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December 9, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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February 13, 1958
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25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A ved For Relea02001/03/04 : CIA-RDP79-01578p00100020020-6 MMUS Equip:gent Board Ga 8-003 13 Vebruary 1958 Weeting nuMber I of the Equk?ment Board, which replaced tbe Research, Development and Production Review Board per OC Order No. 4-58 dated 21 January 1958, was held in Room 2035 "I" Building at 1430 hours on 5 February 1958. The following persons. were in attendance: *Fart time. I. Old Business. 1. Ninutes. The minutes of meeting number 75 On 8-001 dated 14 January 1958) of the R&D Board were approved as written. 2. Status of FY-I938 R&I) Budget. a. motioned and it was agreed that item 2 of catego- (Bi-FiRI System for Data Transmission) be held in abeyance. b. The Board wgproved the procureyent of ten service test models of the ns-16 with a dollar limit of $100,000. c. then reviewed each item of the FY-1958. 0C4, Re- search and Development budget indicating those items for -which funds would be expended during the third querter of this fiscal year. d. moved and the Board apoved the procurement of AANGT-1's which would be produced on a model shop basis. \\ Approved For Release 2001/03/04: CIA-RDP'79-01578A000100020020-6 tvgiprarVed For Releas0001/03/04 : CIA-RDP79-01578W0100020020-6 t1 'Li (TIL 8-003 Ysge 2 25X1A e. stated that the Board should list priorities on. equipment which could be procured if there was an overage of funds at the closing of FY-1958. In this regard, the motion was made end approved C) ? that if there were funds available in the fourth quarter of F3(-1958, eeeedditional AS-4's should be procured as the first nriority. This is,.)WIIL??- (however, assuming the field tests on this equipment are satisfactory and an operational requirement exists. 25X1A 25X1 25X1A II', Mew Business. 1. Items 1, 2 and 3 are to be held in abeyance until 12 February 1958 when a special meeting will be called to discuss these items. 2. The SiPeeMerr--Semi Automatic Morse Machine---propoeed by Chief, loccasioned considerable discussion. The concensus of the Board was that: a. The problen of agent automatic keyers had been fully explored In the Mhy 1957, meeting number 69 of the R&D Board. At this meeting a paper resulting from discussions between the Operations and Training and, Engineering Divisions was presented for Board approval. This paper which was ap roved b the Board stated that the PAM keyer appeared to be the st promising, speed keyer available at the time and recommended that it be procured in reasonable quantities as a stock item. Subsequent to this reconhendation OC-E has procured six keyers. Four of these have been sent to Chief, and the remaining two have been issued to SR for opera- tional requirements. The Board felt that the PAM keyer would fulfill Agency requirements as an interim device. b. It was stated that valid suggestions for improved keyers to obviate the tape resupply problem among others had been submitted by OC- personnel, but they had, not been considered beaause of low priority and lack of funds. It was also said that if a requirement exists for an Improved type keyer it should be referred to OC-E with the 'necessary high priority. In this evert the SAM keyer should be considered along with other approaches. c. It was recommended that if a high priority need exists in MK for a semi-automatic keyer obviating the tape resumly problem, that the necessary engineering drawings and specifications to construct the SAMN be supplied from Headquarters. The keyers would than be fabrica- ted of sterile parts in, Germany, but would not be considered as a communi- cations stock item. The meeting was adjourned at 1710. COI\IFIDEr, Approved For Release 2001/03/04: Cb )20-6 25X1A