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December 12, 2016
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January 28, 2002
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ApprovecF r Release 2002/0iCWP79-04A000600080011-5 SAMPLE Attachment C PLANNING GUIDES The following is an attempt to describe briefly the most important existing and probable future problems facing the U. S. intelligence effort. The entries on the list are necessarily general; other considerations and problems essential to an effective long-term intelligence system may have been overlooked. Each contributor to the Fifteen-Year Plan should therefore consider this listing as only general guidance to his development of goals and programs. In the consideration of long-range intelligence goals and in the preparation of programs over the next five-year period, U. S. intelligence agencies should give consideration to the following needs: I. 'Management,-Pro gram Control and Coordination .1. Definition and allocation of responsibilities among agencies and the coordination of Community assets to achieve U.S. aims. Evaluation of the performance and potential of collection\\ and analysis activities in terms of their costs. A 24-hour manning situation of all primary intelligence collection, processing and analytic elements. 4. Allocation of resources to analytical and collection tasks, both intra- and inter-agency. 5. Organization structures to meet revised responsibilities and requirements. A comprehensive "reserve" capability to meet emergencies and new developments. Approved .For Release 2002/05/20 : CIA-RDP79-01154A000600080011-5 SECRET 25X1 D . Approved For Release 2002/05/20 : CIA-RDP79-01154A000600080011-5 ' SECRET 7U. Collection 1. Continued photo-surveillance capability for large areas. 2. Quick-response photo recce capability for crisis situations and current intelligence. 5. b. 9. 11. Expansion and integration of reconnaissance sensors to include all forms of remote sensing; multiple readout and reporting. Approved For Release 2002/05/2y0 :? CIA-RDP79-01154A000600080011-5 {/ . 1 1 ~i /RE Z'1 ?' ' Approved For Release 2002/05/20: CIA-RDP79-01154A000600080011-5 S~oldfil Ji .[ 14. National priority intelligence guidance and coordination of collection guidance; effective use of source capabilities.' III. Production and Analysis; 1. Improved early warn,', g .L.chniques. 2. Quick-reaction, round-the-clock intelligence capability responsive to operational and crisis situations. .3.. Determination of the depth and nature of research and analysis required on key substantive problems. 4. Centralized diagnosis and evaluation of space/missile events on real-time basis. 125X1 C 5. Programs for greater basic and environmental intelligence. 6. Community principles and policies concerning external vs. in-house research on foreign areas. 7. Coordination and management of counterintelligence analysis. Approved For Release 2002/05/20 1154A000600080011-5 Approved Fo Iease 2002/2p'R "P79-01154&800600080011-5 Attachment C V. support 1. Capabilities for rapid and accurate processing, storage, manipulation and retrieval of information of all types and for mechanical translation. 2. Development of adequate, flexible communications capa- bilities throughout the intelligence system 3. Emphasis on security programs, devices and research in all respects (personnel, physical, communications, operations, technical); standard Community policies and practices. 4. Specialized intelligence personnel practices; career programs; means of meeting commercial competition. 5. Specialized, comprehensive training capabilities and facilities to meet analytic and operational requirements; the establishment of a National Intelligence College. 6. Specialized medical research programs.and facilities and clinical capabilities to support intelligence operations and analysis activities. Approved For Release 2002/05/20 : CIA-RDP79-01154A000600080011-5 25X1 C SECRET