Forwarding of Air Research Division Material

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December 9, 2016
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March 22, 2000
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October 20, 1954
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STANDARD FORM O. droved For Release 2000/08/04: CIA-RDP79-01096A000200060012-5 Office Memorandum ? UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT Chief, `=eog,rayphie research Central Intelligent r-g ency "tJ 12Y''`r". ~alsh (ui ?~:illiam T. Chief, t=ir Research Livision DATE: October 20, 1954 SUBJECT: Forwsrdin g of it ,Research Livis ion Laterial 1. As per your request the following material in connection with the Air Research Division Program is forwarded herewith: (a) Statement of Air Research Livision objectives. (b) list of past and future assignments (c) complete study (Under separate cover) 2. =,s of this date it has not been possible for the Library Administration to act upon the proposal made by you since sir. umfor. d, the neon Librarian of Congress, has not yet had an o.o)ortunity to consider the matter. *USAF Declass/Release Instructions On File* Approved For Release 2000/08/04: CIA-RDP79-01096A000200060012-5 P Approved For Release 2000/08/04: CIA-RDP79-01096A000200060012-5 The Objective:: of the Air Research Division are: 1. To undertake the USP" s only detailed research and analysis of the physical, economic, sociological, psychological, and political vulner_~bilities of potential enemy target complexes. Each target complex analysis is a definitive study comprising ten basic reports and a Target Information Sheet, which is a synthesis of the information presented in the basic reports. Subjects covered in each target complex analysis are: a. Economic h. Industry c. Utilities d. Transportation e. Physical Characteristics f. Population Fire susceptibility h. Psychological, sociological, and political 2. To examine significant materials available, both foreign and domestic, which are relevant to target complex research. These findings are used in the preparation of extracts and digests of information contained in the books, periodicals, reports, maps, or photographs reviewed for this purpose. These findings are prepared in a form suit- able for incorporation into the USAF Bombing, Encyclopedia or for e ploitation by other interested USU agencies. 3. To undertake additional rese^rch assignments which (a) bear upon the program, (b) are assigned by the Director of Intelligence and (c) are the result of the D/I approved request of other agencies. Approved For Release 2000/08/04: CIA-RDP79-01096A000200060012-5 Approved For Release 2000/08/04: CIA-RDP79-01096A000200060012-5 R. ? , c ,,n,RCIi D-. `I Published and Distributed by A.C. & I. C, Voroshilovgrad (A-27) aostov (A-25) Port Arthur (A-700) Kramatorsk (A-73) Lvov (A-418) Odessa (1-26) tiga (A-1)4) Baku (A-7) croznyy (1-3) oskva (A-2) Leningrad (i,-11) Kutaisi (11-17) Dzerzhinsk (A-53) Kharkov (k-8) Kiyev (A-55) Voronezh (z~-51) Tbilisi (A-1) Stalino=lrakeyevka (A-29,11-32) Stalingrad (!,-13) Ploesti (-300) Gorlovka-Yenakiyevo (A-10,p,-71) Yaroslavl (A-35) 1"insk ( ~-65) Dneprodzerzhinsk (r,-56) Zhdanov (A-57) Krasnodar (.P,-62) Shcherbakov (A-54) Dnepropetrovsk (:.k-3) Zaporozhye (A-22) Taganrog (A-59) Completed by iPJ - Unpublished Chelyabinsk (A-30) Vladivostok (A-)46) Yerevan (A-63) Novosibirsk (a-19) fikolayev (_z-58) Gorkiy (A-38) Ui zhniy Tagil (A-36) laliningrad (A-)15) uybyshev (-31) Omsk (A-!t3) `Wallin (k-115) Tashkent (A-9) Approved For Release 2000/08/04: CIA-RDP79-01096A000200060012-5 Approved For Release 2000/08/04: CIA-RDP79-01096A000200060012-5 I bI O ca PLETE T:J iT CO -FLEX ; ICTv'!',.ENTS -olomna (A-87) i Saratov (A-23) Pagnitogorsk (L-18) Kalinin (A-52) Ulyanovsk (A-61) Syzran (A-196) Ufa (A-20) Batumi (.x,12) ?~ Podolsk (A-99) Orsk (x",45) Curyev (A-159) Kom.somolsk (A-50) Kazan (A-4) Bezhitsa-Bryansk (A-138) Kemerovo (A-2)) olotov ( 28) Tzhevsk (A-21) I og;insk-Elektrostal (A?-69) Tomsk (A.-197) Krasnoyarsk ( -16) Fu-Shun (A-730) olotovsk (A-97) urma.nsk (A-103) ? Vladimir (AA-o8) Lipetsk (A-177) Stalinogorsk (A-101) Kirov (A-12L) Voroshilovsk (A-205) Krivoy Rog (A-lO5) Serov (A-96) Alma-FAta (A-40) Penza 37) Arkhangelsk (A-64) .Astrakhan (A-66) In Progress Chkalov (A-39) Sevastopol (A-117) Stalinsk (A-15) Barnaul (A-78) R erezniki (",-76) r_amensk-Shakhtinskiy ('A-127) Chirchik (A-126) Aleksin (A-132) Llatoust (,%-4 2) -- Pardubice (A-437) - Constants (A-212) Approved For Release 2000/08/04: CIA-RDP79-01096A000200060012-5 Approved For Release 2000/08/04: CIA-RDP79-01096A000200060012-5 Alapayevsk (A-74) Tula (A-5) Sverdlovsk (:-)11) Anshan (A-733) Ivanovo (A-60) ? Gliv:ice-Sosnov,-iec (A-379) Irkutsk (A-400) Krasnoturinsk (A-100) Future Assignments ::habarovsk (A-93) Chita (A-103) Ulan Ude (A-104) Dzaudzhikau (A-105) Irovrov (A-106) emenovka (A-107) Yefremov (A-108) Novocherkassk (A-109) Vi+ebsk (A-110) - Lisicha.nsk (A-111) Vorosh-ilov (A-112) Budapest (A-113) -~ i'.i en (A-114) Yoravska.-Ostrava (A-115) Praha (A-116) In addition the Division's Program calls for the preparation of about 160 abareviated target complex analyses, consisting of physical characteristics only, to meet a particular USkF requirement. No information is used in this program beyond that vhich has already been researched. These analyses vrill be completed by about June 1956. Approved For Release 2000/08/04: CIA-RDP79-01096A000200060012-5