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November 9, 2016
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April 9, 1999
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CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 19%$fflN :1lf6A9-01096A000100050021-7 COUNTRY NO, & TUB AGENCY DATE MAPS GEODETIC DATA REPRODIUCTION MANUSCRIPT 1, Algeria 2 CM Thra ION, France 1950 CM m Good CM - Not automatic - Specific Nothing thru ION p P a Poor (Requires personal requests, good result a contact) 20 Anglo Egyptian Sudan 1 P Good - Periodic visits Good - Specific requests Good to poor 4 Specific requests 3o Belgian Congo 1 P Very good a Personal contact Very good - Correspondence Noao and correspondence effective Fwpt None 5. Ethiopia None 6 French Equatorial Afric 2 CM Same as so. 1 1950 Good No requests made Same as No 1 a P a 7, French Went Afric 2 CM p Same as No. 1 1950 950 Good No requests made Same as No. 1 8, Gold Coast 1 1! 1 2 G d 95 oo No rrequests made None 9. Kenya 2 FE FE Same as No. 8 1952 Good Good - Specific requests thru None P MELF 10. Liberia None None (-ale Madagascar 1 CM Same as Noe 1 1950 Good Good ? Specific requests Same as No. 1 12, Morocco, French 8 CM (1 Same as No. 1 1950 CM ? Good Sme an No. 1 $aime as No. 1 P (7) P - Pair (Requires personal contact) 13. Morocco, Spanish 1 P Fair - Specific requests (A/ Fair None 14. Nigeria 2 FE Sere as oa 1952 Good No requests made None P Northern Rhodesia 2 FE Same as No. 8 1952 FE 4 Good No requests made None P P 4 Poor (Map Rgtrs and ?-- facilities a arate Approved For Release 1999/ -RDP79-01096A000100050021-7 COUNTRY 160 Southern Rhodesia 17.1' Spanish Sahara 1S 1 ISangaay?ica 19?j Tunisia Uganda 21.f1 Union of South Africa Afghanistan Ceylon 6, India Indochina NO, & TYPE None 3 CM (1) P (2) da Iran 2 PE P Approved For Release 1999100'C1~t ~1096A000100050021-7 'SECURITY INF~J~+, Seme as Non No requests made Same as No. 1 11950 1 Some as No. 1 I same as No. 1 Same as No. S 11952 1 Same as No, 1 Apri 9521 FE Just concluded o no ex= perience ASIA 25X1 C Good o Recently concluded Agreement with Survey of India pending since 1950 Good A Large scale maps thru A/A W other sales thru Trim Poor - Little napping accomplished (Nev terms requested by Gen. ara - m v Yg52asm Approved For Release Some as No. l Good o Specific requests No requests made IA-R0P79-01096A000100050021-7 REPRODUCTION MANUSCRIPT Good None None Same as No, 1 25X1 C Same as Noo 2 Same as No. 2 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 1 999I% 9 096A000100050021-7 COUNTRY NO. & ?!P AG NCY DAB MAPS Q 'PIC DATA &BPEOMC?ION J& NUSCRIPT 9a j2EMq None Same as No. 2 10, None 5X1 A 25X6 f 25X1 C Same as No. 5 11, 2 AC 19 ~ Very good 2, Korea See go. 11 Bee No. 11 Recovery program by II, S, Very good to fair - some partial sets do not fit Away - Good material at A MS 13- Lebanon None 5X1C Some, as No. 14. Pakistan None Same as No. 2 1. Saudi Arabia None 16m Singapore and MAWR- 1 P Very good None 17, Syria None 25X1 C Some as No. 5 18. Thailand 1 P 5X1A Very good 9. Turf p ) 1949 Nrratio Follow up necessary Fair - should rove None 20. -Vitt Nam None See No. 7 See No. 7 None 1. Albania None Approved For Release I 9 aEIt tDP79-01096A000100050021-7 Approved For Release I 9 W l iRDP79-01096A000100050021-7 SECURITY INFORM COUNTRY NO0 & TYPE AGENCY DA'PR MAPS GPOD. TIC., DATA RLRODCTIOR MAROSCRIFT 2, Austria 5 P Good - Postwar sapping under auspices of U, S. Very good a Thru U, SA Tory good ?. 