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December 9, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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August 29, 1958
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Approved For Release 20W/ 6/09: CIA- -r 1578A00010002 QO7-1 VAW CONFIDENTIAL ~' 8-032 August 1958 MTAUTES EQUI T BOARD 25X1A Meeting number 8 of the Equipuent Board was held on 27 August 1958 at 1400 h ours in room 2035 "I" Building. Present were: I. Old Business 1. The Minutes of Meet ISumber_7 CPL-$-021) were approved as written. . .v 2. VC-1 Signal Center Vans. This item was tabled until meeting number 10 of the Board. II. New Business 1. Review of ELF A&11 Program for X:1952 and Proposed FY-1960 Program. 25X1A a. announced to the Board that has been given 25X1A responsibility for the Agency's research and development program. (ACTION b. This review was tabled until the next meeting of the Board. 00-SP SPD) viii have copies of their review sheets distributed to the members of the Board for their prior review. 2. Sumestian--R2flaEdinj a. C et RF AS&ifier. (ACTION a. It was decided that a e" study of -suggestion for 25X1A OC-E) a Cam pact EF Amplifier be made by OC-E and their recommendations presented to the Board. b. It was agreed that this was the t e thi that should be brought 25X1A up at the Ideas and Requirements Panel. said he would investigate the status of the Panel and that some "advertising" might be in order. 3? #.Fa Officer's Seminar D CO . 25X1A a. announced that there would be another meeting of the Technical Requirements Officers on 9 September 1950. Approved For Release 2001/06/09 : CIA-"011 ~YVTI AL 25X1A 5 ? Order of 100 18-5 Sets from Allocation 21. -,......-,-.- - .....rte.... a. asked whether TS8 or OC had cognizance over IS-5 equip- ment since It is dual-purpose equipment audio surveillance and communicating device. b. The Board Weed that the IS-5 was a two way coazu '.cationa device and therefore should be a Canaunications responsibility. 6. ;ansion of the R&D Laboratory. announced that a draft PRC action was being prepared for the eac nsion of the OC R&D Laboratory for the purpose of building limited operational equipment. The meeting was adjourned at 1555 hours. The next meeting of the Board will be held on 3 September 1958.. At this time, the ELMO R&D Program will be re- viewed. Recording Secretary CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/06/09: CIA -01578A000100020007-1 2 ThHflFNJJ b. suggested tha$,a repreeentstive of be present at the September 9 meeting to answer dray questions regarding BLOT egtiipnent. This was agreed. C. said he believed a memorandum for the record should be written by the Office of Communications participants giving notes on the meeting, stressing the points covered by the Office of Communications re- presentatives. d. It was agreed that as a result of the 9 September meeting, OC-O&T and OC-E will review the conclusions and present to the Board their recom- mendations.. modifications and/or additions. e. In line with this, said that whoever would be representing the Office of Communications at the DD/P Materiel Board -- 25X1A is the member and - the alternate -- should be cognizant of the action the Office of Communications is taking relative to the comments of the TR Officers that were outlined in the memorandum to the Chairman and Ambers of the Technical Requirements Board from the Secretary of the Technical Re- quirements, Board, dated 21 July 1958. (ACTIOB 4. Request for Declassification of the AS-8. It was decided that OC-E OC-E) would discuss the declassification of the AS- System Ii from SECRET' to UN- CI IFIEI) with Project AQt1ATOU. Approved For Release 2001/06/09 : CIA-R P79-01578A000100020007-1