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November 9, 2016
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December 8, 1998
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March 31, 1954
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Approved For Release I 999/09/0ZIA-R P79-0 RAi4 FC : Chief, Liaison Division, OCD ATTENTION 25X1A9a FROM Acting Chief, Projects Control Staff, 31 march 1954 Dissemination of CIA/ R PR-56, The Pro.4ction and con- sumption of Rubber in the European Satellites" (Project 22.163) 1. You will receive 132 copies of subject publication. It is requested that three copies be forwarded irmmediately to the Projects Control Staff, ORR, and that the remaining copies be held until you are notified. After notification by St/PC it is requested that the following disseminatioi be made. 2. All recipients listed below are cleared to receive this pub- No. of copies Recipient 1 Deputy Director, Intelligence 3 Assistant Director, Collection and Disser.:ination 1 - Industrial Registry 1 - Biographic Registry 3 Chief, CIA Library 1 - Publications Review Section 4 Assistant Director, Office of Operations l - Chief, Foreign Documents Division, Oa 1 - Chief, FOIAb3b1 7 Ri//OIS 2 Assistant Director, Scientific Intelligence 5 Assistant Director, National Estimates 6 Assistant Director, Current Intelligence I Assistant D rector, Intelligence Coordination 29 Assistant Director, Research and Reports 20 Records Center 25X1A9a 1 Indications Staff, 2211 Bldg. 6 State, Chief, Acquisition and Distribution Division. l Mr. Edward Ds erty, EIC 1 Mr. Howard Wiedemann, SIC 1 Col. Lyman Bothwell, EIC l M.r. H. S. Bennett, EIC l Col. William C. Baird, EIC l Mr. John Easton, RIC Approved For Release 1999/09702 : CIA-RDP79-01093A000500070002-5 Approved For Release 1999/09/02 : 'P7 01093A000500070002-5 Na. of Copies recipient 2 6 10 6 2 1 I Joint Chiefs of Staff - Secretary, JIG AM s Assistant Chief of Staff, C-2 Hairy, Director, CNI Air Force, Director of Intelligence Assistant to Secretary of Defense for International *~ Se~rity Affairs VM.oomv"1k s..R ,it . _ - s-.- National war CoUe 3 25X1A9a 2054 Q 1 + , Chief, Industrial Minerals Branch IPI/OIR, Dept. Of State, Room 4O3, State U=tex 1 1 Lt. Col. Frank L. Shat, Jr., Chief, Intell n''e I Dept. of the Aran, Roam. 2725, Tlewo 7, Gravelly Point Dr. Stdz ey Reeky, Industrial. Vulnerability Branch, Dept. of the Air Force, Room 1119, Ts ao U Bldg. I Fredaerick 3ktes, Jr., Chief, Chemicals and Rubber Divisive ?!ft1ee of Asst. Secretary of Defense for &&ppiy & i ogi? tics HOM 3CT72, The Pentagon 1 Everett Bolts Rubber Branch, Chemical and Rubber Division,, 8us1 eses an Defense Services Administration, Dept. of Ca3nerce, Room 4415, Mars Cca rce Bldg. 25X1A9a 25X1A9a I Distribution: 0 & 1 - Addressee 1-St Approved For Release 1999%09/Q, 9-01 093AO00500070002-5 A3proved For Release 1999/09/02: `CIA-R?P79-01093A000500070002-5. OFFICE OF RESEARCH AND REPORTS Projects Control Staff Control Sheet Series CIA/RR PR Number CIA/RR PR-56 Date of Document 14 May 54 DISTRIflUTla COPY NO DIVISION OR AGENCY 66 - StPCfile copes 15 June Extras le in P June 527 b2 25X1A9a 25X1 A9a,. 25X1 A9a_ 25X__ 1 APaa Classification Nummber of copies 132 RETURNED 1a a l rU L,Yi)l C a . - v _ f i -srz / f se 199 KT-,17- / di - 16 -5-4 7, AD/RR - 11 June 54