25X1 C 8breas very good None: A 3 Dlgium Bo ~~pp 11 lm P(10) 1949 Good Good Fair receipts Poor qualitt 4 Dulgaria Rona 5, Czechoslovakia None Dew 3 1 19U Poor m Virtually nothing G d P ~2 for past year d Now oo Very good o hsnge amt lire 1 P Rood c- Lit; wmwIX16 g Sn Finland 1 P pair o Demands periodic visits Hair Nasal Tory good thru purchase vi A s 9-. 25dnoe 7 DR (6) 1950 Tory good Tory good Ter7 good Good Thrn post-war map= Large :Dale 11PM =Good 10, 3 AP (2) ping under auspices of Good to poor = LYA & MTA ffi (O) IIJCOM Good ~..TOA & private (city plans) = Good t 12 CM (1) 1952 Good ? Periodic discussion Tory good Tory good to poor PR (1) (slim remedies operational P (10) 19>u2 defiaiaioies Ito Fmelleat Poor ?air a Various dhammels of Good { distribution intr+ delays 12, Greece ll `3D 191s Good - Pair b Erratic a Good Q $pecifio requests Good Some materials thrm USAF chants, ,Approved For Release MTQr-RDP79-01096A000100050021-7 Approved For Release 199916WWiqu 9-01096A000100050021-7 SECURITY INFORir1 ION Lazeibourg 1 1 P 125X1 C Netherland, Svitzerland 6 zx (1) P (5) 25X1 C Ah 1A1 Approved For Release I 99910910E 79-01096A000100050021-7 WRODOCTION WAJSCRIPP None V0a7 good pair Approved For Release 1999109'F&-K79-01096A000100050021-7 SECURITY INFORMATION COUSTRT NO, & TYPE AGENCY DIME IBS GEODETIC DATA RNPRODUCTIOB XARUSCRIPT SAN Affect on mep procurement negligible to 195 25X6C Indonesia Same as No,, 2 Mapping under auspices of YE6 Good None WESTINN H1 IISPBZ$ 25X1 C to Argentina P 25X1 C Good - Requires res wee of Poor - Rohs 2Q Bolivia 1 P ?a3: Little mapping done lone None A Difficult to obtain copies 3~ Brasil 7 (1) L1 Poor - Considerable mapping done - Not centralised zone None P (6) Needs personal contacts buck of agreement with IAN 5Xl C hinders progress 5X619 4, 1947 Itscelleat Good = Por sets incomplete Bsquire specifiQ follow=up 1950 1 very good Approved For Release I 9991 91&8 T P79-O10g6A000100050021-7 Honduras 25X6 3 LAOS (1 3 LAOS (1 P (2 Approved For Release 19/f 't4 A! P79-01096A000100050021-7 INFORMATION 5X1 CAGY Oct, 1946 25X1 C )UPS Sane as No, 7 25X1 C Sattsfaa rs 25X1 C 16,1 Nicaragua Satisfactory J, Approved For Release 1999/0 25X140DETIC DATA None 25X1 C Same as Noe 7 Same an No. 7 Sauce as Noe 7 Same as No, ' Same as No, 7 if9-01096A000100050021-7 RRPROWCTION t SCRIPT None None None LAOS (1 P (3 Approved For Release ' fCU IFTI DP79-01096A0001 00050021-7 .71 A T 10 11 DA July 1946 ?air - Very little mopping Satisfactory Fair a Little mapping 3 ZAGS (1) P(2) Approved For Release I 9991091 p A-RDP79-01096A000100050021-7 25X1 C 25X1 C Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP79-01096A000100050021-7 Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP79-01096A000100050021-7