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December 9, 2016
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July 25, 2000
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April 12, 1943
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AN A' ecf For Release 2001/08/1 IA-RDP79-01-147A000100040079-8 NAVY DEPARTMENT OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE WASHINGTON, D. C. ONI DECLASSIFICATION/RELEASE INSTRUCTIONS ON FILE --------------,prig -I --------------,1941- MEMORANDUM FOR ---------X 9 1`,Orl---------------------------------- 1. Op?l6-l$ has referred the attached memorandum from Captain Babbitt to op-16-P. 2, After studying the basic memos the purport seems to bet (a) That P-3.is busily engaged upon requests of ComAmphibious Force forwarded by Cominch, which may be construed as intradoppsrrtmenta.l studies,. 'Wherefore: that they do not conflict with any plan of G-2 and ONI for collaboration on future publications which may be determined upon by the joint ONI,..MIS,, OSS steering committee now sitting, (b) Enclosures (A) and (C) are recommendations as to the scope and format of future interservice mono- graphs (priority and distribution also problems for the joint committee are not considered). (c) Recommendation for expediting the work now in hand in P-3 and 'ailing upon MIS and OSS to publish certain parallel studies simultaneously. I concur it first recommendation; suggest second recommendation, together with Enclosures (A) and (C)? be referred to interserviee committee now in session. Respys- Approved Fors Iglea?e ~gbi/QI8r1J:1A-RDP79-01147A000100040079-8 C, 0. Moore.