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December 12, 2016
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October 24, 2000
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August 2, 1946
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In reply refer to Initials Approved For Release 2001/08/26 CIA-RDP79-01147A 00100070034-4 and No. Op-32F16 Room 3831 Subject: Coastal Description in Future JANIS. 1. This letter confirms the informal conversations held on 30 July 1946, between Op 32F16 and JISPB regarding the coastal description of future JANIS., 2. It is understood that the following will be the short titles, limits, points of origin, and continuity of future JANIS: Caucasus Region, USSR (am 41) Begin at Fort Katon, the limit of JANtIS 4O, and con- tinue clockwise around Black Sea coast to Batum. Begin at Iranian'boundary and continue north along coast of Caspian to include delta of Volga River. NAVY DEPARTMENT OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF NAVAL OPERATIONS WASHINGTON 25, D. C. 2 August 1946 CLASSIFICATION/RELEASE INSTRUCTIONS ON FILE From: Op-32F16 Tot The Director, JISPB = Z'3 ;, Turkey (JANISS 51) Start at Turkey-USSR boundary just south of Batum and continue westward to Turkey-Bulgaria boundary Trunovo River. Start at'Turkey-Greece boundary at EaZey (Aynos) and follow coast eastward to Izmit (Kocaeli) then south and westward to Turkey-Syria boundary at Yagladaglo (Ordu). Describe Bosporus and offshore islands belonging to Turkey when most convenient. Trans-Ural USSR (JANIS 57) Begin at Kara on the European USSR boundary and con- tinue eastward to Omsk-Krasnoyarsk at the head of t rdanskaya Guba. Approved For Release 2001/08/26 : C.A-RDP79-01147A00Q~ 1000770 OP-32F16 Approved For Remise 2001/08/26: CIA-RDP79-01147A0Q00070034-4 Room 3831 Subjects Coastal Description in Future JANIS Northeastern Siberia (JANZS 67) Start at Gydanskaya Guba and continue eastward around coast to Kamchatka boundary near Ust 'Apuka. Chile (JANIS 316) Start at eastern entrance to Magellan Strait doing the enti re southern side, including islands of Tierra del Fuego. Then do the northern side of the strait and continue to the Peru boundary. Uruguay (JAN IS 313 ) Begin at Brazil boundary and continue to Rio Uruguay. Soviet Central Asia (JANIS 58) Begin at Iranian boundary and continue north and west around coast of Caspian Sea to boundary of European Russia (JANIS 40). Iceland (JANIS 1 Start at Reykjanes on the southwest coast and continue in a clockwise direction around the island.. Small off- shore islands may be treated when most convenient, Egypt (JANIS 211) (a) North Coast. Gulf of Sollwn at Libyan boundary east to Palestinian Border. (b) East Coast. From Aqaba at Palestinian border to Suez to Sudanian boundary. Libya (JAMS 209) Ras Agedir at Tunisian boundary east to Gulf of Sollum tE gyptian boundary. Approved For Release 2001/08/26 : C A-RDP79-01147A0001000700 4- Approved For Base 2001/08/26 : CIA-RDP79-01147AW100070034-4 Op 32F16 Room 3831 Subjects Coastal Description in Future Jl'IS Cyprus (JANIS 50) From Cape Arnauti at the west end of the island south continuing around island counterclockwise. Greenland (JANIS loo) (a) East Coast. Begin at Cape Farewell and continue northeast to Cape Morris Jesup. (b) West Coast. Resume at Cape Farewell and continue northwest to Cape Morris Jesup. Bear Island (JANIS 45) Begin at Cape Harry and continue counterclockwise. Jan Mayen Island (JANIS 45) Begin at South Cape and continue counterclockwise. Spitzbergen (JANIS 46) Begin at South Cape, West:Spitzbergen, and continue clockwise around island. Resume at Wahlenberg Fjord, Northeastland, and continue clockwise around island. Describe Barents and Edge Island as convenient. Anglo-E tian Sudan (JANIS 201) From Egyptian boundary south to Ras Kasar on the Eritrean border. Iran (JANIS 56) From Indian border northwest to Shattal Arab on Iraquian border. From Turkmen border on Caspian seacoast to the Azerbaijan boundary. Syria (JA,NIS 52) From Turkish border south to Palestinian border. Palestine (JANIS 54) From Syrian border south to Egyptian border. Approved For Release 2001/08/26 : e-RDP79-01147 Op-32F16 Room 3831 Approved For I ase 2001/08/26: CIA-RDP79-01147AW0100070034-4 Subject: Coastal Description in Future JANIS 1r ANIS 53) Coastal description to be included in Ports and Shipping. Greece (JANIS 27) Begin at the Albanian boundary and proceed southeast around coast to Turkish border. Northeast Brazil (JANIS 302) From eastern boundary of Piauhy state east and south along coast to southern boundary of state of Bahia. Central Brazil (JAN'IS 305) From southern boundary of state of Bahia south to southern boundary of Sao Paulo. Southern Brazil (JANIS 311) From northern boundary of state of Parana to Uruguay boundary. r111zta .114"- C. M. DeHority CC tot Hydrographer, Op-!i3, Atttns Dr. R. H. Fleming Beach Erosion Board, OCR Rivers and Harbors Board, OCE Approved For Release 2001/08/26 : CIA-RDP79-01147A0001000