment of orgeni.zatione "for the defense of peace?" Each organisations, already launched in France, %.411 be assigned the immediate tasks of organizing "peace carvans" to Paris and. of pre... paring national peace conferences add itionni to those scheduled. In Italy. Canada, the rX and Mexico, Point Four agency nroposed in Uhf. The recent Indian proposal to the UN Tconornie Development gabeomnission for the establishment of a TM lbonomic De.? velopment Administra.4on (TM MA) to handle assistanc+F under then Trwmnn Point Four indicates a gro; desire of aid recipients to call the tune. In addin. tign to sup~-lying technical asetstRnc6 and coordinating that already availably within the RN and Specialized Agencies, the proposed VN&DA would Itself finance development projects where domestic resources in assisted countries were inade- quate., This step to supplant the international ' ank (IA) as a supplier of large-scale financial Aid is probably intended to vest control over Point Four Approved For Release 2001 /0 O?yk -RDP79-01090A000100020037-9 C IA-RDP79-O'P90A000100020037-9 Approved For Rase 200 " puree strings in the recipients rather than in the suppliers of capital, It envisages granting governmental funds directly to UMA which would then al- locate them by majority vote rather than by the tR "quota" voting procedure which is veirlted in favor of the largest contributors. The probable result of this method of implementing Point lour would be to create a super-agancy in which the technical assistance aspect would soon be overshadowed by growin, - demends for large-scale aid supnlied chiefly by the US. Albania liable in Corfu Channel Case. In its first litigated case, the International Court of st~cx hAs is fiLbania liable to the t for casual- ties and vessel damage suffered in October 19 when two Brit tab destroyers struck mines laid in Corfu Channel, The Court further upheld Britain's "right of innocent passage* on this occasion. in contrast, it condemned as an illegal intervention in Albanian waters British action in sweeping the Channel some weeks later to obtain evidence. The Court made no finding regarding echo had i id the mines. but predicated Albania's responsibility on Its knowledge of their existence and its failure to issue warnings, Should the parties agree to accept the Jurisdiction of the Court, the ICJ will hold further hearings to fix the damages, In view of Albania's previous plea (overruled by the Court) denying ICJ Jurisdiction, its voluntary submission to an assessment of damages is now most unlikely. Whether or not the 1 collects its judgment, the case is an important step furthering the concept whereby national conduct may be subjected to judicial examination,. 1CJ hands down opt on on damages, The Ca handed down an advisory opinion clarifying the Juridical situation arising from the assassination of Palestine Mediator Count Bernadotte and the wrongful death of, or injury to, other personnel in the service of the TTit