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December 9, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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October 11, 1962
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'Approved For Release ~/08/29 :CIA-R ~ 78A0001000~004-0 EQUIPMENT BaARD Meeting No. 8-62 DATE 11 pctober 1862 TIME 144(3 PLACE OC Coniercnce Room 2D03 Hqs. Bldg. {3LD BUSINESS 25X1A 25X1A NEtd BUSINESS Agenda Item No. l: Replacement of 51J-(j Receivers - is discontinuing the manufacture of 5~-{) receivers. The Equipment Board must mare a determination of which receiver the f3f~'ice will now procure as standard. Agenda Item 1Vo. 2: Equipment Requirements Pertinent to - and - Operations brill both be present at the meeting and will participate in a general discussion of equipments needed to meet the various operational requirements in _ ands DEC - - - azv..a ^rru ~-""- ~j~BY st v~s~. OitEG ~LA~ 's = r:aS_.:.~ ~ fiEV GL~~S _s.r.--~, JUST __~._- ltBXT REY ~~/~ AUTRi KR lD?'2 CONFiDENTIAl. Approved For Release 2000/08/29 :CIA-RDP ~~Q~, Excludotl tram autamatic do~rngreding aml tleclaaslffcatlaa Approved?For Release 206y~8/29~ GIB __.~ ~-01578A00010006 ._._ m_....______---:. -.---- _-__-__.__._ ~lnde~~~~ automatic downgrading aaid. ;~ ~~~~ :8OA1~D declassification ~f Yf~~~~ting, Rt~aber 8>62 of thy. Lqu~.pment ~oc~d wr~s :~e3.d ors ll Oetaber l at .1~~0 in the t~ Ca~afex~ence P.c~om~ ~IiO ~ieads~,iaerters ]~a1_lding~ Those px~sent ~rerc d Dft~CO OC-F' (~-~ aC-S t~-~ C3C-~ OC-~ Q:-S!? (~-OS CtC ?-1#aI? ~-.~ G'hie~'~ Ghi~P4 O~~-f3S ~~one l~ ~ ~ HL~'S`,CB~ ~~ agenda lter~ fl~o. le Re~lac~ez~t ~'or the ~l-~ Fec~eivera ~.., lntroduction ?i`h is ~rodt~ction of the ~l-J series of rece3vcrso A deter~inatiox+~naxst be wade as to the s~eceiver or receivers the t3ff3ce des~.res to have msde ~3tai2daY'd as rcpleae~unts b'oa' thz ~ZrJ o ~n this ite~ it c~a.s brought out that bci'ore a receiver can be ~ilaced ora the 8tarzdard I~is~t it is ~aecessary that a large nuaeber of receivers be eveluated~ after which tk~~e Office ~~~commends t.o T~ogistics those which it rec:r~exads for ~,ncl.aas3.oaa in the Stsaxcia,rd.s ~.isto A ecsnsiderable aunt of tiste will be required to evalumte prospective ~cei~rs before the necessary recosx- Rr~ea~dationsa 'together sabbstantiat:~a~ detaq Cs~a be forwarded to the Office ~sf i~gistics CONFiDtNiIAL ~ i~ T Approved For Release 2000/08/29 :CIA-RD 9-01578A000100060004-0 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/08/29 :CIA-RDP79-01578A000100060004-0 Next 3 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2000/08/29 :CIA-RDP79-01578A000100060004-0