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December 9, 2016
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September 13, 2000
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March 15, 1949
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Approved For ReI ase 2001/ RDP79-OT690A000100010041-4 INl`ERI ATID}TAL ORGANIZATIONS GROUP PIERKLY SUMMARY NO. 1 // For week ending 15 March 1949 The International Week volume xI The Israeli advance to the Gulf of Aqaba is not expected to reverse the present trend toward stabilization in Palestine. Dutch intransigeanc nontinues to block a Republican-=Netherlands conference to establish an interim federal government in Indonesia. Atlantic Pact negotiations have about reached the stage for public discussion of its terms. 25X6A CHANGE IN CLASS. -O QECLASSIFIED LASS. CHANGED S C Approved For Release 200 : ~lA-RDP+ * 100020041-4 AUT - 0-2 DOCUMENT NO. REVIEWER. 006514 25X6A Approved For Rase 20014giQ&iraIA-RDP79-O'R690A000100020041-4 S viet netratio Of BOOM in PhilDnines poa?s security 2rs~b em: Reported iinclusion of Soviet agents among the four thousand White Russian refugees recently shipped from Shanghai to the Philippines under IRO auspices reflects the need for rnox'e orfeotive IRO screening at the port of embarkation. While the extent of Soviet penetration of the camp on Samar Island is not yet clear, the presence of some minor Soviet events has been indicated and at least one contact between local pro-USSR elements and suspect refugees has been made., The rc,luctance of interested IRO mem?? bars to fulfill their commitments to provide permanent haven for these refugees, the evident hope of many of them to enter the US and the dupls.- cation of such conditions at other refugee embarkation ports will probably plague the IRO for-some months to come UN a With the Atlantic Pact JU tifying. the ~tantic-Pact ,, ore 1A negotiations approaching their final phase and the public release of the text at hand, world-wide disci.-se on of the pacts relationship to the UN may be taken for granted., It is practically certain not only that the USSR will charge that the pact is aggressive in its purposes and violates alike the letter and spirit of the UN Charter, but also that a large body of non-Communist opinion will share these views. Consequently, the US UN delegation believes that the issue of the Atlantic Pact should be met squarely rather than evaded. It therefore counsels that the five pro- spective signatories who also sit in the Council themselves initiate Security Council discussions of the pact. No resolution would be intro- duced but strong and cogent statements would be made stressing the non- aggressive aims of the pact and Its harmony with the UN Charter.. By this procedure, It is hoped that the USSR would be placed on the dnfensiveo Any condemnatory resolution introduced by the USSR would probably be rejected, 9?2. Inasmuch as a vigorous attack on the pact is assured, the Western Powers would lose nothing by seising this initiative in airing the issue, By demonstrating that the Charter clearly authorizes such regional arrangements, the signatories of tre pact would strengthhen~thair hold on public opinion both here and abroad, Approved For Release 2001/4TA-RDP79-01090A000100020041-4 Approved For RMease 2001 A-RDP79-011 9OA000100020041-4 Arab refag s. While the plight of tt:e Arab refugees becomes increasingly critical, all available UK Hands will be exhausted by the and of March. The UN Secretariat has brought this development to the attention of the US and Is sePkinp to ascertain ),ow soon the promised US Congressional appropriation for this purpose will be forthcoming. Korea mak- be admittgd toFCAFF. Despite bitter opposition of the $oviat bloc,, ECOSOC recently amended the tarns of reference of the Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East to permit the adnission of the Republic of Korea as an associfte member should the Commission so decide. Thg tuftl aim, The Ili Palestine Conciliation Commission's invitation to Ha Amin-el?FIusseini, ex-Mufti of Jerusalem, to attend the Arab refugee talks at Bairut has drawn a sharp protest from Israel. The Israelis point to the Mufti's record of collaboration with the Nazis and add that he no longAr Pnjoys any prestige even among the Arabs. King Abdullah of Transjordan appears to be alr:ort as incensed at the invitation as are the Israelis. USSR rPvivea Trieste issue. Despite the failure of its recent attompt to secure the appointment of a Trieste governor, the USSR is again seeking to reopen the subject. If successful, It may propose a zonal division of tl-e Territory as a move in its "peace offensive." Although this is less a gain for the Italians than that proposed by the US, UK and France in 19h8 it might prove acceptable both to Rome and to Belgrade Qr ,tion of ' ECME a t'err d o ECOSOfl has again deferred approving the creation of an Economic Commission for the Middle Fast (ECMME) until its July session. A:Lt?iovCb the question of Israeli membership was the primary factor in the postponement, this issue i1? prQbab1Y not prevant_the_tc ti... ? .of ECfi'E after _ths. admiAsioxx_ o wlsrael t-o_. the UN, especiallj if the US program of aid to underdeveloped areas is to be channeled through UN regional ccKntaissions. Approved For Release 2001/~A-RDP79-01090A000100020041-4