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December 9, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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June 23, 1958
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25X1A 1 25X1A SEer tpRroved For Relerw 2001/03/04: t 1A-RDP79-015W0001(ittaat?-4 , .1 BUTES 23 June 1955 Equipment Board Meeting number 6 of the Equipment Board was held an 4 June 1953 at 1400 hours in Roon 2035 "In Building. Present were: * Pert-time I. Old Business 1.ets_t_gNL_UThMinallketinumberCES 8-01/1 were approved with the fol- lowing changes: a. Page 2, paragraph II,. 1. a. (2) should be changed to reed: "Mr. 1111111111 take no action on the placement of the AS-4 presently located at until the special committee on planning for AS-4 and, AS-4A equipments makes its report to the Board." b;. Page 2 paragraph ii, 1. b.: Delete AS-5. e. NW 3: Delete paragraph 5. 2. educe tended E t for Conntand't Intere 25X1A a. mentioned several Prdblems in the field of unattended equip. 25X1A i6nt for Cooint and BLitt intercept. purpose in introducing these problems was to present SPD equipment -concepts, techniqUes? priorities, etc., to the Board. Re expressed the belief tbsb the Board ahmaktnow the magnitude of'all of thereisearch and development groups within the Office in order to widen the horizons of the Equipment Board. The Board acknowledvdthe validity of statements and 25X1A co4OUrred In the concepts expressed. 25X1A 3. pellOrt On ASA Bad AIMA Equipment. a. introduced to the meting the recommendations and. findings of the committee on planning for A2-4 and. AS-4A equipment. This report is forwarded as an attachment to these minutes. .0fiN_Einc Approved For Release 2001/03/ . -RDP7WUT57UAblid1b0 01413011A 013-4 25X1A Approved For Relowe 2001/03/04.:ciA-RDP79-01000100020013-4 b. It was agreed that sit_th_s_msent time the Office of Communications does not have a high volume requirement. On the heals of this, 25X1A momed that the Committee's report be accepted in principle and the interim placement of the A24's which are not covered in the report be decided by 0C-08d and OC-E. This was approved. C. announced that certain refinements to the AS have developed during the testing of the equipment. d. Since the question of band widths is beccaing more of a. problem, Nr. 25X1/?k stated that OC -E is preparing a chart entitled "Band Widths Versus in- telligence", which will equate the band widths of the various systems. e. The Board approved the purchase of drawings of the AS-4A. This ap- proval Was given in view of the availability of FY-1958 funds in the Engineering budget, and. the possibility that another element of the Gevernment will eventually share the benefits as well as the expense. Also, the zurchssina of these drawings Mom would save approximately eight months in getting Is. 4- 61:2- said be was preparing a paper on the AS.5 which will be distributed soon. This paper should be reviewed by the Individual members of the Board and will be placed an the agenda of the next meeting of the Equipment Board. 5. VC-1 Signal Center Vans. it was agreed that this item be tabled until the next meeting at which time 00-0&T will present information on the VC-1's with the emphasis on numerical revirements. 25X1A 6. B6.13. moved that the Board approve the redevelopment of the BS-13 at the research and development lab. When this has been acccaglished, the centractor will be approached for a coat estimate. The Board will then cOnsider a receetnendation for production quantities. The meeting was adjourned at 1700 hours. The next meeting of the Board will be held on 2 Ally 1958. Items for the agenda should be forwarded to the undersigned by 25 Awe 1955. 25X1A Recording secretary Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP79-01578A000100020013-4 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP79-01578A000100020013-4 Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP79-01578A000100020013-4