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December 9, 2016
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September 12, 2000
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December 3, 1958
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Y- Approved For Rele 2001/03/30 DP79-0158x4000100020001-7 CPL 8-055 3 December 1958 25X1A Meeting number U of the Equipment Board was had on 5 November 1958 at 1400 burs in Rocm 2035 "I" Building. Present were: I. Old Business 1. The Minutes of Meet1nn Number 10 (CPL 8-0431 were approvedd, with the followin c ages : a. Delete the title "1xecutive Secretary" next to b. In I.2.a., change lIze four to read: "by RS -T in liaisan with OC-P and OC-E." 25X1A a. XI. I. CRS. It eras suggested that this item be dropped from* the T?ia~tites since there w ao sore question as to whether or not thi8 item had been discussed thoroughly at the last meeting. d. II. 4. Change the title "Mechanical Teleprinter's to read: "Model 28 Pro rw . " ? xC-1 Sim. Cent a. The use of Sigtml Center Vans in support of the five 6-SW *hich we zesty have w w discussed. is detail. It vas pointed out that the present typo and cwfiguration of oqui z at in the Vuns could, be i>aproved to better 'ION serve its purpose. CC nor ban two VC-1s. b. There i a. question as to. uhether a L ittiowl. VC-ls should be pro- cured for the raw1ning 6-STs or iThether the crypto equipmient ?shxx,,,ld be sup- plied In wed far along ulth appropriate pro-fabricated shelters. REV BATE G/f P L COC _ - $RIG COMP TYPE Approved For-.R "~.s~041 ~'~~ Approved For Rely a 2001/03/30 : GIB-RDP79-01 7 41906W 7N TIAL 25X1A a. It w55 agreed that OCR in liaison with CC-P i, 0C-E imuld study these requirements in detail and, present a written report to the Board con- taining their recammendatioss. 00 25X1A ACTION 00-E b. OC-E trill. prepare a draft reply outlining the status of existing equi rent and equipment that is under development trbich is appropriate to their roquiremnt. no New Meese The Charter and, operation of the Equipaent Board tree disused by the Board members. The acme ensues was that the operation of the ward. could be improved by requesting that all, items submitted for consideration be in written form. The Chairman will draft a net, proposed Charter for consideration at the next meeting. The meeting as adjourned at 1700 lours. The next meeting of the Board will be held on 7 January 1959. All items for this Agenda are requested by 29 December 1950. 25X1A Recording secretary Approved For Release 2001/03/30: CIA-RD`F - WaNT44h20001-7