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December 9, 2016
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July 11, 2000
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March 31, 1955
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AMODae l For Release 2000/08/29 : CIA-RDP79-01203A0 1009 b 14-4 CONFIDENTIAL NOFORN EDXC/AMm9 Attachment DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE Office of the Secretary Washington 25 March 31, 1955 MGM P Acting Chairman, EDIC 25X1 A From; Herbert NQ Blackman Chairman, JOC subject: Surveillance of Decontrolled Commodities I am transmitting herewith a list of commodities which may be placed under intelligence surveillance by FDIC in accordance with your reported discussions in IWG/M-63 and 1W/K-65, This list and its transmittal to you was agreed upon by the Joint Operating Committee at its meeting on March 28, 19559.pursuant'to the basic proposal of FOA/MDAC in JOC Document No. 54 Supplement 34 The Joint Operating Committee believed this list of items should serve as a starting point for your proposed intelligence surveillance, sub- ject to such later additions or modifications as might be found ap ropriate, because these items meet the following qualifications: (1) they were adjudged "last ditch" by the U,S0 prior to their decon- trol in the 1954 CGfCOCc*i rating review,, and (2) they do not now appear on the International lists. The attached list is the same as Group A in JOC'Document No. 54 Supplement 2. in view of the identity of interest if EDIC and JOC in this project, the JOC members felt that it would be helpful in EDIC might find it possible to advise JOC not later than May 31, with subsequent reports at quarterly intervals, concerning the operation of the surveillance procedure, special problems which arise, and the trade data resulting from the surveillance check, Attachments CONFIDENTIAL DOC Declass Instructions on File. Approved For Release 2000/08/29 : CIA-RDP79-01203A000100090011-4 COPY Approved For Release 2000/08/29 : CIA-RDP79-01203A0i100090011-4 % CONFIDENTIAL NOFORN EDIC/AM-9 Attachment JOC Doc. No. 54 Supp.2 Attachment A Former I L No. Description of Deletion 1QO6 Deep hole drilling machines in which the coolant does not pass through the drill; and deep hole drills which are not hollow, (partial deletion) 1037 Hollow spindle (oil country typd) lathes. (complete deletion) 1073 Wire tubing, and strip machinery, as followas a. Machinery for drawing and/or tampering tubing between .015 (.381 mm.) and .026" (0660 mm.) in diameter. (partial deletion) b. Wire and strip forming machines, horizontal, multiple spindle, (complete deletion) 2086 Portable machine tools, over 2 metric tons in weight,, so designed that they must be attached to the work to be operated,,- (complete deletion) 1088 Hobbing machines of 4811 (1.22 m.) maximum work dia- meter or loss, and gear grinding machines of a non- generating type. (partial deletion) 1110 Gas liquefying equipment and equipment for handling liquefied gas, designed for operation at pressures of 300 psi (21 kg. per or over, as follows: a. Liquid oxygen or liquid hydrogen producing plants not especially designed to be mobile or trans- portable; b, Other equipment except that for producing liquid fluorine and for the separation of helium from methane. (partial deletion) 1260 Electric motors over 1000 h.p., reversing type, not liquid cooled and totally enclosed,, stators and rotors for such motors,, and automatic controls for starting, stopping, and reversing such motors. (partial deletion) CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2000/08/29 : CIA-RDP79-01203A000100090011-4 COPY C O P Y Approve For Release 2000/OS P79-01203A0 1100090011-4 N ~' NOe1 F'ORN EDIC/AM-9 Attachment JOC Dec. No. 54 Supp. 2 Attachment A GROUP A (Cont5d1 Former I& No, Description of Deletion 2355 Cable making machinery for making multipair electric cables for telecommunication purposes, as follows: (a) Machinery for applying insulating material to conductors other than that used for applying insulating separators to the inner conductor of air spaced coaxial electrical cables; (b) Machinery for laying conductors together and/or for applying an insulating, separating, binding, or identifying material thereto; (c) Machinery for laying up conductors, pairs., quads,, etc., into layers to form the complete cable core or part thereof, (complete deletion) 2546 Vacuum tubes capable of continuous plate dissipation of 150 watts or over, except those covered by item 1558 (complete deletion) 3526 Coaxial electric cable of all types (other than those covered by item 1525) suitable for the transmission of frequencies of 100 or more kilocycles per second, (complete deletion) 2635b Aluminum or aluminum alloys, except hard alloys used in aircraft construction, in the following semifabricated forms: 1. Wrought or worked material fabricated by rolling, drawing, extruding, forging, impact extruding, pressing, graining, atomizing and power metallurgy; 2. Cast material produced by casting in sand, die, metal or plaster moulds, (complete deletion) 1821 Pneumatic tire casings, as follows: a. 9,00 x 13; regardless of ply rating- b, 9.00 x 16, under 8 ply rating; c. 10.50 x 16, regardless of ply rating- d, 7.00 to, but not including, 10.00 cross section, with 12 ply rating and over; e. AU other sizes of 10.00 to, but not including 12.00 cross section with 14-ply rating and over-, f. All sizes of 12900 cross-section and-over,,- regardless of ply rating, except 14.00 x 20 and 12.00 x 20, 12 ply rating and over, (partial deletion) CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2000/08/29 : CIA-RDP79-01203A000100090011-4