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December 12, 2016
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May 7, 2002
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September 12, 1950
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Approved For Release 2002/06/ -RDP79-01090A00030050037-5 424674 Weekl Contributio 0 . on, 12 September 1950 Of the developments reported on this veek? that on the possibility of serious consequences arising from the current disturbanCes in Bolivia (p, 2) is of particular importance. =RENT DEVELOPMEN7S NOR N4 AREils El Salvador's claim to offshore sovereignty to a distance of 200 biles is in conflict with US interests (p. 2). S0UT1N* AREA.: In Bolivia, the current disorders may threaten the str- bility of the government (p. 2). Urugaryle Communists retain their capability of causing damage through the instigation and prolongation of strikes (p. 2). DOCUMITNi NO. NO CHANOI: IN el ASS 'i:..CLASSIRE:0 CLASS. CHANC,ED T('? TS S C NEiX1Fif7;V:F:-.i.V DATE: . AUTii: 4 Approved For Release 2002/06/11 : CI - DP79-01090A000200050037-5 Approved Peekelease 2002/06/11: CIA-RDP79-01tPAA000200050037-5 SWEET. Weekly Contributions, VIA, 37-50 12 September 1950 (CIA Warking Paper) EL SALVADOR: Extension of Territorial plains Conflicts With US 217Sliaa6r,s claim to absolute sovereignty over off- shore waters to a distance of 200 miles is in direct conflict with US Interests in freedom of navigation and in unrestricted fishing on the high seas. This claim, similar to claims considered by other Latin American countries (Chiles Peru? Costa Rica) has now been included in the final draft of the new constitutiano signed on 7 September 1950. Inasmuch as the United States has indicated to high Salvadoran officials that it will not consider Salvadoran per mission necessary for navigation within the 200-mi1e limit, that ,JS commercial fishing operations will not be withdrawn, and that US fishermen cannot be expected to pay tribute for their operations, the basis for continued disagreement between the two amentries has developed, Such differences, however, will of necessity remain exclusively on a diplomatic level until El Salvador -- which now has no means of patrolling within its newly defined sea frontier creates a coast guard capable of apprehending violators. BOLIVIA: Student Unrest Reaches Serious Pro rtions diwreTt T&'az htch began with the strike of 21 August and has led to intermittent disorders since that time, has now reached serious proportions, The anti-government demonstrations on 8 SepteMbers !involving between 1,500 and 3,000 persons, are said to have men instigated by the MNR0 PIR, Communists, and other subversive groups, Thus far violence has been sporadic, and very few people have been killed, but additional demon- strations are planned by the students and their followers, As there is a possibility that recent unrest among mine laborers, 'which in part arose from student agitation, may revive with the imminent renewal of the trial of the perpetrators of the Catavi outrages, disorders mgy occur elsewhere in the country, If the serious unrest in La Paz spreads to the mining areas, the gcmeales newts which has been weakened by a lack of solidarity within the army and within the administrations may be confronted with a situation beyond its powers to control, 3. unman Cannunists Continue to A avate Labor Situation s expec Ou?SlirTh?epolice and possibly the army to naintain order in the Communist-led sympathy demonstration scheduled to start on 12 Septenber, The government is in a difficult position, since it must not antagonize the labor vote by severe repression of this denonstration, nor must it allow the Comnunista to provoke violence as this is an election year,. The demonstration, in which the Communists optimistically hope to in- volve 100,000 wcairers, is In support of the strike of the Communist- dominated. metal workers v union, now in its second month, Although Approved For Release 2002/06/11:U - -01090A000200050037-5 ,74 ET 2, Approved For Releasfe 2002/06/11: kly Contributlons 4, Di Ltt 37-50 TA %forking Paper) 0050037-5 12 September 1950 strike bas not seriously affected US security interests as r id the recent wool strike, it has already served Communist purposeb, by i:ausang considerable &rage to the Uroznayark ?mammy; bas embarrassed the administration in the pre?eleetion period; and has demonstrated the continued ability of Uruguayan Commurasts to initiate and prc.? long strikes, Approved For Release 2002/06/11 79-01090A000200050037.35,