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December 9, 2016
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July 24, 2000
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August 30, 1968
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Approved For Rase 2000TO /~~? CIA iRDP79-O' 463A000100070001-3 30 August 1968 *DOI Waiver Letter In ERU File* MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD SUBJECT: Meeting Held in the Office of the Director, Mineral Resource Evaluation, Bureau of Mines, on 27 August 1968, on NIS Production 1. Attendees: 25X1A9a W. A. Vogely, Bureau of Mines F. D. Lamb, Bureau of Mines V. L. Barr, Bureau of Mines E. J. Gealy, Bureau of Mines J. A. Bramme11, OBGI 111111111111111110BGI 2. Referring to his memo of 10 July 1968 concerning the Bureau of Mines' lagging NIS production, Mr. Bremmell opened the discussion by reiterating that before a budgetary agreement for FY 1969 could be completed he would need firm assurance that the Bureau's NIS sched- uled commitments for the year would be met. 3. Mr. Barr stated that he was confident that the 15 sections still owed from previous years would be delivered by December 1968, and that the work on these would not interfere with the FY 1969 scheduled production. He said that he had been overly optimistic about the Bureau's ability to eliminate the backlog during FY 1968, but described the causes for failure as essentially "mechanical" and noted that some delay resulted from a misunderstanding about the use of the tape-producing typewriter. ii.. After Mr. Vogely indicated that he would give assurance -- based on Mr. Barr's stated judgment -- that the Bureau would meet its NIS scheduled commitment for FY 1969, Mr. Brammell said he would proceed with the agreement. 5. In reviewing the conditions of the agreement for FY 1969, Mr. Vogely noted that, unlike the budgetary arrangements on other proj- ects, the NIS contract did not include provision for overhead charges. He implied that this aspect of the NIS budget might require reevaluation in future agreements. Mr. Brammell agreed that all reasonable costs directly or indirectly incurred in the production of NIS should be borne by the Program and noted that overhead costs had been included in some NIS contracts. Approved For Release 2000/0WN:F4 T'L 01153A00010 GROUP I Excluded from automatic downgrading and n7MA L! Approved For Rele ee 200Q) 91:'` DP9`9-011 000100070001-3 6. In the course of a discussion of possible alternatives to the current format and production arrangement for Sections 62F and 63 that might provide more efficient use of resources, it was agreed that a joint Interior-CIA study should be conducted over the next few months to determine: (a) the extent to which the Minerals Yearbook can satisfy the basic intelligence requirements for which Sections 62F and 63 are designed; (b) the validity of the current Sections 62F and 63 outline requirements in- terms of up-to-date user needs with a view to eliminating extraneous coverage and unnecessary detail; and (c) the specific amount of production effort required to meet the NIS scheduled commitment over the next 3-year period in order to assess the adequacy of planned fund allocations and personnel required for the program. Mr. Brammell said that his office would initiate the action in this matter. 25X1A9a JAMES A. BRAMMELL Director Basic and Geographic Intelligence Distribution: 0&1 - D/BGI 1 - ADDI 1 - ED/BGI 1 - St/A/BGI 1 - SA/D/BGI ED/BGI:-,jmc/3595(30 Aug 1968) 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2 I M Tq 79-01153A000100070001-3 Approved For Release 2000/08/29 : CIA-RDP79-01153A000100070001-3 FY 65 FY 66 Oommitment Delivered Commitment Delivered Sched owed Sched owed Sched/owed Sched awed ;Li 1 8/ 1 (17) (9) 8 5/ 7 (23) (12) Interior Production Interior self--imposed schedule of 25X6A Pakistan (62) India(63) Syria (62) Brazil (63) Sweden (63) Turkey (63) Argentina (63) Bolivia (63) Indonesia 63) 25X6A (63) Spain (63) So. Africa (62) Chile (63) Norway (63) 25X6A x(63) 26 August 1968 FY 67 FY 68 Commitment Delivered Commitment Delivered Sched owed Sched .owed S c h e d owed Sched ed X11 6/8 14 12 L/6 (26) (14) (26) (i0) delivery for carryovers owed at end of FY 68 12 Jul received 17 Jul 26 Jul not in 2 Aug not in 9 Aug not in 16 Aug not in 23 Aug not in 30 Aug 6 Sep 13 Sep 20 Sep 27 Sep 4 Oct 11 Oct 18 Oct 25 Oct 1 Nov :Y65 ommitmert Delivered Sched/o Sched owed 1/16 (27) (1) t Approved For Release 2000/08/29 : CIA-RDP79-01153A000100070001-3